Being a Seer. Huh. What can I tell you. It is JUST as dangerous, as being a Pusher.

Do you know what it is like...? Seeing these visions, be good or bad, do to a child or even a grown person?

Being able to foresee someone's future? Their lives, goals, achievements, and their deaths? It is traumatizing.

I do not know any of these people sometimes. The fact in the matter is, is that I can't prevent or help any of these people. Why? Because I am a little sissy girl who is afraid of the world.

It pains me greatly seeing these visions. Replaying in my head, over and over again. Trapped in your brain without your emotional consent.

Flashback-7 years old.

I was sitting on my bed. Combing my Barbie's blonde hair. I liked the texture of her hair. And it was so pretty and soft.

Suddenly, my breath left me. I was drawn into a world of mysterious and numerous colors. Different colors, such as purple,red,blue,orange,and yellow. It was a beautiful rainbow.

A silhouette appeared in the center of the color blob. A women, shouting hysterically. It looked like she was in a flee market.

She is pushing people and running down streets and sidewalks,shouting, "JASON! WHERE ARE YOU,BABY!?"

This lady's cries were scaring me. I desperately wanted to grasp her hand, tell her where he is.

Hiding behind a vendor's fruit shop. Oblivious to what he hears. He lifts his hand up, open, palm faced towards the sky.

A pear then appears above him. Flying high to the sky...slowly.

The woman is going in the opposite direction. Where is she going? Why can't she see the little boy? He is right there!

Sweat dripped down my forehead, but I couldn't move my hand to remove the damp surface.

The colorful blob became a dull, dark black for a second. It then faded to black and white.


The woman stopped furiously running up and down the streets. She stopped in the middle of the flee market. She started shaking and took 2 shaky steps forward then collapsed to her knees, eventually headed face first into the ground. She didn't move.

Blood engulfed that particular area. People around were screaming, but overall, you hear Jason's pained and panicked cries. Asking for his mom...the woman that died.

The last image I saw was a face. A man with blue eyes like the ocean, and blonde hair. Holding a gun...towards the direction of the dead woman.

I came out of the vision. I felt a tear on my cheek, eventually landing on my doll's hair.

Funny. He had the same hair as my Barbie doll. I wonder if his hair is soft too.

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