Saturday Detention

By: Rawr Ashley Rae

Summary: When the Goth, the Church Girl, the Weirdo, the Lesbian, the FTM, the Science Girl, and the Basketball Star all end up in Saturday detention, what happens during the eight-hour detention? How can they leave being better people when almost all of them dislike each other?

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Chapter 1: Detention... What Fun!

Clare couldn't believe this. She just could not believe that she had ended up with Saturday detention! Yes, you could look at someone and just think about how you could see that person in detention; but her? Not at all! Clare continued her walk before meeting up with Adam, her best friend. "Hey Adam! I can't believe that we have to go to school on a Saturday! We could be doing so many better things than sitting at school on a weekend for eight hours!" She moaned and groaned to him.

"Clare, we both have our reasons for getting in trouble and they were both probably good reasons at the time. I know mine was and still is..." He smiled and laughed.

She sighed and said, "My reason is good; I just don't want to go to school on a Saturday! Do you even know who else will be sitting in there with us?"

"Um, yeah, I do know three out of the five. Eli told me that he, Fiona, and Imogen all had received a Saturday detention, too. Though he did tell me that his reason was stupid to receive a Saturday detention, but he still ended up with one..." Adam told her as they walked into the school doors.

Clare sighed again before saying, "Crap! I can't go in there and be in the same room as him the entire time! And you know why!"

He laughed at his best friend. "I know, Clare. You two had kissed before he left for break and you never talked about what it meant. And I also know that you regret not talking to him about the said kiss."

"I shouldn't have taken my stepbrother's advice! Though I am happy about the fact that him and Katie are dating now. I never thought I would say this but I actually like Katie since she started dating him." She told him with a smile upon her face.

They walked into the library, which was where their detention was being held for the day. Once they were in the room, she saw that Eli was already there, along with Imogen and Fiona sitting next to him. "Hey, Eli! Fiona, Imogen." Adam said as he and Clare went to the back to sit down. The other three said "hello" to him while Clare sighed.

Eli turned around in his seat and looked at her before saying, "Hello Clare. Never thought I see you in detention. You about flipped out last year when we had received detention for skipping that one day." Adam laughed along with Eli at the memory. They told him after they all became friends of Clare's first detention ever!

"Um, hello... Yeah... Trust me, I had better things to do, but Principal Simpson said I had to serve today or I would receive another detention!" She sighed again and looked at her hands.

Eli was about to say something when Dave walked in greeting everyone. "So, how are my favorite people doing today?" He asked no-one in particular as he sat on Adam's right side.

"So far? I only think that Clare is upset that she had to go to school on a Saturday. No one else has complained. Yet." Fiona said as she laid her head down on to the table.

Clare snorted while Adam spoke up, "I'm actually not glad about being here. I could have hung out with my kind-of-girlfriend!" Clare was about to say something when he held his hand up to stop her.

"Hello seven, wait there is only six here? Why is there only six people sitting in here!" Mr. Simpson asked once he walked into the room.

No one spoke up, so when he was about to say something, Alli came running in, and saying, "Sorry! My parents were yelling at me the entire morning about me receiving a detention."

"Alli, just sit down!" Mr. Simpson bellowed. Alli shrunk before sitting right in front of him. "Now as I was about to say, you will have four hours until lunch, an hour for lunch, and three hours after lunch. At noon, I will come back here to take the seven of you to the lunch room, which is where you will eat lunch and then come back here for the rest of your time. Now, there are only three rules that you must follow; rule number one, no talking, rule number two, no leaving the library, and rule number three, no cell phones! I won't take them up because I believe that I can trust you guys with them. So, with that being said, I will be in my office working. See you at noon!" He walked out of the library and towards his office.

With Principal Simpson out of sight, Eli turned around in his chair and asked, "So, Clare... Why are you in detention?" When she didn't say anything, he sighed and took that as an answer to his question. He would have actually been surprised if she had told him why!

"Maybe as the day goes on, everyone would feel okay about telling their reason for being here. Eli, why are you in detention?" Dave suggested and Eli laughed.

He again turned around in his seat, answering Dave's question. "I've skipped some classes to sleep in the theater room... I haven't had as much sleep, as I need because I've fought with Becky over the musical, Romeo & Jules... I was completely surprised that she stayed with the big change... Since the play is about two guys being in love."

The group sits in silence for a few minutes before Clare saw Adam flip out his phone and answer a text message from his "girlfriend". "Adam! Why won't you tell me who you are kind of dating?! I'm one of your best friends and you know that you can tell me anything! Please!" She begged him but he still wouldn't tell her. "Eli, do you know who he is dating? You're a guy... You two probably talk about this!"

"Clare, I didn't even know he had a 'girlfriend', let alone a name for the girl." Eli told her without turning around.

Fiona sighs and turned around, saying, "Adam just tell the girl! Come on Imogen, let's find something to read." The two girls stood up and started walking around the room.

"Clare, you will find out soon. Her parents don't even know my situation; she knows, but is afraid what her parents will think." He tells his best friend that is a girl.

She sighs and looks at him for a moment before speaking, "Okay, as long as she is okay with you being transgender. But you will tell me soon, right?"

"Clare, I'll promise you will know soon! And yes, she's fine with me being transgender. At first she was afraid about what it would mean for her, but then she got over it... After I explained it, of course." Adam said with a laugh and smile.

Soon Alli got bored and stood up and sat on her table facing the others. "Okay, someone please tell your story! With no one talking, this is totally boring!"

"I will!" Imogen chirps as Fiona and her walk back to the group. "So, I got caught making out with someone... It was after school, but still... No PDA in the school." She sat back down by Eli, who had turned towards her.

"Wow! I'm really out of the loop! I didn't know Adam had a 'girlfriend' and I didn't know you were dating someone! Fiona, did you know?" Eli asked the brunette.

Fiona smiled softly and answered, "I did know but I don't know the person's name. Imogen had said she wasn't ready to tell anyone..." Imogen smiled softly at her best friend.

Eli groans and slams his head down into his hands. "So, Eli, it looks like we are in the same boat. Both of our best friends won't tell us who they are dating." Clare says with a laugh and he joined in. The group of seven sits in silence for another ten to twenty minutes before Fiona declares, "We should play a game!"

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