They ran into the abandoned to church to get out of the sudden rain storm. Wrapped in each others arms, they were blissfully happy. His bright blue eyes were filled with such rare warmth she didn't want to waste a moment with him.

"I love you," she murmured before she lightly pecked his lips.

"I love you too," he said his voice like warm honey.

"I just wish we didn't have to keep us secret," she said sadly, wishing with all her heart she could yell out her love to the world.

"You know why, someone wants you dead and if they were to find out it would put you in more danger," he said completely calm.

"I know, but I just…I can't live my life hiding," she said now angry and breaking out of her lovers arms. "I am so used to my life being in danger, why should now be any different?"

"You know why, the stakes are much higher this time," he said grabbing her arm. He turned her to look at him. Her hazel eyes had turned a dark brown showing her anger and sadness.

"He's right you know," a deadly voice said.

She felt fear rush through her and leave her unbearably cold. Her lover was instantly in front of her blocking her from view.

"Ah, an assassin playing the hero, how romantic," the voice spat as it fired a shot at the couple.

She watched as her lover fell to the ground taking the bullet for her. As he fell to the ground he told he murmured one word, "Run."

She ran as fast as she could out of the church and into the cold rainy night. She knew her attacker was right behind her. She pushed herself as fast as she could knowing that if she could just lead her attacker away from the church everything would be okay.

She woke up with a sudden start. She hadn't had that dream in almost two years. She opened the top drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a picture. She felt a faint smile cross her lips as she looked at the picture of two people happily wrapped in each others arms without a care in the world.

"If only," she murmured before she slid the picture back into her nightstand.

Shortly after that night she had gone into hiding. There was so much about her lover that she didn't understand if he was hired to help protect people why would he insist on keeping their relationship a secret. So many questions filtered through her mind once she reached safety and not one answer to any of her questions. Was her lover okay? Who was her lover really? Did he solely take jobs to protect people? All these questions drove her to find answers, answers that now were stuck in her mind. The man she thought she knew was just a lie. Yes he was paid to help protect people, but he also was paid to oversee the deaths of people too. If the price was high enough he would take just about any job in the high paying world of contract killing. Her heart broke the man who loved her so tenderly had killed people, innocent people, bad people, and evil people.

With all her information on him safely hidden, she packed what she could and took what money she had available to her and disappeared. She told her father that it wasn't safe that her ex-lover who took the hit out on her wouldn't rest until she was gone. She left once the sky was dark and it would be harder to recognize her.

Silent tears rolled down her face. How could she tell her father that not only was she hiding from the person who wanted to hurt her, but the person who he had paid to protect her. She didn't understand after all this time how she could still love him with all her heart.

"Damn you Jackson," she murmured as tears continued to fall.