CHARACTERS: implied Four/Sarah, Amy


SUMMARY: Amy Pond has a chat with Sarah Jane Smith

Amelia "Amy" Pond found herself standing in the kitchen of 13 Bannerman Road chatting with former companion of the Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith. Amy watched as the older woman moved around the kitchen making tea. 'And you know what gets me,' Amy continued. 'He put us in a room with bunk beds. I mean, we just got married and all he could say was "Bunk beds are cool." Always reminds me that he's not human. I mean, bunk beds, really.' Amy realised that Sarah stopped moving and seemed lost in thought. 'Sarah Jane, what's wrong?'

Amy's calling her by name brought Sarah out of her reverie. She turned around to face the younger woman. 'You know Amy, there's nothing wrong with bunk beds.'

'For newlyweds?'

Sarah gave her a knowing smile. 'Close proximity.'

'Yea, but—' Amy realised what Sarah was implying. 'Oh.' She smiled. 'Are you serious?'

Sarah handed Amy a steaming mug of tea and continued to grin. 'Bunk beds are cool.'