Series - Perfect Strangers
Rating - PG13
Warnings - None.
Disclaimer - I don't own a thing unfortunatly and I am making no profit from this.
Summary - Dimitri reflects on the tough life of being a stuffed sheep.
Author's Notes - Just a short 100 word drabble from an interesting point of view.
Word Count - 100

It isn't easy being a stuffed sheep. Everyone always expecting you to be there with a fluffy coat to cry into and open ears ready to listen to their troubles which isn't easy when your ears are stuffed with wool although I wish they were when I hear Cousin Larry talking about a new plan. At least I am Balki's sheep. No one else in the world is as gentle, except for Cousin Larry of course. He may not know how much he means to Balki but I do because Balki tells me so every night before he falls asleep.