Cullen Rule

Sequel to Edward's Addiction

Warning: Very adult material. "M" for supernatural or mature subject matter, may not be appropriate for those under 18 years of age.

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My undying thanks for editing and their endless patience: John-Mark and Susan

Summary: The Cullen Family have become the rulers of the Vampire World. Follow them in their struggle to maintain that leadership along with the trials that face each of the Cullen Family to retain who they are individually within the family group. Canon paring but attitudes differ somewhat from canon. Some lemons.


A/N: Hopefully this sequel will answer the questions that were still open at the end of Edward's Addiction.

How does Bella's damping work?

Will Bella learn to control whatever this gift is?

Will Carlisle be able to use it?

Will Bella and Edward allow Carlisle to use their gifts?


Chapter 1

The new and official quarters that housed the Cullen Family Home Office was a buzzing bee hive of activity.

Vampires from all over the World were coming to pay their respects to the new Leaders of the Vampire world and to try an curry favor of varying kinds from Carlisle.

Each and everyone of those seeking an audience with Carlisle had to first be scanned by Edward. What the majority of the Vampire World didn't know was how good a mind reader Edward really was. Those wishing to see Carlisle were asked to sit in the reception area until Carlisle was ready to see them. It was then that Edward would stand outside the room and listen to their thoughts. If there was nothing that indicated any purpose for the visit other than that stated, then they would be allowed to see Carlisle.

Since Edward had been forced to used his ability more, it'd developed to where he could access all the thought processes of those wanting to talk to Carlisle. Surface thoughts were easy to hide for most all of the older vampires, but now Edward found he could delve much deeper and was able to see if they represented a threat to the Cullen Family. The real beauty of these improvements to Edward's "hearing" thoughts was he didn't have to have line of sight, nor touch to do it. All he had to do was concentrate upon that particular individual or place they were in or for thoughts to be so strong he couldn't block them out.


Edward was spending so much time working for Carlisle, that Bella had a great deal of time on her own. She wasn't being idle however, she'd been working with Eleazar trying to decide if she really had a "talent" or not.

What Eleazar finally figured out was that Bella was a Shield and very powerful at that.

This meant Bella could keep all other forms of vampiric talent on a mental level at bay, but could not keep physical forms of attack out.

It was determined that Bella needed to learn to control the shield by pulling it into her so that only she was effected by it and to release it when needed to cover others. This was not as easy as Bella had imagined it would be.

Eleazar was very patient with Bella. They spent hours away from the house working on controlling it. Bella would almost have it, then get distracted and lose what progress she'd made.

"Bella, you are far too hard on yourself. You are just days old into your vampire life and still have to deal with what you've become and all the wonders that this new life holds for you. Please try and be patient." Eleazar pleaded.

"I know all that Eleazar." Bella huffed. "I just miss Edward so much. I can't get near him when he's working because I dampen his abilities too much, and I just miss Edward so much." The last emphasized how much a mated pair needed to be together. They'd become extensions of the other. Edward was also suffering from the forced separation.

"I know Bella. I really do understand." Eleazar smiled at Bella. "Just look how far you've come in just hours after being born into this life." He laid a reassuring hand on Bella's shoulder, then, "Ok let's try this again."

Bella sighed heavily and faced him, "Okay. Let's go."

An hour or so later, Edward went to look for Bella. He was surprised that he could hear Eleazar. "Maybe Bella has succeeded!" he thought, and raced through the trees to where he knew them to be now.

"Bella!" Edward called when he saw her standing facing Eleazar in the meadow, "There you are. I could hear Eleazar but not you. You've made progress!"

"You could hear me?" Eleazar gasped. "I guess it's a good thing you came looking for us then because I hadn't a clue."

"Now that I'm here, want to do a quick experiment?" Edward asked Bella as he enveloped her in his arms. "I'm missed you so. I feel complete again now. I really need some time alone with you. Carlisle has given me the day off as he's taking some down time also." He nuzzled Bella ear and neck."

"Sure" Bella replied, "as long as it's a quick one!"

Eleazar laughed and smiled hugely at the pair before him. "What do you suggest Edward as the experiment?"

"I'd like to see the range of her control for now." Turning to Bella, "Can you expand it to cover Eleazar?"

Bella frowned, then concentrated a moment, "Can you hear Eleazar?"

"No, I can't." Edward replies. "Eleazar you and Bella back apart until I ask you to stop" Edward had continued.

When both Bella and Eleazar were standing on the opposite sides of the meadow, Edward finally told them to stop.

"I can hear you now Eleazar." Turning to Bella, "Wow, that impressive Luv. How are you doing?"

Bella came flying into Edward's waiting arms. "Really!? Woo Hoo! Now let's go have sex! I need to reconnect with you Edward. I've felt so empty. I really have missed you. This means I don't have to stay away from you anymore?"

Bell was covering Edward with kisses.

Through the kisses Edward answered Bella, "Yes, me too, Yes" in answer to your questions!"

Looking for Eleazar he was no where to been seen.

"Since we are alone right now..." No more words were necessary. Bella and Edward became a jumble of arms and legs. They loved each other for hours, right there in that meadow. It would become one of the couple's favorite places in the forest.