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Kelly woke to feeling a weight on her stomach, she looked down, and was slightly surprised to see Jenn there, resting her upper body on Kelly's legs, and using her stomach as a pillow. Leanne was half lying on Jenn's legs, though she had a pillow in between them, someone had laid a blanket over her.

"Jenn, wake up." Kelly said, not feeling like just sitting there. Jenn didn't wake, but Hugged Kelly's waist tightly, her face rather innocent and cute, Kelly sighed, brushing Jenn's hair with her fingers carefully, though she honestly didn't care if Jenn woke or not.

Then she remembered, they were in Montana! Kelly somehow had forgotten this thought, and mentally slapped herself. Mentally because Jenn pinned on arm to her side, and she was using her other as a pillow, atop another pillow.

"Awake, Kelly?" came a voice, startling Kelly, she craned her head around and looked up at Leanne's dad.

"Yeah, I don't know if I should wake them or not though."

"I wouldn't advise it, Leanne gets VERY grumpy." He chuckled, reminding Kelly of her own Dad, she was startled into a grin.

Soon however Leanne stirred, she sat up, yawning, and rubbed her spiky hair, looking confused, and then she spotted Kelly, who smiled at her.

"Morning." Leanne said, looking at Jenn for a second.

"Morning." Kelly agreed, still brushing Jenn's hair.

"Is she a heavy sleeper?"

"Yeah, some times, and she doesn't like being woken up." Kelly said, grinning. Jenn didn't like being woken up AT ALL. Kelly remembered on one occasion she had tried to wake Jenn, and Jenn had actually slapped her in her sleep.

"What do you want for breakfast?" asked Leanne, summoning another yawn.

"Oh, whatever you want." Kelly said, a bit surprised, Leanne nodded and got up, walking away. Presumably to the kitchen. This left Kelly with the sleeping Jenn, who turned her head slightly, though her eyes were kept closed.

At that moment Kelly felt a vibration in her pocket, her phone. She wasn't sure why she put it there through the night, but she had. Kelly frowned, and then took her trapped arm away from Jenn's grip, reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, answering it quickly.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hi, Kelly!' came Charlottes voice.

"Hi charlotte, what's up?"

"Just checking in, making sure you love me lots!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"I do, what happened?" Kelly demanded, recognizing a guilt note in her younger sisters' voice.

"Okay, if I said Jenn's mice somehow escaped, and that we almost killed your house trying to find them, what would you do? This is totally, unrelated to our circumstance…"

"I suppose I would yell, thus causing Jenn, who is lying on my stomach, to wake up, and freak out. She would ask what happened and I would tell her, she would get very worried about Domino, Nick and Ellis and the other mice, and cry maybe. Then I would advise you to look under out bed, and in the sink in the bathroom, if they weren't there, in the unrelated thing, I would tell you to get some new mice, a whole bunch of money, and beg that Jenn forgive you." Kelly said, sighing.

Yes, Jenn owned mice, a whole lot of them.

"Okay-Kelly-Love-You-Lots-Bye!" Charlotte said, and hung up. Kelly tossed her phone on Jenn's stomach, making her groan and roll over.

The smell of bacon drifted through the open door to the kitchen, and Jenn moved, opening her eyes.

"Bacon…" she muttered.

"No, I'm Kelly." Kelly said, pretending to look hurt. Jenn moaned, and grabbed the blanket Leanne had abandoned, throwing it over herself; Kelly grinned and sat up, making Jenn fall into her lap. Jenn shook the blanket off, and her glaring, tired face, met Kelly's.

"Morning." Jenn said, stretching.

"Yup, morning in Montana." Kelly agreed, leaning down and kissing Jenn's forehead.

"Oh yeah! What are we doing today?" asked Jenn, sitting up, but holding an arm around Kelly's waist.

"Whatever you want I suppose." Kelly replied, looking out the window. The snow looked as if it was about to start melting, but was stilt there. Kelly didn't find it necessary to mention the fact that Charlotte lost Jenn's mice to Jenn, and felt a bit guilty.

Kelly leaned back, resting her head against the couch. Jenn kissed her lightly on the cheek, and Kelly opened one eyes, looking at Jenn happily.

"Guys! You may be guests but no breakfast in bed! Get in here!" Leanne yelled to them from the living room.

"I don't want to move- OH!" Jenn exclaimed, getting cut off and Kelly actually picked her up, "AWAY!" she yelled pointing towards the kitchen. Kelly laughed, and headed that way.

"Now, don't hit my head!" Jenn squeaked, flinching as the door almost hit her. Kelly grinned and walked in the kitchen, Jenn looking quite scared for her own life.

"How much- why…are you carrying Jenn?" asked Leanne, turning around. She had been standing at the stove, cooking the bacon.

"Because she didn't want to move." Kelly replied, "I can drop her if you want-"

"NO!" exclaimed Jenn, clinging onto Kelly's neck tightly. Leanne giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, Rachael is gonna get here soon, and then we can show you around Bozeman a bit, if you would like." said Leanne, looking at Jenn, who nodded, letting go of Kelly's neck.

Cue to speaking of the devil the doorbell rang, and Leanne looked a bit surprised.

"That was fast." She commented, "Can I trust you not to burn anything?" she added to Kelly, who shrugged.

"I can't promise anything." she said, Leanne smiled.

"Jenn, I'm dropping you." Kelly said, and let go. Jenn grabbed Kelly's neck, and hug there in midair. Both girls were silent, and then Jenn dropped her feet and laughed.

"OH MY GOD!" yelled Leanne's voice suddenly; Kelly stopped inches from the oven, and turned on her heel rushing into the living room, and to the front door. Leanne was back against the wall; hand over her mouth, tears in her eyes.

For a moment Kelly was confused then she looked at the door and saw… Alyson.

"Oh my God!" Leanne repeated, and then tackled her friend in a huge hug; Jenn and Kelly stared, grinning madly.

Alyson wrapped her small arms around Leanne's back, hugging her hard, when they let go Leanne tugged Alyson inside, Rachael walked in behind her.

"Wha-wha-what!? How- why- when did you get here!?" stammered Leanne, hugging Alyson again.

"Oof- this morning!" Alyson replied, "Is that Jenn and Kelly I see?" Jenn nodded, and walked over, hugging Alyson briefly, and then Kelly did the same. Leanne was crying tears streamed down her eyes, and Rachael looked a bit guilty, kissing her on the cheek.

"Calm down Leanne!" Alyson said, and Leanne nodded, unable to speak.

"This is where…we leave." Kelly insisted, pulling Jenn's arm, Rachael looked at them gratefully, as Jenn and Kelly bounced out of the house, into the cold air.

"That was cool; it's good to see her." Jenn commented, she had grabbed a pair of fuzzy slippers, but Kelly had forgotten hers and nodded, then proclaimed she would be back and ran inside, up to their room. She grabbed some converse and socks, slipping them on quickly, then pulled a blanket off the bed and ran back outside.

The porch had a variety of item, including a swing on it, and Jenn was rocking in that, it being completely free of snow. Kelly sat down, and threw the blanket over the both of them, Jenn huddled closer, grateful.

"I wonder how she got here…" Kelly said aloud, Jenn shrugged, Kelly could feel her rubbing her bare arms under the blanket.

"I think Rachael had something to do with it." Jenn replied, "She arrived with Alyson after all."

Kelly hadn't even thought about that as more than a coincidence, but now considered it a high possibility.

"Wow, smart, I'm surprised." Kelly said, making Jenn hit her arm underneath the blanket; Kelly rubbed her arm, and faked a wounded look, turning her mean.

"Why are you so mean!?" she proclaimed dramatically.

"I'm sorry!" Jenn wailed, wrapping Kelly in a hug, Kelly pushed her back.

"No, you don't get a hug!" Kelly said stubbornly, trying not to laugh. Jenn insisted, trying to hug Kelly hard, Kelly moved away, and promptly fell off the swing, because Jenn was holding the blanket, she crashed to the floor too.

"Aww- look what you did!" Jenn groaned.

"Me?!" Kelly squeaked, Jenn lying on top of her, she rolled over, and both of them fell off the porch, and into the soft snow below them, Kelly straddling Jenn's waist.

"Ha." Kelly said, in victory. Jenn rolled her hips, and Kelly fell over, they grappled for a moment, laughing crazily, and throwing snow at each other, then Kelly launched herself to her feet.

They dashed into the backyard, where a large trampoline was. They froze, looked at each other, and then jumped at it. Somehow it was free of snow, Kelly though Leanne must have wiped it off everyday.

Jenn and Kelly scrambled on, feeling really young and childish, Kelly thought Jenn's feet would be very cold, but she didn't complain as she grabbed Kelly's hands and jumped.

They spent a good five minutes there, just jumping and doing foolish tricks, Jenn almost fell off, twice, and Kelly did fall off, after Jenn had managed to make her spring really high, she landed in a nearby pile of snow, but got right back up.

"Guys! Get in here before you catch death!" called Dan's voice; Jenn and Kelly looked sheepishly at each other, and then leapt away and into the house, through the backdoor, which Dan was holding open.

Leanne, Rachael and Alyson were all lounging on the couch, and they all greeted Jenn and Kelly as they walked back in, Rachael eyeing Jenn's slippers.

"…Hi!" Jenn said happily staring at everyone, staring at her. They were quiet for a moment then all five of them burst into laughter.

"How did you get here?" asked Kelly, to Alyson, sitting next to Rachael on the couch.

"Well, Rachael called be a while ago, and said that This person right here-" she pointed to Leanne"-missed me lots, so I asked my Mom, and she's letting me stay here with my Dad for a week. They were divorced, that's why I moved!" Alyson explained, Leanne grinned and hugged her again.

"That was nice." Jenn said, swinging her legs, sitting on the arm on the couch. Rachael grinned at her.

"So, what are you guys doing today?" asked Alyson, looking between everyone.

"We were gonna show Jenn and Kelly around a bit, they were really excited." Leanne said, looking much happier than yesterday.

"Yeah, Jenn couldn't sit still for three days after we planned this whole thing." Kelly said, Jenn chucked a nearby pebble from a vase of flowers at her, she blocked it with her arm, and it pinged of, onto the floor.

"Sounds like a plan, we have to show them Bozeman Beach." Alyson said, Jenn looked confused.

"But…Bozeman isn't next to any ocean." Kelly said.

"No, it's actually an abandoned landfill, which people filled with water, and cleaned out." Leanne said, giggling. Kelly nodded in realization.

"Ohh." Jenn said, smiling too.

"And we want to see your school." Kelly added.

"They want to see BHS? Why?" asked Alyson in confusion, "It's a total Hell-Hole!"

"Well, whatever." said Rachael, interjecting.

"We should get going then…Jenn…by the way….your feet turned red." Jenn lifted her leg in the air and examined her foot.

"Oh, yes it did!" Jenn exclaimed, in a high voice, she looked a bit surprised, and Kelly laughed.

"Was that your Demyx voice!?" Kelly exclaimed, a bit surprised too.

"Oops, I guess so!" Jenn said, giggling. Her feet were red from the cold.

"You guys need to get dressed." Alyson said, tugging Leanne's arm. Kelly and Jenn stood and walked to their room.

"This will be so cool!" Jenn exclaimed, Kelly could tell she was getting hyper from lack of food already, and rolled her eyes.

"I mean, I do want to see their school, I wonder how big it is, nothing like out university I bet. And I want to see downtown Bozeman, it's supposed to be really historical, and there's this sweetshop! I can't remember the name but oh well." Jenn rambled as they locked the door to their room, and Kelly pulled off her wet pajama top.

"I suppose we should get a car though, I don't think they're old enough to drive yet…I should ask there ages, I think Rachael might be 16, but whatever. We need to go to, what was it? Sourdough creek and trail, Leanne said it was really pretty on the flight here. Maybe we should go there when it gets warmer though, and of course, we should wear a cosplay today or something! Which ones though? I want to do Gambit! Though I suppose you'll be really cold in Rouge, only that thin fabric…whatever, what about Tony and Loki? Oh it doesn't matter!" Jenn pulled her own shirt over her head and walked to the closet, pulling out her cosplays.

"On second thought, maybe we shouldn't, I mean it could be odd, but I don't know. I suppose people would stare wouldn't they? Remember to tell me when I start to ramble okay? Oh! And we need to go Skiing! That will be cool, Leanne and Rachael said they failed at it, but I don't care-" Kelly grabbed Jenn's chin, and kissed her roughly, pulling her face down, Jenn mumbled for a minute, then gently placed her hand on Kelly's cheek and leaned in, kissing her back for a moment.

"You're rambling." Kelly said, pulling away, and patting Jenn on the head, grabbing her Rouge, Jenn flushed and shrugged.

"Let's do X-men anyway." Kelly said, pulling on the costume after stripping. Her Phone rang at that moment and Kelly picked it up, pulling a large coat around her shoulders just in case.


"Hi! It's your sister!"

"I can tell Charlotte, what's going on?"

"We found them- the mice- have no fear!"

"That's good to hear." Kelly said, grinning, as Jenn started to put on her Gambit mask thing.

"So, what are you guys doing?"

"Stripping, well, Jenn is anyway." Kelly said, grinning broadly.

"Tell her not too! It's a bad career choice!" Charlotte wailed, Kelly laughed.

"Charlotte said not to strip." Kelly informed Jenn, who smiled.

"Yeah, last time I stripped a bat moth attacked." Jenn said. Kelly widened her eyes, freaking out.

Jenn was referring to a live stream she and Jenn had done as Tony and Loki. Jenn had stripped to her first shirt, and when she left a giant moth the size of a bat had latched onto the window and stared at Kelly, then gave her a 'bitch please I'll be back' look and flew away while Kelly had freaked out completely.

"That wasn't funny Jenn!" Kelly exclaimed, while Charlotte roared with laughter on the other end.

"Is that it? We gotta go bye, bye see you later!" Kelly exclaimed, snapping the phone close and dropping the coat, picking up her Rouge cosplay, Jenn giggled, and rummaged in her bag, picking up a box of contacts and a mirror. She pulled out her Gambit one, and set the mirror on her lap, looking in it to put them in, while Kelly struggled with her wig and headband. Jenn finished quickly, here now red eyes glowing evilly as she helped Kelly out, then kissed her softly on the lips, Kelly grinned and looked around, then grabbed her bag, stuffing a change of clothes in them, in case she needed them.

They unlocked the door and hurried downstairs, Jenn of course had her Demyx bag.

"What took you guys so- long…?" asked Rachael, gaping at them.

"What?" asked Kelly, flipping her hair over her shoulder, and resting her hand on her hip, feeling exposed. She loved Rouge so much though.

"Nothing just…that's awesome, you had like ten minutes." Leanne said, shaking her head. Kelly grinned and shrugged, Jenn might have rolled her eyes, but it was hard to tell.

"So…apart from the awesomeness that is Jenn and Kelly- this is going to be a mostly, relatively normal day!" Rachael exclaimed, Jenn and Kelly laughed.

"Where should we go first?" asked Alyson, swaying from side to side gently.

"Where ever you want." Kelly said, also shrugged.

"Let's just go to downtown, that's the most eventful place, basically." Rachael said. Everyone agreed.

"How are we getting there?" asked Jenn, bouncing on her feet.

"Bus, it's free…so…" Leanne replied, looking a bit sheepish.

"Cool!" Jenn exclaimed, looking ready to start rambling again. Kelly gave her a shut-up-before-I-have-to-kill-you look and Jenn grinned.

"Actually, we could just go to the museum, it's much closer." Alyson said, thinking back, "It is right? I haven't forgotten?"

"No, it's close, what do you guys think?" asked Leanne nodding.

"Okay, we need to go get our money then-"Jenn started.

"Ah-no. We have membership passes, and can get in free, well it's my dads but he never uses it." Leanne said, Jenn and Kelly grinned.

So they were off to the Museum of the Rockies, as Alyson told Kelly it was called as they started walking. Kelly wished that she had thought of brining a jacket, she was shivering tremendously, whilst Jenn looked like she was burning under her coat.

Jenn and Kelly strolled behind the three girls, talking randomly to each other and laughing, Kelly shivered again, and this time Jenn noticed.

"Cold?" she asked, Kelly shook her head, her hair flying around wildly.

"Not at all." she said, Jenn rolled her eyes. Jenn shrugged her heavy brown coat off, and draped in around Kelly's shoulders, grinning from ear to ear, Kelly smiled at her, and slid her arms through the sleeves. Jenn wrapped an arm around Kelly's waist, and she in turn leaned her head on Jenn's shoulder for a moment, and then wrapped her arm around Jenn.

They reached the Museum in minutes, the giant skeleton of the T-Rex was still there, and still had a Santa hat. They entered into a lobby; there was a desk ahead to the right, and a gift shop to the left, to the far right was a small hallway, with two connecting doors, it was labeled 'Planetarium' Jenn wondered what that was. Rachael grabbed the card from Leanne and walked to the front desk, talking and counting heads, then the person handed her something, and she returned to the group, handing out stickers with a picture of a fingerprint in the shape on a T-Rex head on them.

"Those get you in, and out. Right now there's a space exhibit going on through there, the show for the planetarium starts in two and a half hours, the farm house is open, ready?"

"Huh?" asked Jenn, struggling with getting the sticker of the plastic paper. Kelly rolled her eyes and stuck her sticker to her chest, and shrugged off the coat, handing it back to Jenn. Jenn put it on, and finally succeeded with getting the sticker free and sticking it to her chest too.

"What do you guys want to do first? There's the space, the dinosaurs, olden USA, or the Indian tribes of Native Montana." Leanne listed off.

"And Yellowstone." Rachael added.

"Oh yeah, and a Yellow Stone National Park exhibit." Leanne said.

"Uh…I have absolutely NO idea." Kelly replied, looking around, and swinging her hair over her shoulder.

"Oh God, Leanne look." Rachael said, pointing. Jenn and Kelly looked to see what she was pointing at. Three boys had just walked through the front doors, they were laughing and pushing each other around, each wore a black and red football jersey.

"What's wrong with them?" asked Jenn.

"They're total Jerks, jocks actually. Jockey jerks, they always made fun of us at school, well not Alyson but me and Leanne because of out sexuality, can we just leave?" asked Rachael in a hurry, Alyson grabbed Jenn's hand and pulled her away, straight forward.

Too late though.

"Hey! Leanne, Rach!" shouted a boy, he had brown hair, and blue eyes from what Jenn could tell. Rachael groaned and pretended not to hear, pushing Kelly to the space exhibit.

"Guys!" shouted a black boy, his small afro bouncing, he set a hand on Leanne's shoulders and she spun around.

"What, Brice?" she hissed in cold fury. Alyson crossed her arms and looked menacing; Rachael laid a reassuring hand on Leanne's shoulder.

"Long time no see, where've ya been? We missed you!" Brice exclaimed, slinging his arms around the blonde boy and an Asian boy.

"London." Leanne replied.

"How nice, still bi?"

"Yeah, still a total jerk?"

"Naw." Leanne rolled her eyes. Jenn didn't really know what to do, let the high-schoolers duke it out, or not. Kelly was probably thinking along the same lines, and eyes the boys with loathing.

"And what about you?" Asked the Asian boy.

"I've been in Orlando, Florida." Alyson said, looking uncomfortable now.

"We know where Orlando is!" exclaimed the last boy.

"Sure, Brock, okay, where's Sacramento then?"

"Huh?" replied Brock to Leanne's question.

"As in California?" asked Kelly, whispering to Jenn, who nodded.

"Hey, who're your friends." asked Brice, eyeing Kelly up, especially her breasts, which looked larger under the tight fabric. Kelly narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms over herself.

"Jenn, Kelly, the jerks. The Jerks, Jenn and Kelly." Rachael said quickly, "Let's go." She added, grabbing Leanne's arm. The Asian boy grabbed Leanne's arm.

"What's the rush?"

"Can it Isaac!" barked Leanne, yanking her arm away. Jenn frowned, and wrapped her arm around Leanne's shoulders, drawing her away from the boys. They whistled as the girls turned to leave.

"Hey! Girls, remember! You belong in the kitchen!" yelled the Asian, Isaac.

Leanne turned. "That's where the knives are kept!" she yelled, the girls burst into laughter, and Leanne looked surprised with herself.

The boys tagged along as they entered a round room, It had a model of the solar system in the middle, it was moving in a circles, demonstrating the years of earth and the Milky Way in five minutes.

"Why are you following us?" asked Rachael as Brice walked up next to her, he grinned.

"Who said we were following you? We might be interested in…the Solar System…"

"Yeah, right." Leanne said, "Well, since you're so interested, you guys stay here, we're going to the old western."

"Hey! That's where we were going!" exclaimed Isaac, falling in step next to Kelly, who was to Jenn's right. He lazily slung his arm around her, and winked, Jenn and Kelly both stopped dead.

"Three seconds to remove your arm." Kelly said, blinking and looking up.

"Dude! She's British, that's hot!" exclaimed Brock, shoving Jenn over a bit and slinging his arm around her too. Kelly bit the inside of her cheek in frustration. The other three didn't seem to notice that Jenn and Kelly had stopped, and argued with Isaac.

"Get your arms away. Now." Kelly commanded, she was shorter than both of them, and Jenn stood three feet away, ready to kill them if she had to.

"One." Kelly said, they laughed.

"Don't be like that babe, why don't you hang with us?"


"Aww c'mon, what is a sweet thing like you going to do anyway?" asked Brice, grabbing Kelly's shin and making her look at him, Jenn saw red. "Ditch the gay girls and come with us."

"It just so happen that I AM bisexual too! Oh, three." Kelly said, and turned to Brice, kneeing his where the sun don't shine, then she grabbed Brocks arm and spun him around, locking it behind his back, and yanking up, he whimpered in pain.

"SHIT!" shouted Brice, clutching himself. Kelly stood in between them, while people stared.

"You go girl!" yelled a girl nearby, she had streaks in her hair, and was clad in neon pink, giggling, Kelly smirked and twisted Brocks arm tighter and hissed in his ear.

"Don't make fun of them ever again, we'll hear about it. C'mon Jenn." Kelly let go of him, and he stumbled a bit away, Jenn wrapped an arm around Kelly's small waist possessively. And to prove a point she turned Kelly's head and kissed her, right there, in the middle of everyone.

It was just like something she and Kelly would do in character, since they shipped Rouge and Gambit. Jenn leaned Kelly's back, her back in an arc, Jenn's arm supporting her, and kissed her deeply. She heard a couple whistles and few 'aww's and some cursing, presumably from Brock or Brice.

Jenn pulled Kelly up from the kiss and Kelly smiled at her, fixing her wig. Jenn wrapped her arm around Kelly's waist and they hurried in the direction that Leanne and the others had gone, people were taking pictures, but that didn't matter.

They walked up a small ramp and into the next room, where they saw Leanne, Rachael and Alyson waiting for them, looking worried.

"What happened?" asked Alyson immediately.

"Kelly beat them up, where's the other one go?" replied Jenn. Kelly smacked her arm and frowned, but then laughed.

"Nice." Said Rachael, slapping Kelly a high five, they all started laughing.

"Oh, we ditched him by 'going to the bathroom'" Alyson added, "then mobbed him and shoved him into Jupiter." Jenn grinned, and looked at the model of a hallowed out Jupiter.

They spent a few minutes looking around the exhibit, Jenn crawled on top of the sun and refused to come down, until the Museum manager asked her to. Kelly and Leanne raced each other around the Solar System model, Rachael experimented with a small no gravity chamber, making a pen float in mid air and telling everyone who looked that she was using the force. Alyson and Jenn caused havoc; they started dancing like fools in the middle of the room, making onlookers laugh.

When they were finally done with the Space exhibit they moved on to Olen USA, models of cars and planes were everywhere, Jenn found most of this rather boring, having not known who was who on the boards. There was a small set up of an old bathroom, and Kelly wasted no time sitting down in it, grinning.

Jenn climbed in one of the cars and pretended to be in a race, shouting at people to swerve, Rachael in the backseat. Alyson and Leanne sat on top of a small carriage, yelling at invisible horses.

When they moved on from there it was to a Native American exhibit. Jenn got quite a scared when she realized a man she had been waiting for to move, turned out to be a statue. There was a giant stuffed bison, which Kelly decided would break if she sat on it, but she did anyway, luckily it didn't break. From there it was to a Dinosaur exhibit. A great model of a Triceratops was in the middle of the room, a display of a T-Rex skeleton in stone, as if being dug up was to their right. There were cases of skulls, and bones from dinosaurs, and Jenn realized there was a small model of a baby triceratops, sleeping next to the large one. She pretended to pet it, until she spotted the 'do not touch' sign and ran away.

It was now that they sat in front of a small screen, on a bench. It was a learning center, placed in a dark room off the dinosaur hall, and id hadn't taken long for Jenn to find the games on the program. Right now she was building herself a dinosaur, while Kelly was laughing at everything she missed.

"Jenn, that's the leg, not the spine." Kelly insisted, as Jenn tried pulling the bone to the back of a dinosaur. It was a touch screen, and Jenn was getting frustrated with it. Jenn set the bone on the leg, where it clicked into place. Kelly gave a 'ha!' of victory, and Jenn slouched her shoulders, looking into her lap with a sad, dramatic look.

"Fine, just fine! Make me feel stupid!" Jenn exclaimed, resting her elbow on her knee. Kelly's scooted closer to her on the bench and kissed her cheek, Jenn beamed.

"Guys, let's go! You haven't even got to the best part!" Leanne exclaimed from across the room, where she, Alyson and Rachael had been watching a documentary. Jenn and Kelly stood up, Jenn abandoning her game, and followed the three into the next room. Kelly gazed around in wonder, and Jenn grinned. The room had a series of real fossils, and a setting of an attack was in front of them, a small dinosaur was being attacked by some feathered velociraptor type creatures.

Kelly gasped, and grabbed Jenn's arm, burying her face in Jenn's sleeve.

"Are you okay?" asked Jenn, looking at Kelly in worry.

"That freaked the fuck out of me!" Kelly mumbled, pointing to the right without looking. Jenn was startled to see a real life sized version of a great sea creature, much like a crocodile and a dolphin in one, its face was pointed towards them, and it had a very real expression on its face. Its teeth were bared in a snarl, and fake blood coated them, it was merely a foot from Kelly's face.

"You did very well my love." Jenn said, patting Kelly's head. She pulled away, looking as if she still wanted to hug something.

"That was so scary." Kelly said, looking around to see where the other three had gone.

"Up here!" yelled a voice, almost everyone looked up. Leanne, Rachael and Alyson were perched on a balcony, waving, and Jenn and Kelly had no idea how they got there.

Someone pulled on Jenns' coat and she turned to see a very excitable boy, who looked about nine, holding hands with his mother.

"You're Gambit and Rogue!" he exclaimed, looking extremely happy.

"I'm so sorry, I trued to explain to him that you weren't actually the real people but he insisted." Said the very tired looking mom, her dark hair falling in front of her Hispanic face, Jenn beamed at her and Kelly giggled. Jenn got on her knees in front of the boy.

"How did you know that?" she asked, in a gruff voice, which sounded very much like she would imagine Gambit in real life.

"I've read all about you! In these!" he said, pulling a comic book out from behind his back, the face of Remy, Gambit, was on the front; he was holding cards and grinning. Jenn took it in her hands, and beamed at him.

"What's your name?" asked Kelly, resting a hand on Jenn's shoulder, and kneeling next to her.

"M-Mike." stammered Mike, looking overwhelmed, "You're just as pretty as the comic shows!" he blustered; Kelly looked a bit surprised, but thanked him. He then hugged Kelly around the neck very hard, hanging off of her; Kelly blinked, but wrapped her arms around him for a second. Mike then shook hands with Jenn, trying to act very manly.

"One day I'm going to be an X-man, see what I can do!" he exclaimed, and jumped in the air, he went maybe a few inches off the ground. "I can jump super high!'

"Maybe one day." Jenn said, ruffling his hair, and standing. Mike beamed at her.

"Mommy, do you have a pen?" asked Mike, tugging his mothers blue dress. She fished around in her bag and handed one to him, where he then showed it and the comic book to Jenn.

"C-could you sign it?" he asked, looking as if all his dreams had come true at once. Jenn took the pen, and book, and signed Gambit with a flourish, handing it to Kelly, who signed in very loopy handwriting, very girly.

"Be good, Mike." Kelly said, handing it back to him, he grinned happily, revealing a gap where he had lost a tooth.

"I will, Rogue!"

"Come, Mikey, your Papa is waiting," said the mother, grabbing Mike's hand.

"Okay, bye!" he said, jerking his arm free, and hugging Kelly again, who was still on her knees. He planted a very sticky kiss on her cheek, then hugged Jenn's legs, which was the highest he could reach. He ran off with his mother, holding her hand, and beaming over his shoulder at them. Kelly got to her feet, smiling slightly. She looked at the boy with something, perhaps a bit like envy, or want. Jenn wondered if Kelly ever actually wanted her own kids, she knew Kelly said she didn't need them, but Jenn couldn't help but wonder.

Cool, right? Anyway, yeah, I did this story because I live in Bozeman MT. I knew everything here, knew the museum, the sledding hill in the last chapter, and Leanne's house is based on one of my friends. To answer questions you might have…

No, they don't go skiing/snowboarding, I finished this part already

No, they won't have kids, I don't want these 'make them have a baby!' comments popping up, and it's bloody disrespectful.

Yes, like it or not I drag this vacation on quite a bit, don't' like? Don't bother reading until they leave the USA, also, I'm planning a Metrocon scene. Problem is I've never been there, too young, if anyone has been, and know how it looks, please either Review it to me, or PM me. I've seen panels on youtube, but never been to one, so….

Review please for a cookie and a hug!