Note: This first "chapter" is sort of an opener. If I get good reviews I'll continue it with longer chapters, and if I don't I'll scap it. Constructive criticism and ideas are welcome.

His stomach growled demanding food. "God dammit, I'm starving!" he grumbled. It had been three days since the last time he ate, and that was definitely about to change. "Jet! You got any leads on that bounty yet?!" "I'm working on it Spike; these things take time you know." "A week isn't enough?" he groaned. "Not when you're this guy," Jet said showing him a picture of a boy who couldn't have been older than fifteen. "There's a bounty on a kid?" Spike asked suddenly becoming interested. "What did he do?" "All it says here is that he's wanted for fifteen counts of murder." "That scrawny kid?" "Yep." "Well, since you haven't had much luck, and mainly because I'm starving, I'm gonna do a little searching of my own." And with that, Spike stood up, threw his jacket over his shoulder, and headed for the Swordfish. "Uh… all right," said Jet not too sure about what had just happened.

"Where's lunk-head off to?" Faye asked as she made her way into the room. "He's going out to get some info on the bounty...which is more than you've done." "For your information, I'm the one who told you about that kid! Therefore, my work here is done." "I guess you don't want any of the twenty-five million woolongs then," Jet teased. "Twenty-five mil?!" "Yep." "You know I was just joking about not helping right Jet?" Faye said trying to play it off as a joke. "Of course. But you better hurry before Spike gets him first." "Right," she said already out the door. "That was way too easy," Jet said to chuckling to himself.