I woke up to the gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned over blearily to see Aigis hovering over me in her baby blue night gown. A mischievous look on her face.

"Oh good, you're here." I said naturally as I scooped her up and used her as a pillow. She shrieked with laughter as I tickled her sides lightly.

"I-I…wahahaaanted to see if you-Minato!...wanted to do something?" Her giggles abated as she looked up at me with a puppy dog pout.

"Hmmm…" I stared at her.


"Awwww…" She started nipping at my ear.

No way. Too early for Minato to go outside.

She moved down to my neck.

N-no. Not happening…

Then her teeth bit my naked collarbone.

Oh god

The Latin music drifted through the kitchen, our old Toshiba stereo crooning strong years after it's warranty.

I inhaled the scent of the eggs sizzling on the pan, the butter popping out in tiny droplets that caused my hands to flinch away as I stubbornly persevered to make breakfast.

A pair of slim arms slipped around my middle, and I smiled gradually as I felt Aigis press up against my back.

She poked her head over my shoulder and rested her chin there, "How are you making them?"

"…Scrambled." I said quietly past my grin.

"Oh?" I felt the soft puffs of air as she spoke with her lips against my cheek.

"Mmhmm…" I don't think either of us were very concerned with the food.

The track changed on the CD, and Reflejo de Luna by Alacran began to play.

I set my spatula down as I turned down the heat. I clasped Aigis' hand and stepped out into the floor.

"May I lead?"

She chuckled and matched my stance.

As we danced over the tiles hand in hand, our feet beat syncopate to the song. I played it up, and improvised with a rhythm break. I maneuvered behind her in the pause, and rejoined the tempo the moment the chorus switched.

My girlfriend laughed and matched my every step. As we trot through the andante she kept up the pace, her body moving with a fluidity I had only seen before as we fought in the dark hour.

I watched her delighted face turn pink with the heat of the moment.

As the guitar strings were plucked, I moved step over step in fifth position.


Finally I pulled with my left hand and Aigis twirled gracefully twice, before she moved into a drop developpe against me, just as the music ended.

I was slightly out of breath, and I could feel a light sweat from the stove and physical excretion wet on my open collar. My partner, however, gazed up at me wordlessly. A gentle smile on her lips.

She placed a delicate hand on the back of my neck to steady herself, and I dipped my head closer to ghost a kiss against her lips.

"Quiero estar contigo para siempre…" I muttered quietly in her ear.

She looked at me with a spark of curiosity, and then her translation software filtered what I had said.

Her cheeks reddened and she bit her lip to contain a bashful smile, looking anywhere but my eyes.

I laughed and helped her stand upright once more. I fanned my partly-open white blouse and turned back to the stove to snatch up the pan with our eggs, before moving to the table with my girlfriend.

We had arrived at school an hour later than we were supposed to, though I hadn't made any great effort to rush my time walking with Aigis down the early morning streets, and she didn't seem to mind it either.

I took her to the music room on the first floor. No one had concert practice this early in the day, so we had some time to ourselves.

I showed her the piano she had seen me playing before. I sat down on the bench with her beside me, and began instructing her on how to play.

My fingers danced over the lower keys, while she played on the higher ones. Aigis had an excellent memory, for it didn't take long before she was able to join me in a duet.

"Now then…what did you say you wanted to learn?" I asked.

"I'd like to be able to play like you did before!" She said excitedly.

"…but…I'd like to…play for you this time." She admit looking at me from the corner of her eye.


I flexed my fingers and held them hovering over the ivory rows, beside her own.

"This is how to feel it."

The chords rang as we moved through a concerto. I looked over for a moment to see Aigis sitting there beside me with her eyes closed. Her lips moved slightly ajar as she concentrated on feeling the music.

I kept watching her, unable to look away.

My hands had already stopped moving, and she played on, the melody ringing clear in the room.

At last her fingers slowed, and Aigis began to breathe more slowly. Her bright blonde hair flit over her eyes as she turned suddenly to look at me.

"Did you like it?!" Her voice was joyful, "I-I think I got it that time! I felt very flustered, and warm, and it was just so loud, and-"

I cut her off with a peck on the lips, and she growled happily in exasperation as she tackled me to the floor. I laughed in between the kisses of my energetic lover.

"This sandwich contains expired meat products…" Aigis observed as we sat down.

"The bacteria have a high chance of causing stomach sickness." She turned to me and yanked away my sandwich as well.

"You musn't eat it Minato-kun! You'll become ill!" She exclaimed. Some of the nearby students looked dubiously at their own cafeteria lunch.

I sighed and rest my chin on my hand. Those scanners of hers could be a bother sometimes. What was the saying, ignorance is bliss?

I was brought out of my reverie as my girlfriend forced an apple into my mouth; it muffled my indignant exclamation while the surrounding students laughed.

Well, two can play at that game. I picked up a small loaf of melon bread and stuffed it into her mouth. She squeaked around the obstruction, and we playfully tussled with each other.


We looked up to see Mr. Ekoda standing there with his arms crossed.

"Mram ay mrep oo?" I asked innocently.

Aigis burst into giggles, and hid her face in the crook of my neck.

The rest of the day passed without any major troublemaking.

I took Aigis to the Track field, where we joined Kaz and Yuko for some 2 on 2 volleyball.

Now that I think about it, Yuko was looking at Aigis a little strangely…Was she mad about something?

Afterwards, we walked home together.

"Hey Blue Hair-san!"

The two of us turned around as a little girl ran up from a group of elementary students walking home.

"Hey Maiko."

The girl came to a stop in front of us and tottered excitedly.

"How ya doing Blue? You're always so busy these days!"

She looked between Aigis and myself a few times.

"Is she your GIRLFRIEND?" She asked with sparkles in her eyes.

"Yes. She is. Maiko, this is Aigis." I said, introducing them, "Aigis, Maiko."

"Pleased to meet you." Said my robotic companion, bowing slightly.

Maiko giggled. "I like her! She's pretty!"

Aigis looked startled by the little girl's observation, and looked at me unsure. I gave her an 'I told you so" look and a grin.

"Yeah, I think so too."

Maiko grabbed the straps of her backpack and started to run back to her friends.

"I hope you guys have kids soon so I can play with them too! Bye!"

I took a moment to learn how to work my mouth again.

Oh man, kids say the most embarrassing things…

I looked over to see Aigis make eye contact with me, and we suddenly both averted our gaze, blushing red.



We stood there awkwardly for a moment before walking the rest of the way home.

Aigis had a thoughtful expression as we strolled hand in hand.

We lay together after our lovemaking, huddled in the sheets and covers. The night had been discovery for both of us, shyly exploring each other in our most intimate nature.

I smiled to myself, and ran my hand over a naked back in the dark of nighttime.

Aigis looked up to me from her spot over my chest, and grinned at me cheekily with an adorable blush.

I chuckled, and gave her an Eskimo kiss, eliciting a giggle and after a brief tussle we lay still once more, satisfied with our lover's game.

For a moment I looked out the rain-drenched window. I thought about what was to come in the months before us. There were still shadows to defeat, and the mystery of Tartaurus had not been resolved yet.

She must have noticed my sobered expression, for she ran her metal fingers across my cheek comfortingly. I looked down into those azure iris' to see a tender expression on her face.

"Don't worry. I will be by your side."

I smiled again, and lay my forehead against hers.

"And I will be by yours. After all…"

I playfully stole a kiss suddenly.

"…you are my highest priority."

Aigis's eyes teared at the corners, and she caught me in a feverent kiss.

Time waits for no one, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I will live with no regrets.