So I've recently been missing this show and decided to continue with this story.

"Well this is awkward."

That was an understatement. After a brief breakup during their junior year, Veronica and Logan had been together for over a year. They were getting more and more serious as graduation approached, and Veronica insisted that meant Logan had to make peace with her friends. Logan had already grown friendly with Mac and Wallace, but he had still been avoiding Weevil. Weevil was proceeding the same way. But tonight, Veronica insisted the three of them get together for dinner. And who could say no to Veronica?

Except that Veronica just called Logan and informed him she would be an hour late. Which left Weevil and Logan stuck at a table together in the back of the restaurant, avoiding eye contact. Logan spoke first, breaking the ten minute silence.

"Gee, you college boys are so smart." Weevil replied, rolling his eyes.

"Look, I don't want to be here either. But this isn't about us. Get over it. It's about Veronica."

"Oh, you want to talk about Veronica. How about this: you don't hurt her and treat her like shit how you treated Lilly and we won't have any problems." Weevil said, emotion and anger evident in his voice.

"What do you mean how I treated Lilly? I worshiped the ground Lilly walked on. I loved her."

As much as Weevil wanted to contradict Logan, tell him all the things Lilly said about him, he recognized the desperation in his voice. It was the same sound you heard from everyone who loved Lilly.

"Yeah. I bet you did."

"Whatever Lilly may have said, she was always the one breaking my heart. But it never made me love her less."

"I know the feeling."

Suddenly, the two men understood each other: they were more similar than they cared to admit.

There was one question Logan had wanted to ask since he found out about Lilly and Weevil. It was now or never.

"Did she love you?"

The question startled Weevil. Did she ever love him?

"I don't know. I thought she might have sometimes, but then she would do things that made me doubt she even cared. But I don't think she ever loved anyone as much as she loved-"

"Herself." they said in unison.

"Do you know if there was… anyone else? You know, besides me and you and my dad?" Logan asked, flinching at his mention of Aaron.

"I'm sure. I heard something about the guy who cleaned her pool. But I doubt he's the only other one."

"Yeah. I mean Lilly was my first… everything. We got together when we were fourteen. And for two years, she was my everything. I thought she was the love of my life. But now I don't even know if she really loved me at all. She certainly wasn't faithful to me. The only person she was ever faithful to was Veronica. I know for sure Lilly loved her. She made Lilly human, brought her back down to earth, you know."

They were both silent. They knew they would never again discuss this, and now was the time to say anything that needed to be said about Lilly.

"You know I really do love her Weevil."


"Veronica. I know you don't trust me. But I do."

"You aren't going anywhere, are you Echolls?" he asked with a smile.

"I'm sticking by her this time. So peace?"

Logan extended his hand, and Weevil shook it.

"Are we done now Echolls? Or are we gonna start painting each other's nails?"

The two smiled at each other, and at that moment Veronica approached the table.

"So, what'd I miss?"