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A young girl, appearing the age of fifteen stood outside of the huge city walls as a young girl ran to catch up with her.

"Tsuki! Why are we here? Papa said that I couldn't come here!" the child stated and the dark haired girl glared down at the seven year old.

"And Papa also said that you couldn't come with me!" she snapped, causing the young blond to tear up, however the teen only sighed and knelt down.

"Emily look, I just didn't want you to come because being an elite is hard and I think you're too young to be exploring right now." she added as she gently began to run her hand through the child's hair. However Emily still began to cry softly as she pulled away from the older girl.

"Ever since Mama walked out you hated me!" she sobbed and Tsuki sighed as gently made the child look at her, her violet eyes becoming soft.

"I do not hate you sweetheart...look I worry about you, you're always running around haywire." she replied in a very gentle tone of voice that shocked the little girl.

"sissy...you where just worried about me?" Emily sniffled as she tried to dry her tears and Tsuki nodded then added softly "When you are ten you can get out on your own but for now I'd feel more comfortable if you'd stay close to me until then." the dark blue haired girl as she pulled the young girl into a firm hug.

Emily relaxed in her sisters arms and let her emotions run wild, surprise at the kindness of the fifteen year old. "Sissy? When are the Elemental Elites meeting?" she whispered after a while and Tsuki sighed.

"in two days...though I don't know what I am going to do with you, Marie will be exploring the sacred mountains with me and the others." Tsuki retorted teasingly and Emily glanced up pleadingly as she began to beg.

"Please may I come with you? If I promise not to get in your way or weigh you down?" she asked softly and Tsuki sighed as a smirk came across her face, because despite how cold she acted toward her sister she did love the child and knew she couldn't say no to her.

"Alright kiddo you can come...just please be careful." she answered, a hint of a smile flashing on her face as she stood and took the now cheered up child's hand.