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Mike and Harvey had finally decided, they were going to adopt a baby. Well they wanted a baby, but at this point they were more than happy to get a toddler or a child or an adolescent, hell they would take a teenager at this point. They just wanted to complete their little family, and even though Harvey was the best damn closer in the city money couldn't buy him the child that Mike and Him desperately craved. It was finally the day where they would get to meet the children that they were getting to choose from.

"Can you believe it, Harvey?! We're going to be daddies!" Mike exclaimed skipping down the sidewalk, Harvey smiled at him and nodded enthusiastically. The people around them on the sidewalk gave them a strange look though the team of "daddies" couldn't even be bothered. They were just too damned happy. They arrived at Smiles Adoption Agency to meet with their case worked Emma. They saw the frazzled red head scurrying around the office a cup of coffee in one hand and a gigantic binder in the other . "Emma?" Mike questioned giggling lightly when the red head turned around smiling happily, her buttons were not button correctly and missed by one.

"Boys!" She exclaimed dropping her coffee on the floor when she flailed her arms. "Oh shucks!" She whined not even bothering to pick it up she headed toward the gentlemen.

"Busy morning?" Harvey asked, when she finally reached them.

"Yes, a little boy was put into the system this morning and I had to place him. His biological parents were less than impressive." She growled, Harvey felt bad for case workers, for all the stuff they had to see, it must have been true torture. "But he's a brilliant little boy, complete and total sweetheart, he will win the hearts of some couple." She smiled, and Mike and Harvey smiled along, but Emma was always so loving towards these children it was just rather adorable. "Well shall we go meet your suitors?" Emma smiled happily at the couple.

"God yes!" Mike exclaimed, "We're finally going to be taking a little one home!" Harvey smiled and kissed Mike on the temple.

"Yes we are ready lets go." Harvey wrapped his arm around Mike's waist and they went out to Emma's car, filing in they made their way to the orphanage.

When they finally pulled up in front of the building Mike was vibrating with excitement, "Oh my god Harvey! OH MY GOD!" He was bouncing in his seat and Harvey honestly thought it was adorable.

"Ready to go in?!" Emma exclaimed, just as excited as Mike.

"I believe we are. " Harvey said smiling. They exited the vehicle and made their way up the concrete stairway, the giant wooden doors were then knocked on, and the couple were allowed in.

"Hello Emma." The man at the door smiled, Emma beamed back at the man.

"Hello Brier, this is Harvey and Mike, the couple I was telling you would be coming by today to look at the kids." Emma introduced them ushering them forward to shake hands with the older man.

"Ah! Yes! Well come this way these kids are dying to meet you I am sure." They started making their way through the labyrinth of halls. They finally stopped at a door, that was see through, the room was brightly colored and full with children of all sorts and different ages , also full with an assortment of toys, "Okay Gentlemen, we will wait out here and you can go in and sit on those benches in the corner. Obviously we can see you though I know you won't do anything so in you go." Harvey and Mike were practically pushed through the door, the kids didn't even seem to notice, so Harvey and Mike made their way over the bench by the wall that they were told to sit at. Sitting down they just waited.

Mike and Harvey were starting to get nervous, what if none of these kids came to talk to them, the worry ceased to exist when a tiny little hand grabbed onto Harvey's suit pants, the couple looked down to a little boy with beautiful hazel eyes, black curly hair, and slightly tanned skin. He smiled at them with his few toothed grin.

"I Bwaine." He said pointing at his chest which was adorned with a t-rex, He pointed back at Harvey. "oo?"

Harvey's heart melted, "I'm Harvey and this is Mike." He said pointing to his husband, who was smiling at the little boy.

"Hi!" He giggled, "Wan pway? I gots rex!" He said shoving a brightly colored t-rex into Harvey's lap. "He Weo!" Blaine screamed, pointing at the rainbow dinosaur. Blaine started to climb into Harvey's lap after the t-rex, he was struggling so Harvey lifted him up and placed him into his lap facing Mike. Blaine beamed at him. "Fank oo!" He giggled.

"You're welcome, Buddy." Harvey smiled, but Blaine's fell slightly.

"No bueey, Bwaine." He said pointing at his chest again. Mike cracked up at the serious look Blaine was giving Harvey. Harvey just looked back at the little child realizing then that this was going to be his son.

"Well I apologize, Blaine. Do you remember what my name is?" Blaine smiled back.

"oo Harwey he ike!" Blaine said pointing over at Mike, smiling at him, then he looked back at Harvey, "He pwetty." He said to Harvey. Harvey's mouth dropped open, was Blaine really telling him that Mike was pretty?

"I would have to agree with you Blaine. I find him rather beautiful myself." Blaine smiled widely.

"Weo finks oo pwetty oo." Blaine said picking up the t-rex and shoving it in Harvey's face. Mike laughed at the interaction. Blaine looked over at him giggling loudly.

"Can you tell me what Leo sounds like?" Mike asked the one year old, poking him in the belly.

"He go RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRR!" Blaine screamed, then looked at Mike for approval. Mike reached over and ruffled his hair which made the toddler burst into giggles. "I wike oo." Blaine smiled at them, Mike and Harvey looked at one another, then nodded.

"So Blaine, why are you here?" Mike asked grabbing the toddler from Harvey's lap, Mike wasn't sure if he would get a response or not, but it was worth a try.

"Dada no wan me." Blaine shrugged playing with Leo's arms, Mike and Harvey's heart broke. "Mama no wan me." Blaine's face got a little sad after that one, but being a toddler he probably didn't understand the significance of what he was saying. "oo wan me?" Blaine asked hope rising in his eyes. Harvey smiled gently at the boy, but before they could answer his question the door was opened by Brier.

"Time for lunch!" He said enthusiastically. Blaine's attention was drawn from the depressing question as he looked back at Harvey and Mike smiling.

"I go bye bye." He said grabbing Leo from Mike and giving Harvey and Mike a hug. "We pway waiter." He said climbing down and clumsily walking to Brier and grabbing the older man's hand, Brier smiled and scooped Blaine into his arms along with the rainbow dinosaur named Leo.

Emma came dashing in once the children had all left. Her smile was side and happy. "That was the boy I brought in this morning! So what did you think?" She asked bouncing up and down in her heels.

"I think...I think we found our son." Harvey sighed like he couldn't believe it. Mike beamed next to him bouncing in his seat.

"I shall draw up the papers." Emma smiled leading the men out of the room.

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