Chapter 2: New Body, New Plan

Glenda's eyes shot open. She began to look around the room. Everything seemed much taller and bigger than she was. Glenda then turned her head to the side and almost screamed at what she saw. Lying beside her was a dead body, but not just any dead body . . . it was her dead body! The body's lifeless blue eyes stared back at hers. Its hair was a tangled, bright red mess. The body was covered in blood, and a small bullet hole was visible on the body's side. Glenda was dead . . . or was she?

Glenda slowly lifted her hands up to her face. Except, it wasn't her hands. These hands were pale and . . . plastic? Glenda slowly sat up and looked down at her new body. Her red hair was hanging neatly over her shoulders in two braided pigtails. She was wearing a pink overall dress, with a long sleeved striped colored shirt underneath. She had on white tights and pink shoes. On the overall dress, written in red were the words, Good Girl. Glenda was a doll.

"Took you long enough. I thought you'd never wake up!"

Glenda jumped at the sound of her father's voice. She had completely forgotten that he was there. She turned her head to face him. Glenda's eyes widened in shock; Instead of Glenda being taller than her father, Chucky was now taller than her.

Glenda shook her head in confusion, "W-what happened?"

"You got shot and you were dying, so I transferred your soul into Kiara's doll," Chucky answered.

Memories then started flooding back. Glenda remembered everything that had happen; the plot for revenge that her father talked her into. Kiara Barclay escaping. Stabbing her mother to death and slitting her twin brother's throat. Watching her father kill Andy's wife. Andy aiming a gun at her father. Jumping in between them. The bullet shooting through her. Then everything had gone black. It all happened so fast, that Glenda almost believed that it was just a dream. But as Glenda looked down at her now plastic body, she knew that it wasn't.

Glenda tried to stand up, but failed miserably as her new legs wobbled underneath her, causing her to fall back down. Chucky groaned as he stuck his hand out towards Glenda, pulling her back up to her feet.

"It'll take a while before you learn how to walk properly in this body," He explained.

Glenda nodded.

Chucky knew he should thank the kid one day, for saving his life. But of course, he wasn't the type of person to do that sort of thing. Besides, he already thanked her. She saved his life, so he had to save hers. And as Glenda smiled up at her father, she knew that this was better than just a simple 'thank you'. He had given her a second chance at life . . . she just hoped that he wouldn't change his mind!

Just then, the sound of police sirens blared from outside the house, causing Chucky and Glenda to jump from the sudden noise.

"Shit!" Chucky growled.

He quickly grabbed the bloody knife that was lying beside him on the floor. He stuffed it into the pocket of his overalls. Then, without warning, Chucky grabbed ahold of Glenda's arm as he practically dragged her behind the staircase, out of sight from the front door.

"Don't move and don't make a sound!" Chucky hissed to his daughter.

Glenda watched as Chucky froze; making himself look like a regular, inanimate doll. Suddenly, the front door burst open. Glenda then froze as policemen and detectives began filling the house. Chucky and Glenda silently watched and listened intensively as the cops investigated the scene:

"Jesus Christ!" the detective exclaimed.

Mike Norris and the other policemen couldn't believe their eyes. Sitting right in front of them was the dead body of Jennifer Tilly. But it wasn't just Jennifer they were staring at. Jennifer and her son, Glen, were tied together, back to back, along with two other corpses that Mike guessed were Andy and his wife. Sprawled on the floor beside Andy's body, was the dead body of Glenda Tilly, Jennifer's daughter.

As the other detectives began taking pictures of the scene, Mike just stood there. After over thirty years of doing his job, Mike had never seen anything like this before.

"Mike? Hey, Mike! You okay?"

Mike blinked as one of the policemen gently shook his shoulder.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm fine. It's just; I can't believe Andy's gone. I've known that kid since he was six years old. Now he's sitting here dead before my eyes,"

The policeman nodded understandably, "Mike, if you want to leave, you can. We can take it from here."

Mike shook his head, "No, I'll be alright."

"You sure?"

Mike nodded.

Chucky couldn't believe it. Standing right in front of him was detective Mike Norris; the same guy that gunned him down years ago. Chucky shuddered at the memory. If Chucky hadn't of transferred his soul into the Good Guy doll, he'd be dead right now. Chucky clenched his teeth in anger. He had sworn that he'd kill Mike for what he did to him, but he never had the chance . . . until now!

I'm still gonna get you, you son of a bitch! Chucky thought, Just you wait. I'm gonna get you, no matter what!

Chucky's thoughts were soon interrupted by what he heard next:

"So, who was it that called this in?" Mike asked the officer standing beside him.

"It was one of Andy's relatives. His foster sister, Kyle, I believe. Apparently Andy's daughter ran away to her aunt's house and told her what happened," The cop answered.

"Well, let's get this place cleaned up. I'll go stop by her house on the way back. Maybe the daughter will have some answers about what happened here," Mike said.

The policeman nodded as he walked over to the other detectives and officers, who were still busy taking pictures and searching for evidence. "Alright guys, let's get this wrapped up, shall we?"

Little did the officers know that killers were standing right there, watching them with their piercing blue eyes. An evil grin slowly spread across both of the dolls plastic face. Their new plan for revenge was now in motion. . .