A/N: This is the sequel to my other Chucky fanfic, "Revenge of Chucky". I highly suggest that you read it before reading this story, so that everything will make sense.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this sequel, and I'll be adding more chapters soon! :)

Chapter 1: He's Back

Kiara Barclay ran out into the dark of the night. Her only source of light was the streetlamps and the cars zooming by. Tears flowed down her face as she ran. She was utterly afraid. Kiara had no idea what had just happened, all she understood of the whole situation was that her father told her to run. But run from what? Kiara had the sneaky suspicion that this was all because of Glenda's creepy, talking doll named, Chucky. But why were her mother and father so afraid of him? He was just a doll . . . right? No, he wasn't. Kiara then remembered the evil glim the doll had in his eyes as he pointed a large knife at Kiara. He was going to kill her. Kiara shuddered at the thought, but then she stopped in her tracks. If Chucky was going to kill her, what was he planning to do to the rest of her family? This made Kiara run even faster.

Kiara kept on running until she made it to the driveway of a small house. She quickly ran up to the house and started to frantically knock on the door.

"Aunt Kyle! Aunt Kyle! Help!" Kiara screamed as more tears ran down her face.

Just then, the door of the house opened to reveal a young woman. The woman had short blonde hair. Her brown eyes looked tired and confused. When she saw the sobbing Kiara, she immediately knelt down to her level, pulling her into a hug.

"Kiara? What is it, sweetie? What's wrong?" Kyle asked, worried for her niece.

Kiara took a deep breath and looked into Kyle's eyes before saying the first thing that came to her mind, "It's Ch-Chucky!"

Kyle's eyes widened. She hadn't heard of Chucky since her and her foster brother, Andy, killed the doll in the Good Guy factory.

"Come inside, hurry!" Kyle urged, as she pulled Kiara inside her house. Kyle immediately grabbed the phone and dialed the police. She couldn't think of anything else to do. She just had to keep her niece and foster brother safe before the killer doll could do any harm . . .

The detective sat in his office, sipping on his fourth cup of coffee. He was looking over old case files, but only one of them caught his attention. It was the file of Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler, who had supposedly transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll. Not many people believed the story of Andy Barclay's killer doll, but the detective did. After all, he was there when it all happened. He was there at the scene of Maggie Peterson's death. He was there when young Andy blamed his doll for the murders. He was there when Andy's mother testified her son's story in court. And he was the one who helped place the woman in psychiatric observation, in fear of losing his job, even though the stories were true.

The door of the office flew opened, causing the detective to snap out of his thoughts. In the doorway stood a policeman, with an urgent look on his face.

"Mike, get your coat and hurry up. Someone just called in. I think it's another homicide," The policeman said.

The detective sighed, "That's just great," he said, sarcastically, slowly getting up from his desk chair.

The policeman looked down at the files on the detective's desk, then sighed.

The detective raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"Mike," the officer slowly began, "It's Andy,"

The police officer's words almost made detective Mike Norris choke on his coffee. It couldn't be the same Andy, could it? No, no, it couldn't have been. It was impossible! Who would want to kill Andy Barclay? The detective shook his head in disbelief. Sure, he had heard of the events of Andy claiming his Good Guy doll, Chucky, was once again after him when young Andy was in foster care, and another time when Andy went to Kent Military School. Mike, of course, believed those stories. After all, he was there when it first happened. But Mike didn't want to believe this was true. The only person he could think of that would kill Andy, would be the killer doll himself. Mike Norris couldn't believe it; even though he knew the horrified truth. Chucky was back . . .