Lol. I had this idea for a while.

"Excellent." The evil Sith Lord, Brain spoke as he sat with Nolan in his control room. "With the Dimension Traveler enabled, and my villains ready… it is time to execute Order 66."

"Um, Brain, if you don't mind my asking… what were the other 65 orders?" Nolan asked.

"Ahh. A very good question, Nolan. Allow me to explain. Monsieur Mallah, if you please?"

The Brain's loyal gorilla assistant grabbed a violin and its stick, placing both in Brain's mechanical tentacles. The ape then pulled out a harmonica and blew a short note. He then grabbed a horn and blew into it.

"OHHHH…" The Brain began playing his violin and started to sing and dance.

Get my villains up top notch

Punch a cripple in the crotch

Pledge false loyalty to a Dark Master!

I sense Nolan in The Force

Kill his father, of course

Help a boy in the operatives a little faster!

Mallah blew in his horn again, and Brain continued.

Start spyin' on Nolan

To get his quest rollin'

Send Teen Tornado to hit Sector Q!

Have some help from Prom Queen

Let Nolan show him that he's mean

And now that sector has accepted you!

Spotlights shown on Nolan just then, the boy giving a confused look as applause sounded.

Someone wants to be a 'prentice

Make him like a praying mantis

As he hunts and kills poor ol' Corey Sanderson!

Now it's time to hunt Figure

'fore he pulls another trigger

But sadly, Nolan fails as he gets a-way!

Bring him back to base

Tear him up, feet to face

And send Madame Rouge to kill a friend!

Noley HATES decommissioning

Get him ready for commissioning

And let the loyal ops go on and change his end!

Mallah's horn was blown once again as Brain wrapped a tentacle around Nolan, continuing to strum his violin.

Turn the loyal operative to the Dark Side.

Pair him with a goth chick

And burn a raccoon's hide.

Aliens are a cad

Hey, Dani, meet Chad

Follow Emmy Matthews and ensure her death!

The trumpet was blown again. Before Nolan's eyes, an entire stage opened up as various Stormtroopers danced around the area and played instruments to Brain's song. The Brain also grabbed Nolan and began dancing with him as he and all the Stormtroopers continued the song.

Time to go hunt Kami

Maybe make a little Jami

Ask the help of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing!

Hunt revenge in the city

Kweeby needs a little pity

Now let us battle in the base before blowing it up!

A simulation was seen of a Stormtrooper pressing a pump, causing the previous Brotherhood Base to erupt in an explosion.

In Number 34, we finally hunt the Firstborn

Too bad all those Planks just had you torn!

Trapped on Planet Vaporia

Not a pleasant euphoria

Until you fall asleep, then you fight Darth Maul!

Now the quest is ending

End of heroes is impending

As you reenter KND and learn of good, young me!

Now let's frame you for betrayal

Now kick all the heroes' tail

And then revert back to my young self with old Jirachi!

A simulation was shown of Brain reverting back to Revan Bane Sidious.

Nolan studied and counted his fingers before speaking, "That's only 42."

"Yes. We decided to add some for the other universe." Brain said.

Make a whole new series

That has not a happy ending

And start a Civil War between Pat & Fanny!

Set you up with a new date

This psycho isn't your mate

All these judges are unfair as they're filled with hate!

No one likes the freaks

Legion's nightmare toxin leaks

Now your childhood is ending for a brand new life!

The trumpet sounded once again.

Wesley Dodds is gone

Now it's time to move on

As the new superhero out fighting crime!

Former archenemies

'Course, some of them were friends

But when it comes to dating, you just haven't the time!

But right behind your back, Kayla plans an attack

And then we befriend a witch-wannabe girl!

Bob Johnson is a killer

All want Sandman in a driller

Benedict Uno becomes pres-i-dent!

Now it's time to kill Bob

Matt is right there on the job

And then The Society kicks him out!

Let Dillon live longer

Let us name him Monger

We'll let Sandman blow the crazy right out of his head!

Ben has one last final plan

'fore the part that is grand

Time to make Kayla Valera kill Sandman dead!

The final note strummed loudly as the scene played of Nolan/Sandman falling to his death after being shot.

"Ummm…" Nolan could only stare confusedly.

The Brain sighed. "I will send you a PM once this is finished."

"If… it's too much trouble… don't worry about it." With that, the two rolled into the audience chamber.

Lol. This took me a while to think up. So yeah, basically it's a parody of Robot Chicken Star Wars, when Palpatine sang this same song to Anakin. It basically sums up nearly all the events relating to Nolan or Brain. Try and figure out what each Order references. :P Later.