This story is dedicated to LegnaResoleon for being my inspiration to start Fan Fictions.


September 2, 2199

Hazama pulled an insanely sick prank on me today. I was just heading to the NOL branch, ready to rip his face off. Once I get there, everyone stares at my pants. I look down and there's this liquid flowing down them. Then they fall off! There's an awkward silence, and then those NOL jerks start laughing at me, pointing, and texting their friends about it. I'm surprised that texting still exists! Its so 187 years ago. Really, I did the math. I dash home with my pants in hand, once I get to my apartment, I inspect them. It seems like pee, but when I smell and feel it, it turns out I didn't crap my pants.

After microscopic observation, I figure out its oil, not pee. Did you really think I own a microscope? Of course not! It's identical to the red devil's blood. I notice that there's a clip thing attached to my pants with a not that says:

You just got trolololoooooollolololed!


WTF?! I thought that he was busy with phenomena and all that crap. Rachel just suddenly busts herself out of thin air and says, "Oh really Ragna? I thought you were too old to have such incidents occur." I'm so gonna kill that bunny-leech! She's in my room now, watching a thousand ways to die. I'm surprised that exists too. I didn't know Rabbit watches TV. I'm writing this on the toilet right now. Okay, it's not what you think! I'm just in the bathroom so that godforsaken vampire doesn't read this journal. Whatever, I am gonna get even Hazama!

-_- Ragna the Bloodegde