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Chapter Four: "Date" Time

Imogen and Fiona were walking to the roof ten minutes later holding hands. "Can you believe that we finally told Eli? I was almost sure that you wouldn't want to tell him yet... but I'm glad we did." Fiona says with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm totally excited that we finally told people... Well, other than our parents, your brother and Holly J." Imogen says with a smile as they walk up the hidden staircase. "So, I can't wait until we can finally see the roof top! I've heard it could be very romantic; and that two old students here got together on this roof top during a Saturday detention." The girls smiled at each other and propped open the door to the roof before finally walking out on to it. "Wow!"

Fiona nodded her head along with Imogen and said, "Can you believe the view? I'm just..."

"Speechless," Imogen finished for her and Fiona smiled before pulling her towards the edge and sitting down. "So, I think I'm ready to go on our first official date, outside from our homes."

Fiona looked over at her girlfriend before asking, "Really? Like a dinner and a movie?" Imogen nodded her head and Fiona squealed. "Oo, we can go to Little Miss Steaks and go see Playing for Keeps next weekend."

"I like that. So, how is Holly J and your brother?" Imogen asked as she moved closer to Fiona.

With laughter she answers the question. "Um, trying to pretend that they aren't dating again. I mean, hello I don't care! I'm not in love with her anymore mainly because I have someone way better suited for me." Imogen smiles before kissing her nose.

"So, how do you know that they are dating?" She asked.

"Skype... I was talking to Holly J and all of a sudden I hear my brother asking where he placed his shirt. She tried to pretend that he spilled something on it during lunch and they were cleaning it up... but I know that isn't true." Fiona says with a smile. "They really should stop trying to lie to me... I'm too amazing!"

Imogen smiles before leaning over and kissing her cheek. "That you are. That you are." She stands up before walking over to the door. "Now come here, I think we have some time for a little kissing." Fiona smiles before getting up and walking over to her girlfriend.

"Oh, I know we do!" But Imogen didn't have enough time to comment since Fiona lips were already on hers. After two and a half hours of kissing, cuddling and just being in each other's presence, the alarm that they had on Fiona's phone went off. "It's time to get back. We only have twenty minutes left." Imogen nodded before they left the roof and started slowly walking back, sometimes just stopping and kissing each other.

When Alli and Dave made it to the radio broadcasting room, they already had lost fifteen minutes of their time to be together. As soon as they sat down, Dave turned some Jay-Z on before turning back to Alli. "So, why did you start smoking?" She asked him.

"Um... It was after you dumped me during the scare, I just kind of lost my way and bummed a cigarette off of someone... Then I had him buy me a pack but I don't like it and I had already decided to quit before my dad caught me." He answers her.

She looks at him before grabbing his hands. "Dave, don't let yourself do something like that again! You could have gotten addicted to them and you could have gotten lung cancer later down the line! Please, promise me you will throw them away."

"I'll bring them to school Monday and you will personally see me throw them away. Alli, I want you back... Please!" He begs her, tightening the grip he has on her hands.

She smiles and rolls her chair over to him. "Dave, I wanted you to support me! That's all I wanted, you are all I want." He smiles before leaning over to her and kissing her lightly. Pulling back, Dave stands up and pulls her close.

"I think we should dance."

"To this song?" She asked him but he turned away and put I'll Do Anything by Jay-Z on. "Okay..." He pulls her close and they slowly sway. "Do you know that I've missed you so much?"

He smiles and hugs her tightly. "If it's anything like how much I've missed you, then I can take a guess. I still picture you during rehearsals." Alli's smile brightens and she kisses him once more. "I still love you."

"I know and I love you too." She replies and they both lean in for another kiss. "So, do you think Eli and Clare are going to get back together?"

Dave laughs and answers her. "Totally! Did you see how spaced out she was after their kiss? And how she beamed when he asked her to the theater room..."

"Yeah, he almost called it a date... They totally want each other!" She says and he pulls her onto his lap after sitting down. "So..." She looks at her phone and then back into his eyes. "We have an hour and a half before we need to get back..." He doesn't need her to say anything more and leans in to kiss her. The next hour and a half was spent kissing and holding each other before Dave's phone went off and they knew they needed to get back or Principal Simpson would give all of them another detention.

Eli and Clare walked awkwardly to the theater room in a tense silence. They both knew that there was a lot that needed to be said but they just didn't know how to say it. They were almost to the theater room, when they saw Principal Simpson. "Clare, we need to find somewhere to hide now!" She nodded her head before grabbing his hand and pulling him into an empty classroom. They hurry to the teacher's desk before ducking behind it.

"That was close," Clare said as they heard Principal Simpson walk past the door, whistling.

Eli smiled and nodded his head as he helped her up after standing. "I think we can head to the theater room now." Clare laughs and rolls her eyes but follows him out of the room... where the tension was broken.

"So, do you really hate Becky?" Clare asked as they finally walked into the hallway that homed the theater room.

Eli laughs as he opens the door for her before walking in behind her. "I don't really hate her... more of her always happy sunshine personality and shit." Clare rolls her eyes again but sits on the prop where Romeo and Jules die.

"I can't wait for the play to happen... How much longer until you guys are ready?" She asked him as he sat down beside her.

He looks around and thinks for a little bit. "At least another month if not more... Becky had been pushing me on everything until two weeks ago... I'm pretty sure that was when Adam and her got together... Imogen is almost done with the set and Dave and Tristen almost know all of their lines, but are having a problem remembering their lyrics. I really hate musicals!"

"Imogen did an amazing job on the set." Clare smiles and looks over at him. "Do you remember when we had that Romeo and Juliet project?"

"Yeah, I do..." Eli says with a smile and he faces her.

She blushes as a thought flashed in her mind before she decided to ask. "Do you want to maybe... reenact it?" Eli smirks before nodding his head yes. She lays down and pretends to be dead.

"Juliet, I will join you in the afterlife. Death come quickly, so I can be with her ASAP." Eli pretends to drink a bottle of Coke Zero as Clare wakes up.

She sits up and sees Eli "places" the bottle down. "Romeo, you drank the poisonous high-fructose cola beverage. No!" The two stared at each other before slowly leaning in and kissing each other. Instead of finishing their reenactment, they sat there kissing each other like they were actually about to die. Pulling apart, Clare looks at Eli before saying, "We need to talk about some things..." Eli nodded his head and they sat facing each other. "Why didn't you talk to me about the kiss we had before you left for break?"

"Clare... I've tried so many things to bring you back to me. I wrote you a play, which only pushed you farther away from me. What was I supposed to do? I keep taking one step forward, five steps back when you're involved. I needed you to make the first move this time." Eli answers her and she sighs. "Why did you not talk to me when you were leaving the party?"

Clare laughs and then sighs. "Because I actually listened to my stupid step-brother. He said if a guy wants to kiss you, he will... I should have never listened to him, I should have done what my heart wanted me to do... Trust me on this, I've been miserable since that night. I regretted not talking to you." Eli sighs before moving closer to her.

"I need to make sure that you are all in."

Clare smirks before pulling his head closer to her before kissing him. "Eli, I'm all in. I want you and I want to try us again. We have both changed and we both know who we are and I've missed you so much. I've missed you as my best friend and my editor and most of all the guy I was madly in love with." Eli grins before pulling her into another kiss.

"Clare, I know that I could be that guy again, all of them." He says with a smile and they kissed one last time. "So, now that I can call you my girlfriend once again, we can kiss all we want, right?" Eli smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. Clare laughs before nodding her head and pulling him into another kiss.

They continued to kiss for a little bit longer before Clare pulled away. "So... I was thinking that maybe, tomorrow after I get home from church, I could maybe... come over."

"I would like that and I'm pretty sure Bullfrog and CeCe wouldn't mind. They have really missed you." Eli says with a smile on his face.

"Good because I've really missed them as well..." She looked at her phone and sighed. "It's time for the little 'date' to end." Smirking, she pulls him up before kissing him once again. "We need to leave now because I'm going to want to stop every once and a while on the way back to the library to kiss you. I've definitely missed kissing you." She tells him as she pulls him towards the door.

He blushes and says, "You heard that?" Before smirking at her confession and pulling her into another kiss. "Don't worry, I would want to continue kissing me too." He jokes as she rolls her eyes and wrapping his arm around her.

Adam was sitting in the same place he sat in all day, talking to Becky on the phone. "Is your detention almost over?" She asked him.

"Yeah, it is... I'm waiting for everyone to get back before Principal Simpson gets back." He says with a grin, hoping his two best friends get back together.

She sighs and asked, "Who is all there?"

"Um, Fiona, Imogen, Alli, Dave, Eli, and Clare. I'm hoping when Clare and Eli come back in, that they are dating." He tells her with a smile on his face.

"I'm sure you do... Did they ask why you're in detention?" She questioned as she looked for something in her room.

Adam sighs before answering her, "Um, yeah and I hope you aren't mad but they know about us... I kind of lost a bet where I had to tell them my reason for being here."

"Adam, don't worry about it. I'm ready for everyone to know... and we need to tell my parents soon. They keep asking who this Adam guy I keep talking to is... And before my brother tells them about you, we need to and soon." She sighs, knowing that this will most likely destroy their relationship. "I'm not ready for us to end but I'm afraid they will make us..."

He sighs and says, "I don't want this to end either... Maybe we can explain it to them and they will let us continue our relationship."

"I hope... You have no idea how much I hope you are right..." Adam sighs and sees Fiona and Imogen walking in with their hands clasped tightly and bright smiles on their faces. "Adam? You there?"

He smiles at the couple before answering his girlfriend. "Yeah, I am... Fiona and Imogen just walked in and we are now waiting for Alli, Dave, Clare and Eli to come back."

"Well, I hope they don't get you in trouble because I want to spend next Saturday with you." She says with a smile.

Adam smiles too and says, "I would love that! Would you mind – if Eli and Clare get back together – that we go on a double date? I know you and Eli don't like each other much..."

"Adam, for you, I would hang with him for one night... if it would mean the world to you. Also, I would have Clare to keep me sane, and if Clare Edwards could like him, then he can't be too bad, right?" She asks as Dave and Alli walked in with their hands clasped together.

Adam laughs and says, "He really isn't... You two just got off on the wrong foot." She rolls her eyes even though he can't see her. Just then Eli and Clare come walking in kissing each other. Considering they weren't watching where they were going, they ran into a bookshelf. "Oh my god!" Adam says laughing as the other four did as well.

"What?" Becky asked on the other end of the line.

Adam looks away from his blushing best friends and then started telling his girlfriend what happened. "Oh nothing much... other than the fact that we found out that Eli and Clare are back together when they came in here kissing before running into a bookshelf." She laughs along with him and they say goodbye.

"Hey, Clare... You are the only one who hasn't told us why you are in detention." Imogen says with a smile.

Clare sighs before holding onto Eli's hand tightly. "I guess I should... Okay, um... I broke Mike Dallas' nose because he tried kissing me... and I'm also here because of my article in the newspaper... Where I talked about how Dallas and Luke ruined the school's garden and how the hockey team were drinking on campus."

"Wow, my girlfriend is awesome!" Eli says with a smirk before leaning over to kiss her once again.

Adam looked at his two best friends before groaning. "Guys, this will be how we will be seeing Eli and Clare for the next week or so." The others laughed and they all sat in silence.

"You know what... we really all need to hang out again..." Alli says as she cuddled closer to Dave.

Eli pulls away from Clare's lips and says, "Totally."

"Yeah, we could have a couple's night or something... But after Eli and I have our re-first date." Clare says with a smile.

"And after our re-first date." Alli says before kissing Dave.

Fiona and Imogen looked up from the book they pulled out earlier. "And we were going to go on a date that wasn't in either of our houses next weekend."

"And Becky and I are telling her parents about us this week... so we might not be together anymore..." Adam ends.

Eli looked at his best guy friend before saying, "Don't let them break you guys up. I mean, like you two care about each other and then hell, sneak around if they won't let you. I don't want my best friend, who finally has a real relationship, to get heartbroken."

"Thanks dude, and Becky will be really happy that you approve of our relationship." The two guys smile and then Principal Simpson walks in.

"Hello students, you can go and I don't have any reason to give you guys another detention and don't give me one." Principal Simpson says and the gang of seven leaves the library and then the school. They all go their own way after saying goodbye and giving hugs and the couples giving kisses to their significant other.

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