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Everyone wondered what was going on between Natasha and Clint. They had all been watching the two assassins, curious. They said that they were just partners, but most felt that there was something more to the story. Something that they weren't telling the rest of the group. It all started with going out for shawarma.

The exhausted Avengers were sitting silently at a table in an only slightly demolished restaurant, plates of shawarma in front of them. It was quiet, but a comfortable silence, not an awkward one. It was a quiet that was much needed and well deserved. It was a quiet that was interrupted by Thor.

"This food is good!" He exclaimed happily, "What is it called again?"

"Shawarma!" Tony quickly responded, seeming to savor the word.

"You just like saying shawarma, don't you?" Natasha questioned, slightly cynically.

"Yes. Very much so." Natasha showed no change in expression to the untrained eye, but Clint scented danger. Natasha was always grumpy when she was tired, and the littlest things set her off. He moved his chair untill it was right next to her's, ignoring the pain in his leg and raised a hand to rest on her shoulder, causing the majority of the other Avenger's eyes to widen. Natasha let nobody touch her without consequences, as they could all attest to.

However, instead of breaking Clint's wrist, like most thought she would, she did the unexpected: she slumped down and put her head on Clint's shoulder as he slid an arm around her. The others stared, open mouthed at the two, but Clint shook his head and then rested a cheek on the top of Natasha's head and stroked her hand with his thumb, leaving the others to wonder what had just happened.

Later, back in Stark Tower, in one of the non-destroyed rooms, all of the Avengers were lounging on the many couches in the room, nobody talking. Most were enjoying the quiet, even dozing off to sleep. Pepper had joined them, but only after yelling at Tony for ten minutes about risking his life again. She had been introduced to everyone, and re-introduced to Natasha slightly awkwardly.

Almost everyone had their own couch, except for Tony and Pepper, who were sharing, and Natasha and Clint, also sharing. They were in essentially the same position they were in the restaurant, except now they were sound asleep. Tony was the first to notice this, immediately pulling his phone out and taking a few pictures.

"Blackmail!" he whispered to himself, turning around just in time to come face-to-face with his girlfriend, the three other Avengers behind her. The three men looked faintly amused, be it at the sleeping pair, or at his predicament, he wasn't sure.

"Hand it over." Pepper said, holding out a hand. Sighing, he complied, hoping JARVIS had a good recording of the two that he could use instead.

They all jumped when they heard a noise, relaxing when they realized that it was only Natasha making a slight mutter in her sleep, something that sounded like Russian and turning a bit, moving closer to Clint. Tony smirked, just turning to leave when he noticed a thin gold chain around the redhead's neck. Now, he normally didn't care about jewelry, but she didn't seem like the kind of person who would wear jewelry while saving the world, and he had noticed it before, even when she was Natalie to him. Something compelled him to take a closer look.

"What are you doing?" Steve asked immediately as Tony's hand slowly reached out. "She's going to kill you!"

"She's sound asleep." Tony retorted quietly, but drew his hand back slightly and rethought for a second when Steve commented.

"How do you know?" Tony considered for a second before his curiosity won him over. He wasn't sure why he was so curious about the necklace, but he was.

"I guess we'll find out!" He gently pulled the chain out from under her clothes, revealing two golden rings. One was a simple band, like a wedding ring, and the other looked like it was braided, with a medium sized diamond on it. Tony turned around to face the others, his jaw dropped to the floor.

"She's married?"

"When did this happen?"

"To who?"

"In answer to your questions," Tony whirled around to see the Black Widow smirking, while Hawkeye sat up, amusement twinkling in his eyes. Natasha continued, "Yes, I am married. I have been for four years." She didn't answer the last one, leaving them no alternative but to ask.

"Who are you married to?" Bruce asked, even though he already thought he knew.

"Me." Clint drew a chain from under his shirt, revealing a gold wedding band.

There was a few seconds of silence before anybody spoke.

"Oh my god!" Pepper squealed. "Congratulations!"

After that, everyone had some sort of congratulations for the couple, Tony just had to let everyone know that he knew they were together, causing everyone to roll their eyes.

"Does SHIELD know?" was Bruce's question.

The couple exchanged glances before Clint answered. "Fury either doesn't know, or doesn't care. The only person who knew was Coulson, it was impossible to keep anything from him." Everyone was saddened by the mention of the dead man, who was obviously close to the two agents.

"D**n right it is!" Everyone whirled around and Natasha and Clint ran forward to embrace the man standing in the doorway before anybody could do much of anything.

"Phil!" Natasha says with glee, hugging her old handler.

"How are you alive? Fury said-" Clint broke off with a look of realization on his face. "Fury."

"Yeah, Fury told everyone that I was dead, so that you would have a reason to band together to save the world." Coulson explained, while greeting the other men, "Speaking of Fury, he wasn't too happy when he realized that you all skipped medical treatment, so I volunteered to come and bring you to HQ. And it is mandatory, Clint, Natasha." He interrupted the two before they could open their mouths causing the others to laugh; he obviously had a lot of experience with the two assassins.

They sighed, "Alright," said Clint reluctantly, knowing that arguing with the man would get him nowhere. "Let's get this over with."

They all crowded into the elevator, casting covert looks at the newly revealed couple who were tucking their rings away before facing Fury.

Later that night, staying at Stark Tower as Tony had insisted on, Clint and Natasha laid in their bed, simply enjoying eachother's company after being separated for so long.

After a long time of just laying there, Clint turned his head to his wife and whispered, "I love you."

"Love is for children," Natasha retorted half-heartedly. She didn't really believe it anymore.

"Then I'm a child." Clint said simply.

"I am too." was the last thing she said before burying her face into his chest and succumbing to slumber. Clint followed soon after.

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