Im so scared for this wedding.

What if Brittany doesn't come?

I don't know if she's mad at me or if I should be mad at her for her kiss and run and than not talking to me.

"Who's ready to go to a wedding?" Quinn sing songs as she barges into my room with nothing but a towel.

I quickly debate weather or not to tell Quinn, but this could easily become nothing.

"Not me." I groan as I roll over.

She sits at the end of my bed.

"You okay?" She asks as she takes my brush of my dresser and runs it through her hair a few times.

"No, I don't feel very good," I lie. "Can I stay home?"

Quinn laughs.

"Of course you can't! Its Sugars wedding silly. You will be fine I promise, and as soon as we get home tonight you can glue yourself back to your bed. Now get up and take a shower we have to leave in less than an hour." She says as she shakes me until I get up.

"Okay, okay, where's Puck?" I ask.

"In my room, probably getting dressed. We had to buy him a tux last night." She says.

"Ew did you guys bone while I was in the next room? Oh, God, please just put some clothes on before I throw up you whore." I ask disgusted.

I get up and she follow me out the door.

"No San, thats not all we do you know. He's, nice. We went for a nice date, and picked out what to wear together. It was sweet."

"Shit!" I say. "I have noting to wear!" I didn't even think about it.

"You can borrow something of mine." She shrugs. "Go take your shower and i'll pick out a couple of things."

I nod and enter the bathroom.

I take a long one, because there's so much stress than needs to be relieved, and that's what showers do for me.

I seriously don't know what to do about Brittany.

Im so scared to see her, what she's going to say.

I step out of the shower and put my towel around my body.

I walk to my room and Puck's there.

"Hey Lopez, Quinn told me to bring these to you."

I look at the bed and see three dresses.

"Thanks Noah." I say as I walk towards the bed.

"Is everything okay?" He asks.

Quinn must have talked to him.

"Just stressed I guess." I reply brush my hair.

He walks around the bed to the side I'm standing on.

I freeze up because he's behind me now and I don't know what the fuck he's doing.

"Well you know," He says as he steps closer. I can feel his breath on my neck and the outline of his body against my backside. "If you ever need to relieve any of it." He pauses and move my hair to one side.

"Talk to me." He whispers in my ear.

He walks out nonchalant but I'm frozen in my place.

He turns back when he reaches the door and winks at me.

What the acualy fuck. Did Puckerman just flirt with me?

This is too much and I can't handle it.

I decide ill take it as nothing and he tries anything else I'm going straight to Quinn.

I can't deal with that right now.

I shake off what just happened and try to get it out of my mind as I look at the dresses.

Theres a blue one with no straps and tiny ruffles throughout it, a black one which is pretty plain and simple, and a red one with one shoulder strap.

I go with the red.

As Kurt once told me, I'm a devil in a red dress.

I quickly do my hair and make up and hesitantly walk out my door.

Quinn and Puck are laughing watching t.v on the couch and he has his arm around her.

I narrow my eyes and clear my throat to get their attention.


They both turn around and look me up and down.

Quinn doing it is fine, but Puck makes me uncomfortable.

"You look great San!" Quinn gets up from the couch and admires the dress.

All I see is Puck behind her smirking at me.

It makes me sick, what the hell has gotten into this kid.

"Blaine just texted me that they left to pick up the other, and they will be here soon."

Shit, I forgot I have to sit through the whole car ride.

"Q, how long is the car ride?" I ask.

"Only an hour and a half." She shrugs as if its nothing.

Maybe it's nothing to her, but to me I have to sit in a car with a girl who kissed me the night before and left with no explanation.

"Great." I say.

"You can sit next to me." Puck says with a wink that Quinn doesn't see.

"Oh please, she'll be sitting with her new bestie." Quinn mocks obviously meaning Brittany.

As much as I don't want to sit next to them, I have to.

I don't want to make her uncomfortable, and I sure as hell don't want to make myself uncomfortable.

"Their here!" Quinn announces. "Do we have everything?" She scans the room as if she going to find something.

"I think were set." Puck says as he gets up and grabs Quinn hand.

I walk out the door first and stay in front until I reach the car.

I can already feel Brittany's eyes on me.

I open the door and brace myself.

But all I see is Berry and Sam.

I hesitancy climb into the back with them and Quinn and Puck take the front row.

"Where's Britt?" Quinn asks.

Rachel looks at me apologetically.

"She didn't feel good, she decided to sit this one out." Rachel explains.

"Thats funny, Santana didn't feel good either, oh well. I hope she's okay."

My belly is twisting and turning.

She didn't come because of me.

Because she knew that I was going to be here.

Rachel leans over to whisper to me over the music.

"Santana I'm sorry she didn't come-"

"Im going to stop you right there hobbit, just forget about it ok?"

She just nods.

We drive for a little bit listening to music.

I can't stop thinking about Brittany.

I think about texting her, but decide against it, I don't want her feeling pressured or sad.

"Hey Sam, I heard your moving in with Blaine and Kurt!" Puck says.

Puck is making me sick.

I can't believe what he did to me.

"Yeah! I'm starting work soon and until I get enough money, ill be crashing with them." He says rather excitedly.

"Lucky," Quinn says. "You get to live in the mansion while I'm in an apartment with satan."

She nods back towards me and turns around for my bitchy remark but I don't even care.

I don't want to bother being sarcastic and bitchy with her.

I don't think of making up a comeback.

I just lift my eyebrows up and nod my head.

I take my eyes off hers and look out the window.

She can defiantly tell something is wrong, but knows not to ask me around everybody.

"I can't believe Sugars getting married," Rachel says. "I mean I still remember her and her cute little valentines day party."

Everybody laughs remembering that night.

I was stuck alone that valentines day. Again.

"Yeah, it's pretty fast paced too, I never even met the guy so this should be fun." Puck says.

"Oh don't give him a hard time puck." Quinn says.

"I won't, I just never met him that's all I'm saying."

"Too bad Brittany won't meet her, they would get along great." Quinn says as she chuckles.

Im still looking out the window and Rachel just squeezes my leg.

Imagine having the person you have such strong feeling for, make you feel so special for those few moments, and just leave without any explanation.

Thats exactly what Brittany did to me.

I mean she just left. I haven't talked to her since.

Im scared she's going to leave.

What if it was too much for her and she left to live with her father to get away from it.

To get away from me.

The car ride is boring as fuck and I still haven't managed to open my mouth.

My mind just won't process anything right now because all I can think of is Brittany. How she's probably home right now calling Matt telling him her dilemma.

We park in the huge lot and start walking.

I turn around and see Rachel further behind skipping to catch up.

The trunk is automatically closing.

"What did you need from the trunk?" I ask confused.

"Oh my purse fell in between the seat on the ride here." She says.

I make an O shape with my lips.

We walk into the complex.

She's getting married outside at this hug mansion place that has its own golf course.

We have to take a golf cart to bring us to the back where the ceremony is because they building is so big.

I watch it in awe as we pull up.

Theres are a bunch of seats set up half full.

Automatically, my eye catches Sugar.

She has a huge gown on and she starts jumping up and down when she see's us all pile out of the cramped golf cart.

She runs up to us as best as she can in her million dollar heels.

She screeches as she reaches us.

"Sugar!" Quinn screams as they hug tightly.

Her and Rachel hug next.

"This place is beautiful." Rachel says as Sugar lets go and hugs Puck.

"I know right, Daddy got it for me." Sugar says as she moves on to Sam.

Of course he did. I think to myself.

She hugs Blaine and than Kurt.

I was standing in the back she barley saw me.

"Santana!" She says bear hugging me.

"Ok,ok. Dont suffocate me." I manage to say.

"Im so happy you all came!" Sugar shouts louder than needed.

"We wouldn't miss it." Quinn smiles.

"Oh! I saved you guys thee front row!" She starts fasts walking towards the ceremony place.

There are eight seat saved.

"Oh, Brittany couldn't make it."" Rachel says trying to whisper so I couldn't hear but I did.

"What?! You said I could meet her!" Sugar frowns.

Rachel gives up being the fact that Sugar just screamed and I can obviously hear.

"Sorry, she didn't feel good." Rachel says as she sits down.

Sugar shrugs.

I sit next to Rachel and Quinn.

"Well, I'm going to go get married, and i'll see you guys later!" Sugar squeals as she skips away.

I smile at her.

She's so corky, just like Brittany.

We sit for a couple minutes and the ceremony starts to begin.

The music starts and one by one member of the ceremony walk out of the huge building.

The Minister comes out first and takes his place at the podium.

The Groom is pretty handsome.

I though he was just going to be fat and ugly and she just married him for money.

Maybe she really does love him

The Best man comes next.

Three groomsmen each walk in with the three of Sugars sister.

They all look so alike its crazy.

Next comes the maid of honor.

The ring bearer is so cute, and he is followed by two small girls.

The girls are adorable.

There's one with blonde hair and she reminds me of Brittany.

She dancing down the isle trying to get the younger girl to dance with her while throng flower pedals around.

It's not until Sugar comes out for the party to begin.

She's so happy, and it makes me happy for her.

I get bored when the priest does the whole vow thing and crap.

I look around and admire this place.

What I would give to live here.

I look into on of the windows in the building and I swear I saw a blonde head.

Why would somebody even be up there during the wedding.

It makes me upset because the blonde hair reminds me of Brittany.

I sort of zone out until they kiss.

He does a dramatic kiss but it's cute.

I stand up and grab the little pink bell that was sitting on my chair when I got here, shaking it.

They walk out together and take a pink colored golf cart up to the huge building.

I laugh because they have cans tied to the bottom and a huge sign that says just married.

Everybody around us start exiting the area one by one.

We walk towards the huge building for the cocktail party.

After everyone grabs a couple of drinks and snacks, the curtain opens and the reception begins.

Are table is pretty close to Sugar and Alex, her now husband.

Again, I sit between Rachel and Quinn, and theres that one seat missing a person.

I wish Brittany had came.

I just want to talk to her about what happened.

Im sure she's just as confused as me but she's not the one who left with no explanation.

The MC introduces the wedding party in.

They all dance in one by one to some song I don't know.

We order our food and make small talk with people we don't even know.

The best man than makes his toast.

We finally get put food and I dig in because I'm starving.

I didn't eat when we stopped at McDonalds on the way here.

Once we finish, Quinn nudges me.

"Whats up with you?" She asks chewing on her steak.

"Nothing." I play with my food using the fork.

Blaine and Kurt get up to dance.

Rachel is whispering something to Sam.

Puck just eats his food like an animal.

"Cmon, I know somethings wrong, just tell me pllleasseeeee." She begs sarcastically.

"Quinn," I drop my fork loudly. "Drop it." I snap.

She stares at me with her mouth open.

She shakes her head and pulls Puck up with her to dance.

"Santana!" Rachel says.

"What." I answer not looking up from my food.

"Look at me." She says waving her hand in front of my face.

I look up and Sam is making a funny face.

I giggle a little.

"Random?" I ask.

Rachel laughs.

"No, clever." She smiles as she nods behind me.

I turn my head confused, only to see a familiar blonde face.

So many thoughts are going through my head as the blonde smiles shyly at me.

"Brittany?" I say as I furrow my brow.

"How-W-what-where?" Im mumbling like an idiot right now.

"Could I maybe, talk to you outside?" She asks hesitantly.

She just standing there with her hands together swaying back and forth.

"Y-yeah." I say stumbling trying to get up.

I look back at the two of them and Rachel has a huge smirk on while slapping Sams leg.

I follow her out and down the stairs.

She hasn't said a word.

I don't want to say anything, so I keep my mouth shut.

She keeps walking until we get to the small gazebo Sugar got married under.

She sits down and I sit next to her, avoiding eye contact.

"Hi." Is all she says.

Ive been waiting to talk to her all day, and all she says is hi.

I don't answer.


"How did you get here?" I cut her off.

She laughs timidly.

"The trunk." She answers.

I look over at her and she's smiling.

I realize we aren't sitting very close.

"I didn't want you to feel awkward during the ride, so I hid."

"Why would I feel awkward, because you don't like me?" I ask looking at the ground.

I feel tears coming on but I fight them back.

"What? Santana no. I did it….so that I could do this."

Before I can process what she said she's leaning over and pressing her lips against mine.

I immediately shut my eyes.

She scoots closer and places her hand on my face like she did the night before.

Her tongue slips across my bottom lip and my stomach knots.

I can't believe this is happening, again.

I crash our tounges together and put my hand on her thigh, realizing they were both in my lap awwakrdly.

We separate and lean our heads together, in need of breath.

"You're not going to leave this time, are you?" I ask through staggered breathing.

"No Santana, I left because I thought I made a mistake, kissing you. I though maybe you just sang that song in a friendly way, and I took it differently because I had such strong feelings for you. I was scared and it happened so fast, I guess I just chickened out."

She has strong feelings for me.

"Why did you make me wait? I was so nervous and scared that you would never talk to me, and right now, I still don't know whats happening."

She looks at me and her eyes flicker at my lips.

I swallow hard at the thought of kissing her again.

She leans in slowly and gently presses are lips together.

When she pulls back she smiles, and I do too.

"Wait, does Sam know?" He distracted me from her.

"No, no, Rachel told him, Blaine and Kurt we were fighting and we sort of were but he didn't take it as anything more." She explains.

"Ok, so what does this mean?" I say meaning the two of us.

"This means," She grabs my hand in hers. "I really really like you, and have since I saw you the first day at my dance class, which is why I flirted with you and had to play it off. I couldn't keep not talking to you because I miss my snuggle buddy."

She smiles when she says the last part and kisses my hand.

This girl is making my stomach to flips.

I can't help myself anymore and I smash out lips together.

Its desperate, but I don't care.

She smiles into the kiss.

"I really like you too, Brittany." I say when I pull away.

"So your not mad at me for leaving?" She asks.

"No, but you scared the absolute shit out of me."

She laughs.

"Santana?" She says.


"I want to take you on a, on a date." She says cautiously. "If thats okay!" She adds shaking her head nervously.

"Britt," I put my hand on her neck. Its so soft there. "I would love too." I say with a smile.

She smiles back and kisses me one last time before we get up and walk back towards the mansion.

"Britt, can we maybe…..not tell Quinn or anyone….about whatever this is?" I ask before I open the door.

She looks down a little disappointed.

"Of course," She says with a weak smile. "But Rachel know, I hope thats okay, I just talked about you so much and she knew."

"I told her too." I say back with a smile.

I smile a lot around her.

"Its not that I'm embarrassed or anything," I reassure her. "I just have never dealt with this or been in the situation and I don't even know what I'm doing yet, I just don't want people to…I don't know I can't explain." I say flustered.

"San, its fine, I get it. Im used to it and I understand that your not. These people are your friends, it's your choice. I wasn't really interested in telling them….their all…judgy." She says with a laugh.

We walk into the party pinky in pinky.

I sit move my seat so I can sit with Brittany.

Rachel's sitting there with a huge smirk on her face and Sam says hi to Brittany.

"Britt!" Quinn screams as they come back from dancing. "Where did you come from?"

"The trunk! I was hiding." She says with a devious grin.

Quinn laughs.

"What the fuck, okay than. Come meet Sugar!" She pulls Brittany's hand.

I get disappointed that the minute I acually have her, she leaves.

How ironic.

I sit in the back seat with Brittany and Rachel, my eyes are getting heavy.

Rachel know about us so I don't care what I do in front of her.

I grab her hand and rest the both of ours on her lap.

I lean my head on her shoulder and give her a secretive kiss on the neck.

I know Rachel see's it because she pinches my leg.

I ignore her and end up falling asleep on Brittany.