Author's Notes: This one is entirely AU. It may eventually spawn into a longer story, but I just wanted this dance scene in here for now.

Disclaimer: Any characters involved with Kamen Rider Fourze do not belong to me.

The dancing and celebrating would likely last well into the night. There certainly seemed to be enough food, alcohol and music to ensure that. Ryusei, the Meteor Knight to King Shun and Queen Miu, sighed and shook his head. These types of celebrations were not for him, especially when the celebration was for him. He knew that this victory against the Lion General had been significant. He just didn't think it warranted an entire ball to commemorate it.

"You are not enjoying the celebration?"

Ryusei turned towards the soft voice. Tomoko, the Court Magician, stood behind him dressed in purple and black robes. The robes were trimmed with purple lace, and looked to be sprinkled with silvery stardust. A silver chain belt circled her hips, keeping the robes closed over her black gown. Her slightly curled hair was decorated with a black rose. The Meteor Knight thought she looked like a clear night sky, and just as beautiful.

He gave her a small smile. "I appreciate the King's gesture," he started, "But such a large celebration seems…"

"Too much," she finished, giving him a knowing look. "You and Gentarou-knight fought and won. It was what you expected, and nothing more."

He nodded, not surprised that the Magician knew what he was thinking. She had always had this ability. Admittedly, it had made him nervous at first, but he had long since known that she would never abuse her power. If anything, many times it was her ability that helped to clarify his own thoughts when he felt confused. She had counseled him on many subjects, and he in turn, liked to think he had done the same for her.

"You look very handsome tonight," she said suddenly, as was her usual way.

"Err, thank you." He blushed, turning his head away. He didn't think his gray uniform was anything that special. The only new thing he wore was a dark blue cape that had been a gift from the King.

He turned back towards her, not wanting to leave her compliment unanswered. "You look very beautiful yourself."

"Thank you Ryusei-knight," she replied, a shy smile blossoming on her face. She clasped her hands in front of her. A comfortable silence fell between them.

He followed her gaze, and watched couples dance out on the dance floor. He had a sudden urge to join them. Looking over at Tomoko, he held his hand out to her. She turned a startled face towards him. He grinned. "Would you like to dance?"

Her nod was the only reply he needed. Together, they glided out onto the dance floor, easily joining the crowd. The music was light, and they easily followed the steps of the other couples. As he held her in his arms, the whole world seemed to drop away. She looked at him with a soft smile on her face. He knew then that he never wanted this moment to end. But of course, it had to. The song finished, and reality abruptly reasserted itself. The Knight and the Magician separated, bowing to each other. He led her by the hand back to another corner.

"Thank you for the dance, Ryusei-knight," said Tomoko. She held her hands in front of her, forming a cup. Within that cup, there was a soft purple glow. It brightened for a moment, before a black rose materialized in her hands. She held the flower in front of her. "A reward." As he took the flower, she curtseyed, bowed her head, and glided away.

He watched her leave for a few more moments before sensing another presence behind him. "Your Majesty," he bowed.

King Shun smiled. "My Queen asked me if there is a reward you'd like for your victory."

Ryusei looked down at the dark flower in his hand. A soft smile floated through his memory. "Thank you Majesty, but I already have my reward."