The man laid on the cot, waiting for the heat that had seared through his body for finally kill him. The constant unbearable heat and pain had muddled his brain. How long had he been laying there? Where was he? What was his name? The answers danced behind his eye, just out of reach. Two large ghost-like creatures stared at him with big vacant black holes for eyes. It didn't bother him though, all they ever did was watch. One held a clipboard and took notes, while the other just stared at him.

The heat began to clear and the pain subsided... What was this? Not an ordinary flu or virus, that's for sure. As his head cleared he began to remember. His name was...was... Oh, what did it matter? He looked up at one of the men wearing white lab coats imploringly. The mask covered the doctor's face, leaving him a cold and emotionless vessel, uncaring. The doctor took more notes.

The man turned his eyes away from the doctor's that wouldn't help him and stared at the wall. With the pain and heat gone, he finally realized how exhausted he was. He started to drift off, so smooth and peaceful. He remembered. He had volunteered to be a test subject for $10,000 to pay for his wife's cancer treatment. It seemed he was going to survive after all and bring home the money that would save his wife's life.

Then, the pain that had ripped apart his mind and his body for who knew how long, blazed back to life, even stronger than before and the man grabbed his skull and screamed. He screamed until there was no life left in him and he collapsed back on the cot, dead.

The doctors murmured to themselves and left the room.

Test #24, Successful.