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Prologue/ First Chapter/Introduction

People. You never know who you can really trust. People, say that the greatest enemy of the humans, are themselves.

I believe that this quote, is made by the famous, Crock of Shit.

See, the problem with that saying, is that it's entirely, 100%, false. The greatest enemy of the human population, is something else...something...abnormal.

They are beings called, Pushers. Movers. Bleeders. Seers.A Stitch. And much more than you can imagine.

These things?Yeah. I happen to be 2 of them. Yes, 2.

I can make a man stab himself 20 times over and over again until I am satisfied, with just a look between our eyes. A Pusher. I hate it. I feel the immense pain, and hatred, just knowing I have access to that ability. It engulfs me into another world, dimension. Choking me, until it forces out that side of me,that I don't wish to have.

First incident, I was 5. My nanny, at the time, took me to the playground. I played in the sandbox with no recognition that people were around me. I saw a little girl casting a shadow over my view of my little sand castle. I remember looking up at her.

As I made eye contact, merely innocent, I spoke, "You want to play with me. Right?" She didn't say a word but the girl sat next to me anyway, helping me build my castle. Sunset came and the girl still wanted to play, for she didn't stop building castles. Her mom was coming this way.

I panicked.

"Don't stop playing with me! Please!" I said. She turned her head to face me.I looked at her in the eyes. "Just don't move!" I begged. I never had any friends before that day.

I realized that just by looking into her crystal blue eyes, I felt her thoughts. Her worries. Her soul. I remember thinking this was a good thing. I could make people into doing what I bid with no questions images in their mind. It came as a pleasure to me. To control people, sick people, injured people. Innocent children's minds.

But that's just it. I liked doing this to her. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this and kept controlling her as long as I wished.

When her mom came to get her, the little girl was shaking, couldn't stop moving her hands. I shouted to the mom while remaining eye contact with the girl, "She's my friend! I don't want her to stop playing!"

Her mom tried to get her daughter up but she wouldn't, almost as if she couldn't, move.

Commotion erupted. Her parents yelling,and crying. I remember feeling guilty of doing this and told the girl sullenly, "You can move now. You don't have to keep playing with me if you don't want to." I hoped she would say no and stay by my side.

She got up from the sand castle, crying hysterically to her mom. I could tell by just looking at her, that her body was aching and was stiff. It hurt for her to move.

She ended up going to the hospital. She had red burns on her hands from the friction of the sand, a bruised ankle from sitting in the same position too long, and her pupils dilated.

The next day, I didn't see her come to play with me. No one did.

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