Who Are You?

By: Unknownred

Summary: Two years later, Wendy is brought to a strange island with no transportation except to fly home. She doesn't remember anything and is struck by embraces and excitement by a boy name Peter. What happens when Peter finds out that Wendy doesn't remember him or the fact that she doesn't know him? Peter Pan (2003) I do not own except my OCC!

Inside Summary: An accident occurs two years later, Wendy is diagnosed with amnesia so she doesn't remember what had happened the day before Peter Pan had taken her back home along with her brothers and the Lost Boys. In fact, ever so often… she is losing sight of Peter each day, only one thing could possibly help her remember. What will happen when Peter takes her back to Neverland? How will he deal with Wendy not remembering him at all?

P.S. – There will be a (Line interception) for next POV's or scenes. Please excuse this, the three dashes for line interceptions itself did not work.

Ever since that day, a blur memory drawls across my mind about the men whom came for my father and took him away for being "delusional" after saying he did believe in fairies a month before. It haunted me for many days and nights. The mere thought had rained down and just thinking about it made me want to scream.

Not only is my family breaking apart, Michael is a delinquent (believe it or not) and John had ran away from home a year ago because he couldn't take being the head of the household alone— despite that father was taken away and that we have five adopted brothers in tow. Mother has been working late lately, leaving early in the morning for work, visiting father whenever he is permitted to having visitors, taking a leave from stress and having Aunt Millicent come and babysit us until she comes back.

Why is this happening? What did I do to deserve this? I couldn't help much, very often because all my brothers wouldn't let me… saying I'm a girl and that I'm not very strong to handle such things, that I should leave this kind of stuff to them. WHAT! How can they say something so rude and impolite! Yes, I find it relaxing sometimes but…BUT that doesn't mean I can't help a little.

I looked down from the top step of the stair case as my brothers chased each other downstairs, Nibs in charge— ordering them about, to get ready to do some chores before Mother returns. Sniffling, I felt a soft nudge to the back of my shoulder and turned to my head to the comfort of our household dog, Nana. Mother told me she has been in our care even before I came into this world.

"Oh Nana, if life is like this… what is it like in the future?"

Nana whined and placed her nose on my shoulder, giving a little lick to my cheek. I furrowed my eye brows in worry and gave a soft pat on her head. Glancing back down stairs, I sighed sadly. "What happened to adventure?"

(Line interception)

Evening came by pretty fast; Mother has returned home, exhausted and looking ever so ill. Being prepared, the twins come through, holding Mother by the hand and helping her to the couch in the living room. Curly, on top of that, rushed through with a deep bowl filled with water and a washcloth. He knelt down and pressed the wet cloth to mother's temple, patting it softly.

"Are you cold, mother?" Nibs asked; worry turned his face pale. He stood on the side of the couch, wanting to do something to help.

She gave a weak smile and closed her eyes a bit, "No, thank you."

"Mother, you must rest, you had a long day." Curly announced, plopping a pillow next to her head, and smoothed the wrinkles out before gently letting mother's head fall upon the pillow.

Standing length's off, in the hall way where I won't disturb the boys and mother, I set off outside, hoping nothing else would ruin this matter. Closing the door softly with a click, I turned around and took off down the small steps and skipped over to the gate and walked right past it.

"I should have taken Nana with me, but who's to say it takes one to have an adventure!" I spoke aloud but it wasn't as if I wasn't alone… which is a good thing— or else some people or neighbors would think I'm delusional as well. Walking down the path I usually take with my brothers to school, remembering how they crowded me from the streets, protecting me from vile creatures, say squirrels, large dogs, a bird… for some reason Tootles had always been very protective of me when it came to birds… I never asked him, he'd probably be offended, but that doesn't stop me from pondering on it too much.

There's not much to do in London, ever since I got back from vacation in New Orleans last Winter, I found out that John had left, not having the decency to leave a note or at least telling the reason why he left… I just figured by how much he hated being the only eldest in the family— despite our half brothers, he was to become the mature one and yet, everyone had heard him complain of how low and incompetent we all were and it was just too much to handle. So that left us without doubt, he just had enough.

"But he's only a boy…" I muttered, slowing my walk to a pace. Sighing, I looked up and what caught my eye made me gasp. A boy! His face, his name I can't remember and yet it felt so familiar. It made me fearsome and yet, angry at the same time, "You."

"Why, Wendy Darling, ever so nice to see you some days." He smiled, a mischievous glint in his eye, as he tipped forward, his head bowing in respect.


"Why, you should get out from this freezing cold and head home…" He looked worried but soon enough, a smirk planted his face, "Or do I need to run an errand to the post of your home? Again?"

My eyes widened at the dried memory, flashing pieces of running after a blur figure riding a bike and a big tower where my voice echoed, screaming for him to stop. "It wouldn't be like this if you'd just have stopped."

"Oh, but what's the fun in that?"

I swallowed and took a step forward, "It's not fun, to tell you the truth. I'm sure you would do the same thing if I were to tell your parents of the terrible things you say to tease girls, say—"

At that moment, everything had stopped midway and it felt like no one was watching us, nor any buggies on the streets, no sign of life— just me and this boy I once knew a long time ago…

Pulling heed, he gripped my forearm and wrenched me from my spot, dragging me with half a step to a more secluded, private place to talk. The dumpster, where the heater breaks out into a loud noise, defeating any whispers being told in the dark.

"Ow!" I yanked my arm out of his and glared up at him, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Play, I say." He spoke, his eyes narrow with serious intent. He grinned and stepped forward as I stepped back, not wanting him to get too close. He already broke my comfort zone.

"Oh Wendy, this is scandalous, don't you think?" He whispered with a ring to his voice, deep and almost charming but it didn't convince me nonetheless. It only made me feel disturbed and very uncomfortable as I looked for a way to escape. "W-what!"

"Not like you have any troubles going on, despite your father being delusional and your dear mother smothering you and your brothers with the good life while she works day and night, going from one job to the other. Oh happy you, having nothing to worry about, bet it does feel glad when you can't remember… a thin—"

"Stop it!" I said aloud, pushing him away, only making him take a step back. "Take it back; don't say such cruel words about my parents!"

"What's worst, then? That I know more to it than you know, say, why John ran away?" He wondered aloud, adding a baleful chuckle.

I inhaled, breathing along his words and letting them sink into the pit of my stomach where it flipped into an unsettling state. "W-what do you know?"

"Oh my dear, dear Wendy… didn't you know?"

"Tell me what you know!" I said a little louder, my voice almost cracking. Even though I didn't want to hear what he had to say, I wanted to know what happened to John.

"You killed him."

I stopped, my eyes widening as my breath caught in my throat. His words, almost sounding true made me think of the incident of when I woke up in the hospital bed. White walls and machines hooked up to my body; a nurse ringing up for my mother and father to come in, signaling I was awake.

Suddenly, I felt wet droplets of tears slide down my cheeks. No, it's not true. I swallowed, quite difficulty. "You're… lying."

"Of course… you wouldn't believe me." He whispered, quite harshly, stepping forward once again and bringing down a hand and clenching my shoulder quite roughly, I almost winced. "No Wendy, it's quite true."

I shook my head, almost feverishly as I tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. He just kept getting closer and closer, closing in the little space I had left. The only thing spaced enough was our heads. "I… I! I don't believe you!"

He locked eyes with mine. Frightened eyes held with a fierce sensation, this is the moment, the right timing to have Nana along, to protect me from an intruder, but I was stupid enough to leave my guard down. He leant down, his lips brushing my cheek as he whispered deeply into my ear, his breath sending shivers down my back, "Suit yourself… not everyone can be like Peter."

I furrowed my brow at the name. Was I supposed to believe him? A messenger boy who knew nothing about my family, who only teased girls out of fun, who wants nothing more but to destroy a girl's childhood with horrid memories? No… I need help, I need to get out of here; I need to call out for help!

His hand snaked down to my waist, bringing his hips adjoined to mine. My eyes widened. This is indeed scandalous, and at such a young age! I opened my mouth but nothing came out but a little shriek.

"Where are your brothers when you need them?" He laughed, "Can't protect you everywhere you go, huh?"

I felt my fingertips tremble as my face contorted in fear, "What…are you—?"

"Those silly names, your brothers have, ha! A circus or riot they shall be!" He laughed and lay his other hand under my chin, "No worries, I've seen enough to know what my extent is."

Angry by those words, I struggled to push him off me. This situation was too much and even after my tears had dried; more was springing from my eyes. "Unhand me you fiend!"

"Oh!" He paused, grabbing both my hands and blocking them from hitting his chest, "I forgot about your youngest brother."

"The twins?"

"No, Michael! The delinquent of the family!" He snarled, "That traitor, I must say."

Bewilderment filled my vision, I could feel the rush of blood creep up my cheeks, "What do you mean, traitor?"

He licked his lips and stared hard behind me before closing range with my own eyes. I envisioned someone, anyone coming to my rescue… but as he got closer, his hands holding me in place and his lips locking a peck to my cheek, so close to my hidden kiss— Aunt Millicent reminded me so many times how important it was, I couldn't think of what to do but stand there, frozen.

"Thinks he can be like… Peter."


He didn't say anything and clenched his grip on my hands tightly as he glared menacingly at me. His face, half shadowed amongst the roof tops, almost reminded me of someone I once knew; whose face terrifies youngsters, whose words drives them on the edge. He let go of my left hand and raised his hand, signaling he was going to do something horrid, something I really don't want to know about. "Peter who?"

He didn't answer me right away for I had pushed my free hand against his shoulder as he swung a bit backwards before coming back to composure and with a surprise expression, darkened. I swallowed and yelped as he pulled me towards him, jerking my feet upright so I landed into his arms.

That's when I screamed, loud and clear. I kicked and swung my free hand, knocking his balance off and then I took off, picking up my skirts and ran from the dumpsters without looking back but not before hearing a scuffed remark of Pan and into the clear light of the town. Running past the shops and down the road to the entryway of the park, I ran to the trees and hid behind one.

Taking a little breather, I silently peered around the corner, hoping to see no one has followed me, not that awful, horrid boy— then I felt a hand land on my shoulder. I made a loud shriek and jerked back, not before hitting the person with my elbow and knocking him down to the ground.

"Wendy! Wendy!" The voice yelled, standing up and running to my side.

With wide eyes, I was shocked to see this boy calling me so familiarly. I paused from when I was about to run and stared at the boy. He had an oval face, very handsome features; his eyes are cerulean as he locked his gaze with mine. My eyes traveled up to his dirty blonde hair that stuck out in some places but that only made him look beautifully charming. The way he called out my name sounded a bit husky but I found it very…cute. Looking down, I was a bit confused to why the boy was wearing… leaves as clothes and not regular clothes as others would. Do his parents not know what he's wearing?

I watched as he came closer, his arms reaching for me. I stepped back, not that I was scared— just a bit shaken up. "Are you okay, Wendy?" he asked as he stood there with his eyes furrowed in worry. I didn't say anything as I stared at him with suspicion. Why? "Who… are you?"

(Line interception)

The moment of worry ended with a gasp and an open mouthed, devastated boy who stood there in front of me. He stammered, almost as if he was afraid, "W-what?"

I didn't break contact and told him that I didn't know him but, "How did you know my name?"

Then as if bipolar, he laughed aloud. He had a very nice tune to his laugh; it felt a bit refreshing, "You're just messing with me; I know you haven't seen me in a year… or two (so says John) and I'm sure I deserved that right nook to the chest with your elbow… but Wendy… I'm here, still."

I didn't say anything to this. What's this? I've met this boy before and yet, I don't remember at all of our first greeting? Should I play it off or should I just tell him the truth? What would Mother say if I did tell a white lie?

"I have never met you before, this is the first time I've ever seen your face." I spat, but not before realizing I did so and felt guilty afterwards.

He had a hurt expression and it almost looked like he was going to cry as he tried to search my eyes to see if I was only teasing him even though I'm serious. "Wendy? You really don't remember… me?"

I took a moment to think about it then shook my head. I kind of felt bad for not knowing this boy. He really did seem like a nice fellow. "What's your name?"

He didn't waste a second to answer, "Peter! Pan."

Not everyone can be like… Peter. I lowered my eyes and thought hard on it. Was this who he was talking about? Is this Peter known throughout the whole town? How come I've never heard of him? How come no one ever tells me these things? No one ever tells me anything ever since—!

"Wendy! You're crying, are you hurt?" Peter ran forward, taking me by the shoulders and examining me from head to toe.

I shook my head and before I could stop myself, blurted, "John…"

"Oh, John!" Peter broke into a grin. I looked at him in confusion, tears springing and running down my cheeks, "You… know John?"

He nodded and grinned widely, "I can take you to him!"

Oh no! He's taking me to John's grave! I gave him a disbelief look, as if I've been slapped. If I really did kill John then how come no one has told me where he was buried? But something inside me tells me he's still alive… I parted my lips, "Where is he then?"

"Oh Wendy, don't you know? He's in Neverland! He's been there with me since last year." Peter announced, his eyes sparkled with joy. He lent his hand out and took a step back. "I'll take you there, Wendy…"

I licked my lips and reached up to wipe my tears away with the sleeve of my dress. I sniffled and gave him one more suspicious look before taking his hand with caution. "O-okay."

"Tink." He turned his head and whispered to the quiet park.

"Excuse me, who—?" I wasn't able to finish my question instead I was caught off guard by a shimmering glow flying to my face. In clear vision, looking closely, I see a small face with a tongue sticking out connected to a small body floating in thin air. "A firefly…?"

The firefly began to buzz around; it's voice, squeaky and upset.

"Tink is my fairy."

"Fairy?" I questioned, remembering how my father said he believed in fairies and look where he ended up, locked away, delusional. What if someone finds out or hear me if I was to say I believed in fairies too? But before I could part my lips or say anything, Peter rushed to my side and clapped a hand over my lips and whispered harshly, "Don't say that!"

I raised a brow. What is this boy, mad? How did he know what I was going to say? I didn't even get to say it aloud! He's acting weird, such a child even though he looks about my age, maybe even older.

"Whenever someone says "that", a fairy drops down…dead." Peter huffs and looks at me with deep concern. Tink, the "fairy" slowly sits on Peter's shoulder with a sad look on her face. "Tink already died once, I'm never letting that happen again."

She died? That's not possible, once a firefly's light goes out, there's no returning to life. I do believe in fairies! I do! I do! My eyes flickered back into focus— a memory that I once knew of had shot through my veins. I think Tink knew something was up and started buzzing around us.

"Wendy?" Peter used his husky voice again and watched me as I turned my attention back to him. "I'm going to make you remember." Tink buzzed, flying into Peter's face, her hands shot outwards, waving urgently. "I mean… me. Remember me." He added.

"How?" I wasn't sure how he was going to do that, but mother said to me that sometimes it's best not to remember what you already lost of.

He slowly grinned as he glanced down and back up, giving me a gesture with the tilt of his head. Unsure to what he was referring to, I lowered my eyes to our feet and what I saw made me gasp and yank him towards me. We were floating in mid air! I felt his hands wrap around my waist, "We're going to start over."

"You canfly?" I demanded, letting go and took a moment to stare below; my eyes widen in fear. Something wasn't right, it felt wrong like a part of me knew something and yet I don't know what of. Doubt clouded my thoughts as I started to deflate, and the ground was much closer. I gasp.

Think happy thoughts. "Just think happy thoughts!" Peter said quickly.

Mermaids! Indians! Pirates! A voice whispered in my mind although I'm pretty sure it wasn't my own. It could probably be a memory that appears sometimes through daze moments like these and happen to disappear once thought upon. I hovered over Peter whom was below me, his arms spread widely, I'm guessing— in case I fall. "T-this! How are we flying?"

Tink buzzed forward, kicking flicks of her light in my face. I shook my head, readied to sneeze but it didn't come and I shot a glare at her. Stupid firefly, I thought. She just flew away, her head high in triumph as Peter laughed.


"Wendy Darling," A voice I recognized too quickly came through the trees, "Come out; I know you're there."

I held my breath as Peter became alert to the voice. Tink hid among the high branches of the trees as she peeked out from above. Not to seem suspicious, I quickly pushed Peter to the tree and flew the opposite way. Peter whispered my name but as I was about to turn, my skirt got caught on a branch and pulled me down, where it broke and I started to fall to the ground.

Coming down on another branch, it scraped the side of my arm and I shrieked as I pummeled to the earth. As I was catching my breath, the messenger boy from earlier marched forward, and stood above me, shooting a victorious look.

"Wendy, Wendy, Wendy." He laughed hoarsely, "You shouldn't have run from Prince Charming."

Wincing from the fall, I stood up and brushed my skirts from the dirt and twigs. I glared at him, hard, "I wasn't running from Prince Charming! I was escaping from the horrid lord of He—"

"Mind you to bite your tongue," He spat with a dangerous tone, "I know a few connections that could rid your father forever."

Gritting my teeth before I could speak, I shook my head at him, "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh wouldn't I?" He spoke up, a hint of amusement spared. He grinned evilly and stepped closer to me, clapping his hand under my chin and pinching my cheeks together, "Listen well and listen good…"

My eyes widen as his threat came full force. I couldn't look at him anymore and averted my gaze behind him as he spoke out each one of my brother's name, trailing after my parents and aunt's as well. I could feel my face pale and my eyes burning as I tried to keep the tears from falling. This isn't right, I keep telling myself. Wendy, just scream, let it all out, the frustrations, the hurt— you can't keep bottling it all in! I can't even remember what happened before the accident. No one will tell me!

Throwing me to the ground, I let out a yelp as the boy had enough of talk and knelt on one knee, "We will meet again, Wendy Darling."

I watched him go, not wasting how hard it was to swallow. Feeling my lip start to tremble, and my eyes became blurry; the first tear fell and slid down my cheek. Suddenly out of no where, Peter appeared, kneeling down and wiping my cheek with his thumb. His face was filled with a mix of concern, anger and sadness.

"Wendy?" Peter spoke up, brushing another tear. I gasped. "Are you alright? Who was that boy?"

I jerked back and swiftly turned away, blocking my face from him. "No one!" How embarrassing! I even forgot he was there… watching the whole thing too!

"Wendy?" Peter flew to the other side of me as I turned my face. He flew to the other side, trying to catch my eyes but I only turned away and buried my face in my hands, and cried. "Wendy?"

"Is there a purpose why you're here?" I snapped, tears falling onto my lap. He jumped a little back but came back into composure and took my hands and lifted me in the air once again.

"I came back for you Wendy." He whispered, sounding sincere and kind. He furrowed his brows as his face came closer to mine, "To take you to Neverland where we can start over again… you can have an adventure of a lifetime there… don't you want that?"

I licked my lips; it tasted salty and took a moment for his words to sink into my head then nodded slowly. "Yes, but where is Neverland?"

Peter turned and pointed at the sky that turned out to be a bright blue sky, a couple of stars blinked signaling that night was nearing. I gaped; I didn't even know I was out this late and mother! My brothers would all be worried, wondering where I'm at— what are they thinking right now? "Second to the right and straight on till morning!"

Wiping my face with the sleeve of my dress, I sniffed and turned back to the exit of the park, thinking of my family. Will they be worried if I'm gone? What will things be like if I'm not there? I should be at home, in warmer clothes, taking Nana on small walks, watching my brothers run around doing chores. I miss them already especially Nana, she's the only one at the moment who understands how I feel. She's not just a dog, not just a nanny to us, but a companion who truly cares.

A dim light flew from the trees sprinkling light behind and flew towards me, her hands towards the sky. I gave Tink a sad look of longing. Was I ready to leave home; to leave my hard-working family for a life of fun and adventure? Tomorrow will be the same as usual, a routine will occur. I don't want that. I want something new happening in my life. Neverland sounds like such a good deal. Intrigued by the idea, I turned my head and glanced at Peter and Tink, "Alright… I'm ready."

(Line interception)

We flew through the night of London's tower and neighborhoods. We even flew past my house. I paused and swooped down near my window, catching a glimpse of surprise. Michael was going through my chest of old toys. Giving it a weird thought, I reached back to my locks of hair and pulled out the bow that tied my curls away from my face and dropped it on the banister. Then, with a happy thought of reuniting with John, flew to Peter and Tink as they led me deeper into the skies.

It took forever to get to Neverland, almost the whole morning just as Peter said it would. We had crossed over a magical bound to outer space that also led to a realm that enters Neverland, an island with clear blue skies, clouds that crowded around the bright sun. There were a couple of green volcanoes resting amongst many mountains, and years on of trees trailing everywhere below. The beach was beautiful also, clear-cut blue waves, hitting the shore, washing up shells and sea crabs.

"Where would you like to go to first?" Peter laughed as he purged down above the water and let his hand trail across the surface, setting sprinkles splash against my dress.

John. But before I could say my brother's name, a grand ship caught the corner of my vision and my lip fell as we flew closer to it. "Is this a pirate ship?"

"Aye!" Peter cried out and swooped to the poop and grabbed a red-feathered hat from the steer, "I defeated the captain of this ship! Now this ship is mine!"

I cheeked a smile and landed on the plank and boarded the ship. My eyes flared, keeping a look out of any pirates who dared to come near me but it seemed that we were the only ones on the boat. "Where are the mates?"

"They jumped the plank awhile back!" Peter grinned, flying towards me, "Do you want to know where the treasure is?"

"Treasure?" I asked, surprised. I never seen treasure up close, wouldn't it be grand to even have proof? Oh, I heard stories from my step brothers of it, how treasure is a most important asset to wealthy people. Mother has treasures but she says it's not wealth but my father, how she loves him so. She still does, even though everyone says he's delusional. I think that's what I want someday.

"Yeah, lots and lots of treasure! I'll show you the way—" he flew into the air again and on the side of the ship, waiting for me.

"Peter?" I started on the boat and climbed the bridge, "What happened to the old capt'n?"

"He got eaten by a croc!" Peter chimed, flying towards the upper deck and sat on the rail. "Old, a—"

At the same time, I voiced out a thought that echoed in my mind the whole time he was talking, "Alone and done for."

Peter's eyes immediately dazzled, bringing forth a huge smile with teeth. His face was so handsome at that moment; I forgot that I was even staring at him. "What?"

"Wendy! You remembered!" He laughed as he looked up at Tink, "Tink! She remembered Hook's downfall!"

I averted my gaze between the two as they exchanged their language with each other. Having lost my place, I couldn't help but bring attention back to myself, "Wait! What are you talking about? Hook? You mean 'old, alone, and done for' made him die?"

"Yes, Hook was the capt'n of this ship but I— we defeated him. He couldn't think happy thoughts so he voluntarily dropped into the croc's mouth and was swallowed wholly!" Peter laughed and jumped off the rail, shooting up to the peak of the ship's look-out stand.

I gave out a disgusted expression at the image of Hook's death. I muttered the echoes in my head, "Old… alone… and done for."

"Peter?" I shiver, ridding myself of the story of being eaten alive, "What did Hook look like anyway?"

Peter looked at me nonetheless, thinking aloud, "Uh, let's see… he had a large nose and curly black hair, piercing blue eyes and oh! We can't forget that he has a shiny, sharp hook on his right hand!"

"Hook!" I widened my eyes at the sound of it, "Peter, don't tell me he got his hand eaten off by a croc!"

"That's right, Wendy." Peter nodding solemnly in a mocking way, then he grinned, "But everything's good now! Hook's gone!"

"Oh! How sad, that poor man!" I mumbled to myself but apparently it caught Peter's attention. He gave off a bizarre look of betrayal.

"What do you mean sad and poor man?! Wendy, he's a grown-up! Grownups just don't understand kids!"

This time, it was my turn to give him a bizarre look. What is this boy talking about? Grownups aren't a disease that you can get rid of; you eventually grow up yourself. You can't simply stay young forever, that's just impossible! "You're unbelievable, you know that Peter Pan?"

Peter didn't say anything except grin broadly, letting his dimples show. His eyes were like a razor that struck me back. It was a wonder to think about this boy, such mystery met my expectations. Wait! Why am I'm being distracted by his features when I should be focused that he took my saying to the wrong direction. "I didn't mean it as a compliment."

But it doesn't seem he heard me. I sigh. Whatever.

"Anyway, I thought you said you'd take me to John?" I asked crossing over to the rail and turning it around so my back could lean on it. I stared at the back of Peter's head where he had pulled out his telescope and peered in it, viewing the island's features.

He mumbled something in reply but I didn't quite hear him. I cleared my throat innocently, "What was that Peter? I didn't quite hear you. Say it aloud."

He turned his head and glance up at me, "I said… I don't know where he is."

That, unexpectedly surprised me. What was I supposed to expect when I came here? Gold? My brother? My memories that I lost? I didn't think so. I didn't think I gave away my expression but it seemed that Tink knew better than I do that I couldn't hide away what I was feeling. Everyone knew this, Mother, my brothers, Michael… even the messenger boy. Ugh.

"What do you mean you don't know where he is?" I grounded up my voice and let out a frustrated roar, "You, of all people, told me that you'd take me to him!"

"Wendy, wait! Hear me out!"

"I can't believe I believed you!" I yelled, shooting up from my lean position and growled, marching off down the stairs. Peter took off, flying above me and landed in front me as I met the bottom of the stairs. "How could you lie to me Peter?"

"I didn't lie to you, Wendy!" Peter waved his hand in front of me, gesturing for me to calm down.

"No I will not calm down, Peter!" I shouted, with anger raging inside me. "You are merely a boy; why did I even confide in you?"

"You are wrong, WENDY!" Peter yelled, his voice almost pleading. I stopped my vent and gaped at him. Did he just raise his voice at me? "You're not yet a lady, Wendy." He spoke, more calmly now, "Please listen Wendy; I expected this much from John. Since I last saw you and your brothers, they were young as you were too… but then John came back to Neverland and he was different, he looked different. So if he was different, I supposed you were too."

I didn't say anything. Did I really change that much, even after the accident?

"Wendy, I was pretty shocked that you grew up… a little but I don't want to watch you grow up." He added, and looked away for a moment before looking back at me, "Your brother is here; but he became a lost boy as well, and I don't know where to find him— I must say he has been accustomed to Neverland and knows almost every hiding place there is in the forests and caves, but not all."

I stood there quietly, contemplating this information and letting it sink into my mind. Was this what he was trying to tell me? But all this time, I've been venting up my anger and putting it all on Peter. How cruel can I be? I took a big breath and then looked at Peter in the eye, and exhaled my apologies, "I'm sorry, Peter, I didn't mean to yell at you. …I just, really want to see John again."

Tink, that was stalling somewhere, flew through the air, her bright light beaming behind her until she stopped at Peter's ear, her arms cupped around her mouth. Peter's face changed at that and his eyes darkened as he let Tink's words sink into his head. "Let's go."

Then he ran forward and jumped off the boat, the red-feather hat flying off his head and whisked towards the captain's quarters, and leaving me astounded. It took me a moment to find my voice then I yelled at him to come back and get me. "It'll only take a second, Wendy, I'll be back."

A blind light flew past my face, blowing my hair up. I watched as Tink followed Peter into the sky and disappeared behind a cloud. "PETERRRR!"

But he was already gone and I was left, stranded on this abandoned ship. Great. That's just terrific. I'm guessing he still hasn't learned manners, or to say, how to accompany a girl without boring her. Yes, that's just pleasant isn't it?

It felt almost agonizing just standing there, doing nothing but staring after Peter who left me on this abandoned ship. How come he didn't leave Tink to keep me accompany? That's the least he could do, at least! I growled and walked back and forth, mindlessly, angry at the thought of Peter. How could he do this to me? But the only thing running in my mind at the while was how long I have to stay here, waiting for him to come get me when I could be busying myself. Explore.

The word remained in my mind as I backed up, and walked off to the quarters below. Swinging open the doors and walking down the small, steep stairs, I had to crouch for the small ceiling that came into view. Looking around, it wasn't much— just barrels of hidden gun powder and wooden beddings that sat on the side of the furthest walls. Blankets and abandoned guns were strewn across the floor and cannon balls were set afar from the cannons. Walking forward, a rat jumped across my foot, squeaking, making me shriek in surprise. I shivered. This place must be covered by disgusting creatures. I walked further in, hoping to find something that would catch my interest or curiosity but instead has made me bored. Turning around, the boat suddenly started to rock slowly then roughly; I climbed back upstairs with caution, feeling a cold chill run down my back. I turned my head to glance back and found no one behind me. But then why was I getting this feeling?

Outside, the weather had turned from bright to cloudy, a brisk wind made its way over me, pulling me forward. I clung to the nearest pole and watched as the weather started to worsen. Another wind past by, pushing my hair past my face; I glanced up and saw a door open that wasn't opened before… I think. That must be the captain's quarters! I made up my mind and began my way over to the cabin. As I up the celled floor, it creaked and my last sight was my hair flying up and a red-feathered hat flashing from the doorway. "AHHH!"


(Line interception)

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