Jenn brushed an amount of concealer on the redness on Kelly's cheek, managing to blend it perfectly, but somehow letting her normal pink cheeks show through it.

"Thanks." Kelly said, examining herself in the mirror as Jenn applied her own mascara and eye liner, which was all she usually put on.

"Ready?" she asked when they were done.

"Yep." Kelly replied, grabbing her Axel bag which held a fair amount of money. The usually price for a house that was decent was around 30,000 pounds. Jenn and Kelly had managed to save up more than that in their four years of being together.

They didn't really have a plan of looking at houses, they just started by picking up a few housing magazines, and flipping through them, when they found one that looked nice, for a reasonable price they would go look at it. They agreed they both had to love it, or no deal.

So far nothing really appealed to any of them. They didn't really need a three bedroom two bath house in the middle of London, nor the one bedroom no bath shack on the outskirts of Mayfair. Jenn and Kelly really weren't discouraged through most of the day.

'Jenn wait!" Kelly exclaimed as they drove to their next destination.

Jenn slowed to a stop, "What Kelly?" Jenn asked, pulling over to the side.

'Get out of the car, get out of the car!" Kelly said excitedly, pulling open her door and waiting until Jenn had joined her on the side walk. Jenn saw what Kelly was worked up about. The house in front of them was one story, it had a fine garden in front, and large trees rose over the back of the roof, shutters lined the window to where the attic presumably was, and the house seemed to have a floor beneath the ground, a 'for sale' sign was in front of it.

"It's perfect!" Kelly squealed, making Jenn look at her in surprise. Kelly was beaming unusually wide, clutching Jenn's arm and studying the sign and the number to call if they were interested.

Jenn grinned at her, yes the house seemed perfect, but how much would it be?

"Go ahead and call if you like it, see if we can look inside!" Jenn exclaimed, getting amused at Kelly almost bouncing with excitement.
Kelly didn't need telling twice, she whipped open her cell phone and called the number excitedly.


"No one had been interested in it, they all want something bigger! Here are the keys let yourselves in and then tell me what you think." They had called the lister of the house and she had hurried over, and Kelly now grabbed the keys she was holding out happily and raced to the front door.

"She's very excitable isn't she?" asked the lady, Joyce.

"Which is weird, I've almost never seen her so excited!" Jenn commented, following Kelly inside.

As soon as Jenn stepped in she loved the place. The roof in front of them was tall; a room was in front of them, with big sliding doors in the back, which exited to a green yard. To Jenn's' right was a hallway and she walked down it, a bathroom was to the left, and across the hall from that was a bedroom, no furniture was in the house of course, but it was simply too big to be just a spare room, Jenn stepped into the room, and over to the closet, which turned out to be a walk in closet. Exiting this room and continuing down the hallway was another room, smaller than the last, Jenn reckoned it could be used as a spare room for randomness, or a game room, since she and Kelly were nerds like that.

"Jenn come here…" said Kelly's voice from the end of the hall. Jenn followed Kelly's voice into the last room, and gasped in spite of herself. It was a master suite… a skylight allowed the early afternoon sun in, there were two walk in closets, and as Jenn walked further in she saw what Kelly was looking at the most. A grand chandelier hung from the room, to the far left of the skylight.

"Wow…" Jenn breathed, spinning around. She saw a connecting bathroom to the suite, Kelly clutched her arm.

"It must be expensive though…" Kelly said, looking downhearted.

Jenn frowned, then grabbed her arm and led Kelly back outside.

"Well?" asked the lister.

"It's PERFECT!" Kelly breathed, still looking sad though.

"How much would it be total?" Jenn asked, fearing the answer.

"47,000 pounds." said Joyce. Jenn frowned; it was a bit more than what they were hoping.

"Any chance it's negotiable?"

Joyce smiled, "I could call the seller and ask if you wish." Kelly nodded.

Five minutes later she hung up, looking gloomy.

"Well?" asked Kelly, who had seemed to have gotten over her excitement and waited.

"The lowest she will go is… 38,000 pounds!" Jenn and Kelly exchanged amazed looks.

"For real?!" exclaimed Jenn, wanting to hug her.

"Yes and your choice is?"

"This is once in a lifetime opportunity here Jenn!" Kelly exclaimed, as if she needed to ask.

"We'll take it!" Jenn exclaimed, amazed at their own luck.


"Mum Dad guess what!?" Kelly exclaimed, flinging herself into her house happily, the paperwork for their new house in her hands, she clutched them to her chest.

"Kelly! Dear what's wrong!?" demanded Kelly's dad.

"We found the perfect house! We already bought it for a great price! It has an attic, two bedrooms, and bath, and a basement! And the backyard is amazing!" Kelly exclaimed, Jenn giggled and got out her camera. She had filmed the whole house, and Kelly was still bouncing happily by the time they all watched it twice.

"This is all rather sudden guys… are you sure you want to move in so quickly?" Kelly stopped grinning like an idiot and nodded serenely, her Mum hugged her.

"How will you tell Charlotte though? She loves you guys living together still." Kelly clamped a hand to her forehead.

"Charlotte! I forgot to call them last night! Crap!"

Jenn called in the end, while Kelly talked to her parents about the new house.

"Hello?" came Charlotte's voice.

"Hey Charlotte, it's Jenn!" Jenn said.

"Hey Jenn! Were going to the airport right now! You guys didn't call like you said you would!"

"Sorry, anyway, me and Kelly have BIG news!" she turned the phone to speaker.

"Go on Kelly; tell her, she's your sister!"

"Charlotte, this is sudden but… me and Jenn bought a house!"

Silence... then:

"Yup!" Jenn said.

"That's amazing guys! I want to see it when I get back okay!?"

They agreed, and then finished their conversation. Jenn had to tell her parents now, and get the rest of her stuff, now that she had someplace to put it.


It was that reason that Jenn and Kelly found themselves back at Jenn's house that night. The full boxes had been taken out of Jenn's car and piled in the living room of the new house.

Jenn walking into the house, lights flickered from the TV in the sitting room and Jenn walked to it, telling Kelly to start packing her stuff. When Kelly was gone Jenn walked into the sitting room, where the rest of her family was crowded.

"Hey." Jenn said, making them all jump.

"Jenn! You've come back!" exclaimed Jenn's brother, hugging her, and making her gasp in pain. "Sorry."

'Jenn…?" asked Jenn's Mum, touching her daughters cheek softly. Jenn hugged her, and then faced her dad.

"I'm sorry-" Jenn held her hand up for silence.

"You hit Kelly, it will take more than a apology to have me forgive that, we found a great house, and are starting to move in already, I'm here for all my stuff, what I can't take I'm locking in my room then coming back for soon." And with that she dashed upstairs, her brother right behind her.

"I can help! I want to see your guy's new house!" Jenn laughed and nodded. The three of them packed most of Jenn's stuff except for the larger items, such as her bed, and valuables, like glass framed, that would be taken care of later.

Then Jenn locked her room, making sure she had the key, said bye to mum and they went to the house.

Jenn's brother gazed at it in wonder and helped them load the stuff into the living room before having Jenn take him back home. Then Jenn and Kelly went to the airport to meet the rest of Parle. Jenn thought she had hurt her stomach somehow because it felt painful and warm. Kelly frowned.

But at that moment Charlotte and everyone else walked out o the gate, all looking tired and glad to be back.

"KELLY! MY SISTER!" gasped Charlotte dramatically, hugging Kelly tightly; Jenn laughed at Kelly's freaked out expression. "Oh, hey Jenn." Charlotte added thoughtfully. Jenn beamed.

Laura walked up behind Charlotte, looking very much so tired.

"Hey." She muttered, looking ready to sleep. Amala stumbled over; leaning on Laura until both of them almost fell. Dan and Conor weren't in sight, but Dani came over with her Marluxia bag slung over her shoulder.

"How you doing Jenn?" she asked. Jenn laughed at how tired they all were and concluded it was due to jet lag.

"Fine." Jenn replied. Dan and Conor walked up now, grinning at them all.

"You guys forgot to call last night, Charlotte was really worried." Dani said. Jenn saw a flash of Rick, Mark and Johnny in Dan and Conor but cleared her head and smiled.

"You were worried too!" Charlotte exclaimed, letting go of Kelly, finally.

Everyone laughed a bit and then separated, Charlotte of course, would be going with Jenn and Kelly, and they filled her in about Jenn sleeping in Kelly's room from now until they moved into their house. Charlotte didn't ask why. Everyone hugged each other bye, Jenn was sure it was odd for them to leave the friends they had spent a week sleeping in the same room in.

When Conor hugged Jenn she felt her eyes go wide and whispered a barely audible whimper, covering her mouth and hugging him back. He gave her a long look then waved bye to everyone. Dan hugged Jenn quickly, not looking offended when she braced her hands to push him away, and not hugging him back. He gave her a reassuring smile and followed the rest of Parle away.

"Ready?" asked Jenn, grabbing Charlottes bag for her. Charlotte responded dramatically, and then they collected her suitcase and loaded it into Kelly's car this time. Then drove to Kelly's house, though Jenn supposed it wasn't Kelly's house now, it was her parents house. Now Jenn and Kelly had their own house!

Everyone said rather sleepy good nights to each other and retired to bed. Jenn grabbed her own fluffy pillow from a stray box they forgot to pack in the new house and lay on Kelly's bed.

"Budge up." Kelly demanded, pushing Jenn over a bit so that she could lie down. Kelly wrapped her arms around Jenn's waist, carefully avoiding her stomach and pulling her closer. Kelly snuggled her head in the back of Jenn's neck and Jenn turned over to face her, pressing her nose against Kelly's in an Eskimo kiss. Kelly smiled lightly as her and pecked Jenn on the lips quickly, before tucking her head into Jenn's shoulder and relaxing into her sleep. Jenn soon slept too.