Squeal to "You're All I Have" and is set after the Avengers so if you haven't seen that movie well you've been warned for spoilers! Enjoy and let me know what you think! I'm trying a new angle per say and your input will help!

You would think after saving the world together, six people would be able to get along with each other.

Not really the case.

"I'm not doing this anymore! I'm done!"

"Come on Capsicle!"

"You are the most infuriating person I have ever met and the thought of spending four more days with you makes me want to…."

"What? Throw your spandex on and pose for photos?"


"See Caps you are going to unless the green giant soon."

"Alright! Both of you shut up!"

About a month after the disaster in New York the Avengers were called to the new headquarters located away from civilization for a training exercise and team building. Fury believed it would bring the group closer together and they would be more willing to help next time someone tries taking over the world. He was very much wrong.

The only one not present was Thor. Though an avenger, it is not easy for him to fly under the radar when coming to earth.

Natasha sat with her hands on her head trying to rid the migraine that was building in her head thanks to all the men surrounding her. The problem wasn't Steve, it wasn't Bruce, and it wasn't Clint, and not even Fury this time.

It was Tony. Yes, big shocker. They had been at the training exercise for three days already and he was starting to drive everyone nuts. Tony made it very clear he wasn't coming to this, but then when Fury threatened to lock him in solitary confinement with nothing but the sound of Justin Hammer's voice, he gave in.

"Why must you argue every idea that I come up with?" Steve yelled at Tony. Tony just sat in his chair and stared at him.

"Um, because they are stupid." He simply answered.

And to think what they were fighting about was even stupider than the first fight they had on day one.

Today's fight was about what the construction of the new avengers' headquarters. Fury tasked them with simple normal people problems, but the mistake was he gave it to not normal people. They were also people with very different tastes. This headquarters is where future meetings would be held and each avenger would be given a section for overnight tasks. That way they wouldn't be crammed together like they are now. The only thing they were given was the location of the new headquarters. It was to be in Dallas, Texas.

"Tony, having a giant building in the middle of Dallas is not flying under the radar!" Clint argued. Tony sat up in his chair and looked at Clint.

"Did I say, let's put a giant sign on the building saying "Avengers"? No! Having a tower would give each of us a level. Me on the top because of my suit and then the rest of you below."

"Wait wait…" Steve said and held a hand up. "Why would you get the top if we had a tower? If anything Thor should have the top!"

Tony scratched his goatee and shook his head.

"Nah, my ideas I get first pick."

"We aren't doing a tower!" Clint yelled. Tony stood up and put his hands on the table.

"Well going underground is not going to work either!"

Natasha sighed and stood up. She walked out of the room to leave the men to their quarrels. This fighting needed to end. She liked Steve's original idea of a warehouse type design and cover it up as a manufacturing company, but of course Tony didn't like the idea of being locked up in a "manufacturing" building. Natasha knew it must not be the reason why. Tony's mind operated in many ways and when he is in a bad mood it doesn't function… quite right. She didn't see what the big deal was about staying here a week, but apparently he was very against it. Natasha suspects his anger for that is coming out today during this project.

Natasha knew they need to bring in the big guns on this one if they wanted to make it through this week.

"You want to what?"

"Sir, it is the only way things will go smoothly the rest of the week." Natasha argued to Fury as they walked down the corridors of the headquarters.

"No, no, no, first off it is a breach in security and Maria wouldn't like that. Second of all, I'll just threaten him again." Fury answered back. Natasha shook her head.

"That won't do any good but get him in a worse mood. And security wise, she already knows about the avengers."

Fury's head snapped around and he had a frown.

"Excuse me? Do rules mean nothing in this whole thing? Or the fact that I'm the boss and when I say no it means no."

"Tony Stark doesn't follow rules. He views them more as guidelines. Of course he will tell her everything and I'm beginning to get the impression you already know that." Natasha said and crossed her arms. Fury just sighed.

"Think it will work?" he asked. Natasha nodded.

"Anything to get them to stop fighting over a building design for goodness sakes! They've had way better arguments than that."

Fury took a minute to think things through before nodding.

"Fine, for the good of the team, I'll agree."

Natasha nodded and pulled out her phone and hit the speed dial number for that contact. When she heard the other line pick up she said,

"How the hell do you put up with him?"

Tony sighed and flopped down onto his bed. The room Fury assigned to him was about one third the size of his room at home, it was a queen bed not a king, and the bathroom was the size of a broom closet.

It wasn't really the size of the room that mattered to him. It was when he rolled over at night to any empty side.

It wasn't really fair to him. Of course, Tony thought a lot of things weren't fair to him. However this situation was different.

Stark Industries was working on a brand of car, designed by Tony himself, and so attention was needed there. His future in laws was supposed to be flying out to Stark Tower next week.

But that wasn't what he saw unfair.

What was unfair was he was told recently another Stark would be entering this world in seven months and before he has time to celebrate he is snatched away by SHIELD.

That was what was unfair.

Tony picked up his pillow and threw it at the wall. Was it karma doing this to him? He sighed and then threw his other pillow at the wall.

He didn't really care about the building design. He could care less really.

What he cared about was the woman thousands of miles away.

He missed his Pepper Potts… and their wonderful creation that she was carrying inside of her.