Happy Birthday Maka!

Chapter 3: Let's Dance Maka!

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Kid's P.O.V

Alright, my time to shine! Everyone's asleep, and Maka should be waking up soon... Yesterdays beach trip went excellently! Except for Soul pulling her away... Grrrr...

I quietly open Maka's bedroom door and see her peaceful sleeping form, I can't help but smile at her. She's so beautiful, with that sweet smile and her symmetrical pigtails. And I don't get what Soul means by flat chest, she's developing beautifully! Her br- stop thinking like that you perve! I mentally smack myself in the face and enter her room with a tray of freshly made breakfast. "Maka, it's time to wake up." I whisper as i set the tray on her nightstand and gently nudge her.

"H-Huh?" She groans quietly when she rolls over to look at me, her sandy locks a slight but gorgeous mess. "O-oh Kid, good morning..." She sits and up and i swear she graces me with the most beautiful smile...

Maka's P.O.V.

"O-oh Kid, good morning..." I smile sleepily and then get a whiff of food and my stomach growls obnoxiously making my blush. "A-ah! I'm sorry, uh did I sleep in? What time is it?" My brain starts over loading and Kid chuckles.

"Oh no, not at all! I just made you some breakfast!" He smiles and his eyes practically sparkle. "From what I've just heard from your stomach I'm guessing you're hungry?" and the look he gives me makes me blush and nod. "Alright, eat up before BlackStar wakes up and sucks it all down." He laughs once more.

"Thanks again Kid," I smile and he sets a tray of food in my lap that even has a little vase with a beautiful rose. He sits on my bed and we talk and I even share some of my food with him. "So what do you have planned today Kid?" I look at the dark haired boy as i wipe my mouth.

"Oh well I had set up a ball, but shopping will happen first for all of you girls to buy some dresses." He smiles as he gets up and heads toward my door, "we'll be leaving in an hour so get dressed and get ready for some shopping I understand girls like it." And then he's out of the door before I can even object.

A ball?

Time Lapse, At some fancy Italian store :3

Maka's P.O.V. still

So Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, Blaire, and I have taken a limo to this fancy store and just seeing the price of a simple SKIRT makes me want to faint. "I know Kid doesn't care how much we spend but seriously? $400 for a SKIRT!?"

Liz snorts, "Maka, money is nothing to him! If I were you I'd take full advantage of that. You definitely need a new wardrobe." she says as she looks at a dark blue dress that has such a deep neck line I'm surprised it even covers anything.

I deadpan "Oh thanks Liz," I smirk, as i look at a simple emerald green cocktail dress, it's fabric was velvety and smooth. Buuuut then I saw the price tag I turned green myself. "Dear god how am I supposed to find a nice dress that wont put someone like me into debt!?"

Tsubaki gives me a smile, "Maka, remember Kid said to get anything you want. It is your birthday and I think I speak for everyone when I say you deserve to splurge a little. So enjoy yourself!" I can't help but to smile back at her, Tsubaki is always so calm and collected.

"Oh alright... I guess that's understandable..." I go back to looking at other dresses but that green one lingers in my thoughts, I mean even for a small chested girl like myself could look gorgeous in that dress. I mean B cup is small... Especially compared to a girl like Blaire with her breast size. But hey they're growing! Patty is having a good ol' time trying on dresses, and I think she's found a really pretty one, it's a pink cocktail dress with black laced ruffles. She looks great in it! I wonder how the boys are doing with their shopping...?

Soul's P.O.V.

"BlackStar stop acting like an idiot it's not cool!" I growl at the blue headed idiot, man why did I have to get stuck with these two? Kid is freaking out over all of the suits on display, shouting out a poor short man about his inability to set up symmetrical displays. Then BlackStar is running around in his boxers shouting something... Sigh, well they are gonna lose time they could be using to find the coolest suit ever. Maka I hope you're ready to be swept off your feet! I look through some suits but they're all pretty plain, and some are just ugly. C'mon I'm sure plaid suits are waaay out of style. It's been twenty minutes and I still haven't found anything worth wearing to this ball. BlackStar had calmed down enough to get his measurements and Kid finally got everything "in order".

"Soul, there are some cool suits over here come check 'em out!" I hear BlackStar yell further back, I head in his direction and see that he's still only in his boxers making me role my eyes. But then I see all the suits, they were all just amazing. I knew Maka would like a guy in this, I eyed one out of the rest. It had a deep black tail coat with matching black pants, a grey vest, and a white button up shirt. The tie you bought separately which I was fine with, Kid said buy anything we want right? Which just makes me grin, using the enemies money to help me win!

"Are you two ready?" Kid comes over to us in his own hand tailored suit perfectly symmetrical of course. But it looks really good on him and that makes me worry. Would Maka chose this neat freak over me?

"Yep! Look at what I'm getting! Isn't it fit for a god!?" BlackStar grins and i nod smirking.

"Yes BlackStar, amazing. Lets go pay for our stuff." I grab a black tie that has green diagonal pinstripes, I know Maka likes the colour green so I hope this puts her in my favor...

Maka's P.O.V.

I bought the dress! It's just so beautiful, I love this green colour, bright and happy. I hope the boys like- wait the boys? The hell is wrong with me!? I shake my head and try to clear it and I pull the dress out of the bag and set it on my bed and look at it. With its discreet accents of gold stitching leaving me to wonder if its REAL gold... Then I look at the length, it's long enough to be classy and short enough to express fun ending just below my knees. I even got shoes to go with it! The dress has it's own bit a volume at the bottom with a black and gold ribbon at the waist with its short sleeves and a neck that went just above my breasts and i got- well Liz got me a gold necklace that has a little emerald in it. The shoes are simple black and shiny with a small heel. Tsubaki, Blaire, Patty and Liz got their dresses too, Patty ended up with a pink cocktail dress that has black lace flowers trailing up from the hip up to her shoulder as one strap and her heels are also pink. Liz got the dark blue dress she was looking at when she insulted my wardrobe. Its left side is cut out to show some of her waist and its laced with little gems, its sleeveless and looks very good on her. Since she's already tall enough she bought flats to go along with it. Tsubaki got a tan/pink dress that's super beautiful on her its long and flows like water on her smooth form and has straps that go around her neck. BlackStar is going to drop his jaw when he sees her. Blaire... Well Blaire got I guess what you can call a dress... She got a black and white cocktail dress with a white bodice, it has black stripes going up it with small lace flowers that line the rim of the bodice's top. Then the skirt is short and ruffled, making it even shorter. Sigh this woman is going to be the death of me, speaking of people being the death of me I wonder how many times Papa has called.

I pick up my cell phone and see thirty-six missed calls from him and twenty-five new voice mails. I guess I should call him... I mean he is the man who helped make me. I sigh again and hit 'call back' a button i rarely ever press on his name and it rings for a mere second before he answers "Hi Papa-" I can barely get out before he cuts me off.

"Maka! Where are you!? Why haven't you answered my calls!? I was so worried!" He goes on like this for a good ten minutes before I'm able to speak. Making me sigh loudly into my phone. He finally ends with "I am your father you should've called me sooner."

"Yes Papa I'm sorry, we were at the beach yesterday and I fell asleep and then we just went shopping for this ball..." Wow this is the most he's let me say without interrupting me over the phone.

"A ball? Where is this ball? And I hope you're not wearing something skimpy! Oh what's Blaire wearing is it cute!?" My Papa oozes over Blaire and I end up hanging up on him in the middle of his rant about her body. Men.

The Ball.

It's eight o'clock and people from Death Academy are arriving and I'm so nervous. I dunno why but just thinking of Soul and Kid all dressed up for a ball for ME is just amazing. It's just nerve racking as I walk down the stairs to the main hall, and just then everyone is staring. I've never been the center of attention, not even in class when we have to read papers or present a project. But this, this was shocking. My cheeks flushed instantly and there was even a spot light on me as i descended the terrifying steps hoping I don't fall. As I get to the last step I see Soul and Kid staring at me in awe, making me very self conscious. Did I look strange? Was my hair all messed up? I know I don't curl it often but surely it's not the bad...

Soul's P.O.V. as Maka Descends the Steps

I was sitting with BlackStar when suddenly someone dimmed the lights and I looked up confused when my eyes landed on the girl in the spotlight. My jaw dropped and my mouth went dry. Maka... My heart thundered in my chest and I couldn't do anything about it... I stopped everything I was doing, what was I doing? I couldn't remember my name all I could think was... Wow. Her dress fit her perfectly and she got the cutest blush on her pale face and the look on her face... I couldn't move, but somehow I found myself at the steps waiting for her with someone beside me. But I didn't care who it was because all I could focus on was her. She finally got to the last step and all I could do was smile; not like my giant sharp toothed one. But a genuine smile I might've even blushed but I didn't care. All I could see was Maka...

Kid's P.O.V. as Maka Descends the Steps

The lights dimmed just as I had planned and I turned from the person I was speaking with and saw a beautiful green dress on a girl even more beautiful. My eyes widen, even though I expected her to be there I didn't expect her to have looked the way she looked... She wore the most beautiful green dress and the ribbon around her waist showed her curves, I did my best not to worry about how it was off-center.

I started towards the steps when I noticed Soul was doing the same, he looked absolutely in awe... The way he stared up at her I wondered what he was thinking at that moment. Then I realized this is the girl of his dreams. All the playful insults... Everything he did just to cover it up, it made me wonder why I never noticed but then again I was so wrapped up in my own infatuations... For the same girl, I looked back at her and suddenly that rush of blood to my cheeks didn't occur. I knew what had happened and so I stepped back letting Soul greet Maka.

Maka's P.O.V.

I got to the last step unscathed (thank lord Death!) and noticed everyone was staring especially a certain sharped toothed boy. Suddenly my stomach erupted into a sea of butterflies. What's going on? Why am I so nervous to see Soul? We were best friends and all, and this party was pretty over the top... But why am I only nervous about what he's thinking...?

"Maka..." Soul's voice broke into my thoughts. Oh that voice... "Maka, you look beautiful.." Soul actually blushed and I couldn't help but smile wide. "Would you like to dance with me?"

My heart had lodged itself into my throat by that point so all I could do was nod bashfully. I knew Soul was a good dancer, after all his family had plenty of balls when he was younger. But dancing with him, like this? Was something completely different. Everyone watched as he held me close with an arm around my waist and my hand on his shoulder. Was that his pulse I felt? It was going nuts... It makes me wonder... I looked up into those crimson eyes and all thoughts ceased.

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