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I do not own anything! and i want to remind everyone this lil Blaine is the same Blaine from Glee so he will be buying some bowties and collared shirts lol

Janine and Jack is a real baby clothing store, for sharply dressed children!




Mike carried Blaine into Janine and Jack, Blaine was looking everywhere clearly getting caught up in the bright colors, the loud noises, and the different smells. Harvey was behind them quickly emailing Donna with the news of their new son. A perky sales lady popped over, "Hello! Welcome to Janine and Jack, what can I help you guys with today?" Her name tag read Whitney, but Blaine jumped at the sudden female voice and hid his face in Mike's neck, Mike rubbed his hand up and down Blaine's back.

"Well, we just adopted this lil fella, and we need to know what size clothes to buy him." Mike explained gently, trying to get Blaine back to his happy go lucky little self. Whitney smiled happily at the boy.

"That's so adorable!" she squealed, "Well from the look of him he is probably around a 2T, maybe a little smaller, but i have a feeling a 2T is what you are looking for." She smiled, moving her blonde hair behind her ear. "We can look at some stuff if you like?" She said happily. Harvey finally was caught up with the conversation after messaging Donna for about ten minutes explaining why she could not come meet her new "nephew" today.

"Would you mind if we browsed for a bit..." Harvey hesitated to read her nametag. "Whitney, I sorta want to see if Blaine will pick out some stuff on his own." Whitney smiled encouragingly.

"Of course! If the size is not out here it will most likely be in the back." Whitney then stepped away quietly, letting the two men talk to their son.

"Okay Blaine, you can come out now." Harvey joked, running a hand through Blaine's wind tousled curls. Blaine's gold eyes locked with Harvey's

"Hi." He mumbled shyly, around his thumb.

"Hey buddy, wanna get some clothes?" Harvey asked gesturing to Mike to hand him over, Mike did smiling at his Husband.

"Cwothes?" Blaine asked sucking at his thumb, and looking up at Harvey. "Me?" He asked pointing at himself.

"Yes, we want to get clothes for you. Want to pick out something?" Harvey explained patiently, Blaine nodded and turned his head toward the racks of clothes, for little boys like him. He looked and his eyes landed on something, he pointed toward a cream colored knit sweater. "You want that sweater?" Harvey asked surprised, Blaine nodded blushing slightly. "Okay, let's try it on." Harvey slowly strolled over to the piece of clothing looking at it with surprise it was cream in color with a cable knit design and two brown buttons on the collar, he quietly found a 2T and handed it over to Mike. "What do you think?" He asked quietly, as he felt Blaine's head against his shoulder.

"I think our son has elegant taste." Mike chuckled, "We should probably get a few more things and then try them on all at once." Harvey nodded in agreement that made a lot of sense to him. Harvey was trying to get Blaine off of him and onto his own two feet so he could look around, most of the displays were low enough he could look.

"Hey, Blaine. Why don't you get down and look at stuff, huh?" Harvey asked, Blaine gripped Harvey's shirt tighter, obviously not wanting to be put down. Mike snickered. "I have a feeling the answer to that question was no. Okay, Blaine pick something else." Harvey said looking down at the little boy who was hiding.

Blaine raised his head and looked at all the clothing then something caught his eye, he wiggled signaling he wanted down which Harvey quickly sat him on the floor, and he toddled over to the rack of bowties and pulled, Mike was rapidly made his approach toward the little boy, but the rack was already falling and all the bow ties scattered all over the floor. Blaine had backed up and was now looking at Mike and Harvey with tears in his eyes, and a purple bowtie in hand. "SOWWY!" He wailed, Harvey quickly scooped him up shushing him and cooing ridiculous things into his ears to calm him. Whitney made her way over.

"Is he alright?!" She asked panicked.

"He's fine just startled." Harvey quickly moved away from the woman and Mike jogging Blaine lightly. "Hey hey it's alright, Blaine, it was just an accident buddy. No big deal." Harvey assured him as Blaine's cries turned to sniffles.

"Sowwy dada. I no mean to bweak it." He cried, Harvey's heart clenched as he heard Blaine call him dada. "I in twouble?" Blaine hiccupped then looked at Harvey with fear filled eyes. Harvey's heart shattered.

"No little man, you are completely fine." Harvey reassured kissing his sons forehead. Mike slowly approached his family.

"I may have to adopt another kid so i can have one too." Mike and Harvey laughed. Blaine giggled slightly at the laughter. "So bowties, huh?" Mike asked smiling at his son.

"Yike it." Blaine said handing it to Mike hesitantly. Mike smiled gently and placed it into the buy pile. The pile had grew along with the cream sweater, about 6 pairs of jeans, and 4 button up shirts with random patterns had joined the pile. "Bowties!" Blaine exclaimed pointing toward the now fully stocked rack.

"Okay, baby, we'll grab more bowties." Mike reassured. The shopping for clothes seemed to go quickly after that, Blaine's tastes surprised the men, bowties, sweaters, sweater vests, and even suits were up his alley. "Are you sure Blaine's not of Specter blood?" Mike joked as he carried Blaine on his hip, Blaine's face nestled into the crook of his neck and his breathing was evened showing the sign that he was asleep.

"From his tastes in fashion I would have to say he maybe." Harvey chuckled. In the end they had spent over a grand on Blaine's new wardrobe, Whitney's mouth was gapping open when Harvey handed over the money without even batting an eyelash. Harvey knew they had more to buy, and he wasn't going to be concerned about some clothes for his kid.

Slowly placing all the bags in the Audi along with a sleeping Blaine being placed in his back seat he was ready to head to the bedding store that was the last stop for the day, the black framed toddler bed and dresser were already delivered to their home. Blaine also had to pick out a color to paint the walls, but that was most likely going to be after they got everything else. Trying to find a parking spot in New York always seemed to be a joke, but Harvey always tended to manage it.

Blaine whimpered when he was wakened from his slumber, Mike was quick to shush and sooth. Blaine definitely did not like being woken up for anything. Mike was quick to hand him off to Harvey, who for some reason seemed to be able to calm the boy down even more than Mike. "Hey hey buddy. It is alright." He jogged him in his arms.

"Seepy." Blaine cried nuzzling in closer to Harvey. Harvey hated hearing Blaine upset, but they just had to get some sheets and a bedspread and he could take a nap at home.

"I know, buddy, but we still need to get pillows and blankets for your bed remember." Harvey and Mike had been keeping Blaine on a schedule like with bed time and nap time. The guys both realized that they were literally in the middle of naptime and Blaine was tired. "And when we get home we can watch whatever you want!" Harvey soothed keeping Blaine from crying.

"Tangled, dada?" He asked, Harvey nodded he thought they had Tangled, but he would definitely be asking Mike, because if they got through this whole shopping trip without a drying toddler, he would buy Blaine fifty copies. He didn't understand it though Blaine was definitly a Disney fanatic thanks to Mikes movie purchases for the toddler, but he always loved watching the Princess ones, Harvey did not care if his kid loved princess movies, he was always just so curious. "Papa! Dada said i watch tangled, wen get bac!" Blaine giggled excitedly, Mike beamed at his new found name of Papa.

"Oh did he now?" Mike scooped him up and tickled him, making Blaine squeal loudly. "But i sadly think we don't have that one we watched it on the TV sweetheart." Blaine expression fell, he looked close to tears, he quickly hid his face into the crook of Mike's neck. Harvey looked at Mike and stated.

"Well I will definitely being buying a copy then. We're all good kiddo." The group headed into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and were immediately bombarded, by a perky blonde man.

"Hello, to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My name is Conner, what can i help you with today?" He was perky, and flamboyant. Something neither of these men were, they didn't have time to answer before Blaine was retreating from his hiding spot and answering for them.

"Bankets fo meh bed!" He exclaimed excitedly, and Conner looked like he physically melted.

"Oh, really?! Well that sounds exciting, what is your name lil guy?" Conner asked smiling obviously he had had experience with kids.

"Bwaine an dada an papa!" Blaine replied pointing to the two other men happily. Conner smiled back.

"Well it is wonderful to meet you Blaine. And you men as well." He smiled gently, trying to keep the mood happy.

"I'm Harvey and this is Mike, we just adopted him a few days ago actually." Harvey stated shyly, he wasn't afraid of judgment, just the fact that Blaine was already calling them dada and papa seemed a lil surreal.

"Oh wow, that is wonderful guys, so what are you looking for in terms of bedding?" He asked giddily, Blaine giggled at the obviously excited atmosphere.

"Well, we sort of want two bed sets, price doesn't matter, just whatever he wants, oh! and for a toddler bed. " Mike replied.

"Okay, well then. Blaine what do you like?" Blaine looked confused for a moment before he started squirming. Harvey held on tight not wanting the child wandering the store.

"I wike Weos! and Obots!" He laughed loudly. Conner was a little confused he had no idea what a Weo was, but he did know what Robots were.

"Leo is his rainbow dinosaur, he actually goes everywhere with him. He's in the car as we speak." Harvey explained, realization donned Conner's face. Blaine giggled happily relaxing against Harvey.

"Well if you shall follow me to the kids section we shall have a look." Conner explained sashaying down the aisle.

"So Conner how long have you been working here?" Mike asked kindly following the flamboyant man down the aisle.

"Ummm about a year. I'm working here so I can pay for NYU." Conner explained stopping in front of some beds in a bag. He quickly pulled three different dinosaur printed ones off the shelf, he quickly made sure they weren't in the way, and started looking at the other rows.

"Oh that's cool, what are you majoring in?" Mike asked looking over the three bed spreads on the floor.

"Child Psychology." Conner stated warmly. "I just love kids so much, so sweet and adorable, like I want one so bad, but my man does not want one while we're still in college. I completely agree that we should wait till we can provide for one." He replied smiling as he pulled two robot ones down as well. "Okay so this is our selection of these types, but if you do not like it we can look at different ones. "

"Okay, Blaine what ones do you like?" Blaine started to squirm and he gently placed Blaine onto the floor, he quickly pointed to the red bedspread with all sorts of different robots on it, and then he was looking at the dinosaur ones.

"No Weos, dada." Blaine stated is lip wobbling. Harvey kneeled down next to him.

"I'm sure there is one of one of these somewhere." He reassured Blaine, then he looked up at Conner, "Are we allowed to take these out of the bag?"

"OH! Of course." Conner then knelt down next to Blaine, "Which one do you want me to open for you, sweetie?" Blaine looked at him sniffling, then pointing at the yellow one with all the abstract "Cutie" dinosaurs on it. Conner unzipped the package and laid out the yellow comforter on the ground.

"WOOK! WEO!" Blaine shrieked jumping up and down, beaming. "Yike tis one!" Blaine' body was vibrating with excitement. Blaine's eyes started to travel around the childrens department, and his eyes landed on a particular blanket. "DADA IT'S WAPUNZEL!" He toddled over to the bright pink blanket with all of the Disney princesses on it. "AN AWIEL! SNOW WHIE!" He was giggling happily, and the two men smiled at him, till an old woman passed with a look of disgust on her face.

"I cannot believe you would even let him watch princess movies how is he going to grow up a man, being raised by fairies." Blaine looked deeply confused, Conner look completely pissed, Mike was shocked and Harvey was also.

"I'm sorry you old hag, but nobody asked your opinion, he can love whoever he wants be it princesses or princes, now scoot your intolerant ass out of my customers sight or I shall call security. " The older woman looked shocked, and spat back at him that she was going to go find a manager, and once she said that Conner knew he was going to lose his job, but she left and Blaine was still smiling about the princess Blanket.

"You did not have to do that." Harvey replied looking over at the blonde, who was shaking his head back.

"No I did, Blaine here can like whatever he wants he should not be judged, and you two should definitely not be judged for adopting him into your family. Blaine, sweetie, do you want this Blanket?" Blaine nodded excitedly. Conner quickly grabbed it off the shelf, and looked back at the two men, "Are you getting those bedspreads?" When they nodded he quickly picked them up and headed for the cash register, Blaine was beside him talking his ear off, Conner smiled and nodded at the appropriate times, commenting here and there Blaine seemed to really trust him. "You were done shopping right?" Conner asked nervously biting his lip. When the men nodded he started to scan the blanket, which rang up to 25.89, Conner quickly paid for the blanket and handed it to Blaine who was smiling happily.

"Fank oo!" Blaine giggled, racing around the counter to give Conner's leg a tight squeeze.

"You're welcome sweetie!" He giggled.

"You didn't have to do that." Harvey stated looking at this nineteen year old with aw.

"Least I could do." He quickly rang up the bedspreads, which ended up being 150.65, HArvey paid and looked up to see a seething older gentleman standing beside the register.

"CONNER! Did you really swear at this woman?!" He growled, he was breathing heavily, and his hair was thinning at the top.

"Yes I did, she was being extremely rude to this family and I would not stand for it." COnner held his ground, but Harvey and Mike both knew he was going to get fired.

"Well if that is the case you are fired. Go grab your shit leave you name badge on the table, and get the hell out." He stormed off, Conner sighed, whispering little things under his breath most of those things concerned paying for bills. Harvey made a decision right there.

"Come work for us." Mike looked over at Harvey stunned, he wasn't use to his husband being so kind to people outside of his circle.

"What?" Conner asked shocked. "I don't get it."

"Come be Blaine's nanny. Or babysitter or whatever they are calling it these days. We'll pay you more than they paid you here. Obviously I'll do a background check and such, but after defending us and losing your job it is the least we can do. " Harvey assured, the look on Conner's face was priceless.

"God that would be great!" He squeaked.

"Here's my card my cell number is on their just give me a ring oh! and do you guys have the movie Tangled?!"

Conner chuckled.


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