So I've been watching Veronica Mars all summer, and I'm completely obsessed. And while avoiding college applications, I've been writing a ton of random stories about the show, particularly further down the line. I figured I'd post the first two I wrote that serve as mostly a "where are they now" thing. And then I'd see if there is anyone out there who still wants to read about a long dead show and my opinions on what happened after. Anyway, review if you like it, review if you don't.

"Lillian!" her mother yelled.

"Lillian Lynn Echolls, get down here now!" her father continued.

The six year old fearfully walked down the stairs to find her parents waiting. Her mother kneeled down so they were face to face.

"Lillian, sweetie, why is your sister hiding from us?"

Unlike her namesake, Lillian was the quieter, more well-behaved of Veronica and Logan's two daughters. But she was always willing to help out her sister and best friend Megan, who was frequently in trouble.

"I said I wouldn't tell," replied Lillian, looking down.

It amazed Veronica how much their daughters looked like Logan when they felt guilty.

"Lil," Logan started, also kneeling down to face his daughter, "you know Meg did something wrong. And when you do something wrong, you have to face the consequences. You know that Lillian. But we aren't mad at her. We just want to talk to her about what she did. So can you get her for us, and we can all talk about it."

"Okay daddy."

As the little girl ran outside to retrieve her sister from one of her many hiding places, Veronica smiled at her husband. When she and Logan had first seen their daughter's scribbles on the wall, she knew Logan's immediate impulse was violence. After all, children who grow up in abusive homes often perpetuate the cycle. But when Veronica found out she was pregnant, Logan swore he would never raise a hand to his children. And Veronica assured him that if he did, she would pack up and leave. But she hadn't been disappointed by him in their six years of parenthood.

Their identical twins walked back into the room, and Veronica and Logan scolded Megan about rules before allowing her and Lillian to go off and play. As they frequently did, the two just watched their children while they still had their innocence.

The girls had their mother's eyes and hair and their father's smile. Already at six, they inherited wit and tenacity, but with personalities all their own. No one ever thought domestic bliss would be a reality for Veronica Mars or Logan Echolls, least of all Veronica and Logan. But here they were, arms around each other, watching their happy children. They edged closer, attempting to hear their daughters' game. Unsurprisingly, the girls were playing detective.

"Lillian, Meg, everyone's going to be here soon."

The two girls ran excitedly down the stairs to meet their friends.

Each year, the Mars-Echolls family threw a Fourth of July Barbeque with their closest friends and family. In the beginning, it was just Veronica's way of forcing her dad and friends to bond with Logan, but over time, it became a chance for everyone to get out of their busy lives and be together.

Wallace, his wife Samantha, and their three children showed up first. Wallace had achieved his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. Logan had introduced him to a reporter friend of his, and two years later, Samantha and Wallace were married. Their daughter Victoria was a year older than the Echolls girls, their older son Trevor was a year younger than his sister, and their youngest son Jordan was four years younger than Veronica and Logan's daughters.

"Tori! Trev!" Megan screamed as she and Lillian ran to their friends. The children quickly ran away to play, while two-year-old Jordan stayed with his parents.

"Sam, it's been too long," Logan stated, wrapping Wallace's wife into a hug. When Veronica had initially met the beautiful Samantha Williamson, she had been suspicious of her closeness with Logan. Once she realized that she was just jealous (and that Samantha had no interest in Logan), she and Samantha often helped each other out with her cases and Samantha's stories.

"Well I guess you just don't have any time for the little people anymore Mr. New York Times bestseller," Samantha teased, then moved onto complimenting Veronica's shoes. Logan had used his gift for sarcasm and snide comments to launch a writing career. Both of his books had hit number one on the New York Times Bestseller List, which allowed them a very comfortable life and allowed Veronica to continue working with her father. He started out writing for Samantha's paper, and often returned when he wasn't working on his next book.

Surprisingly, Logan and Wallace really bonded at Hearst, and had a friendship that extended beyond just Veronica. While they weren't anywhere near as close as Wallace and Veronica, they genuinely enjoyed each other's company.

As the four adults chatted, they heard another knock on the door. This time it Eli, Rose and Felix. Weevil had changed the most since Veronica had met him. While his job at Hearst helped lead him away from crime, it wasn't until he met Rose that he truly abandoned the life for good. In most ways, Rose and Weevil seemed completely different. She came from an extremely wealthy, loving, and stable family, while he did not. She was studying law while he carried on a life of crime. Yet there had been a connection immediately. Along with Veronica, she helped him live life the legal way. When she became pregnant, Weevil cut his ties with his former life for good. Their son, six years old and Megan's best friend, grew up with an 09er life, despite the fact that his father was a mechanic. Veronica and Rose had grown to be close friends, and she was Veronica's source in the legal profession.

Veronica knew that Eli and Logan had both grown to respect and even like each other over the years, but they both had difficulty expressing it. Her "reformed bad boys" as Mac called them, had grown up, but could be incredibly childish when it came to each other. They were both too proud. But given the closeness between Felix and Meg, Rose and Veronica figured they would get over it eventually.

Next to arrive were Mac, her husband Jim Abbott, and their three month old daughter Julia. Mac and Jim were both computer analysts who had met at work three years before. They had gotten married the previous year, so Jim still wasn't completely acclimatized to Mac's odd circle of friends. Unlike Weevil, Mac kept her high school nickname, still refusing to be called Cindy.

Last to arrive was Keith. his grandchildren jumped on him as soon as he walked through the door. Another relationship that had turned surprisingly good was the relationship between Logan and his father-in-law. Once Logan had demonstrated to Keith that he was willing to stand by Veronica no matter what, and that he had grown up, their relationship gradually progressed to one resembling a father and son.

After everyone arrived, the adults sat down to eat, while the children played outside. After they each recapped their lives since they had all been together, they began to talk about the kids.

"I can't believe the kids are starting at Neptune Elementary in a few months. Eli, Mac, you guys remember that place?"

Eli, Mac and Veronica were the only ones in the group who had attended the elementary school.

"Yeah. It was slightly less miserable than middle and high school." Mac replied.

Eli and Veronica nodded.

"I thought life was sweet as the sheriff's daughter." Logan replied playfully.

"Life was not sweet until I became friends with Lilly in 6th grade. In elementary school your pal Dick used to throw rocks at me because I was a total kiss ass," she replied.

"Tori likes it," Wallace added, "but, you're gonna love this Veronica, Caitlin Ford was her teacher."

"Who's Caitlin Ford?" Rose asked.

"She was one of my husband's lovely ex-girlfriends," Veronica began, grimacing, "who also helped in getting Eli and his grandmother arrested."

"Although that one was also your fault Logan." Eli added. Logan shrugged apologetically. "But V managed to prove it was my cousin who stole Logan's mother's credit card."

"Why does Caitlin Ford even need to work?" Logan asked.

"I heard her family invested heavily in Richard Casablancas' real estate fraud. They lost most of their money and never made it back."

The eight other adults nodded, then moved on in their conversation. As the others talked, Veronica and Keith looked over at the kids.

The first thing they spotted was Meg and Felix chasing each other. They had been close ever as newborns, and Rose and Veronica always joked that one day they would end up married. Both Logan and Eli cringed at the idea. Victoria, always protective of Lillian and Meg, was braiding Lillian's hair while they talked to Trevor. To Keith it seemed like only yesterday that Veronica was the six year old. And now he had six year old grandchildren. It was mind-blowing to both him and Veronica. After watched for a few more minutes, they both tuned back into the conversation.

Eventually everyone had finished eating and talking and the couples slowly began to leave. After all the children were collected and all their friends left, only Veronica, Logan and Keith were left. Just as Keith was about to leave, he got a call on his cell. After listening and then hanging up, he turned to Veronica.

"Bail jumper. $20,000 reward. Ready to go?"

"Always." she replied, kissing the tops of her daughters' heads and then giving Logan a lingering kiss until her father cleared his throat. She grabbed her overnight bag and walked out with Keith.