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Girl's Night

"Ok, I'm getting another beer. Annie? Shirley?" Britta said, standing up. The three females of the study group were having a girls-night at Britta's apartment. They had realized they hadn't been spending as much time together lately, ever since Shirley had her baby and Annie moved in with the boys.

"Water please," Shirley said sweetly.

"Do you have any more of those hard ciders left?" Annie asked. She didn't handle alcohol too well, but she didn't want Britta to drink alone either. Shirley was adamant that she didn't drink anymore, although she was silent on the reasons why.

The movie's credits were rolling, a bowl of popcorn between them down to just the kernels. While Britta's apartment was small, it still felt cozy. Her blind cat was snoring quietly on Shirley's lap, and Annie stretched out on the floor, a pillow underneath her.

Sometimes it was really nice to just have the girls around, and not worry about anything serious. When Jeff was there, she felt like she had to be mature and grown-up. Troy and Abed were fun, but they tended to get wrapped up in their own world and forget to include her; although lately they were getting better at that, especially after she and Abed had their solo session in the Dreamatorium. She smiled to herself, remembering their last Blorgon blasting. They could have a lot of fun together, sometimes.

"What are you thinking about?" Shirley asked, looking at her curiously.

"Hmm?" Annie said, interrupted from her memories.

"You just started smiling, I was just wondering if there's something you're thinking about," Shirley fished. She was always looking for new gossip, and Annie was smiling as if she had a secret.

"Nothing!" Annie said, waving her hand. "Just thinking how nice it is to be with you and Britta for a change. Sometimes all the testosterone gets to me, you know?"

Shirley nodded. "There are just some things you can't talk about in mixed company."

"Ooh, are we getting to the good stuff now?" Britta asked, re-entering the room. She handed out the drinks to her friends and snuggled back into the couch next to Shirley.

"We were just talking about the things we can do without the boys here," Annie explained, opening her cider. It was so sweet, and she hardly tasted the alcohol. She was careful not to drink too much, even though Shirley had promised to drive her home.

"Like what?" Britta asked, before raising her hand to her own question. "Oh! Like Fuck Marry or Kill!"

"Excuse me?" Shirley asked, putting down her water.

"Oh, er, I guess we can call it 'F', Marry or Kill," Britta retracted. "It's a game."

"I've played it before," Annie said excitedly. "You name three people, and you have to choose whether you'd... you know... have sex with them, marry them, or kill them."

"I know I'm the only one here married," Shirley said, "But you do know that you have sex after you're married, right?"

"It's not that," explained Britta, "It's like, one person you choose just for their body or whatever, the other person who you'd like to spend the rest of your life with, and another person who you'd never want to see again. Annie, give us an example."

"Hmmm, okay," Annie said, thinking about the Pixar movie they just finished. "Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid, Shang from Mulan, or Aladdin?"

Britta rolled her eyes. "Seriously? Princes?"

"They weren't all princes," Annie said, "only Eric. Anyway, you made me go first, and it's hard to think right off the top of my head. Answer the question."

"Fine. I'd fuck Aladdin, because he lied to Jasmine but he's still handsome. I'd kill Eric because he's only in love with Ariel for her looks, and marry Shang because he respects Mulan's strength."

Annie knew she could get in a whole argument with Britta over her choices, but that wasn't the point of the game. Although even she had to admit Aladdin was sexy for a cartoon character. "Ok Britta, now ask Shirley!"

"Shirley!" Britta turned to her friend. "John Cusack in Say Anything, John Cusack in High Fidelity, or John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank."

"Well," Shirley said a bit hesitantly, "I suppose I'd marry him in Say Anything, and he is pretty cute in High Fidelity. I haven't seen Gross Blank, so I guess he can die."

The other two women clapped for her, glad she was participating in the game.

"This is fun!" She exclaimed. "My turn? Ok, Annie... Oh, darnit, I can't think of anyone!"

"It doesn't have to be fictional, you know," Britta said. "It could be anyone."

"Hmm," she said, thinking. "Dean Pelton, Todd, or Professor Kane!"

"Oh you're evil!" Britta exclaimed, smiling. "I love it!"

Annie rolled her eyes. "Seriously? You're gonna make me choose between THEM? Ugh."

"You have to answer, Annie!" Britta said, positively gleeful. Annie swore she would get back at her later.

"And to think, I was so nice to you!" Annie sighed. "I would... marry Professor Kane, since it would be neat to be married to a teacher. You would learn so much!"

Britta groaned. "Annie, only you would think that."

"I suppose, if you're making me choose, I'd rather have sex with practically anyone than Todd, so there's my answer." Annie finished her sentence in a rush, face flaming with embarrassment.

The girls played a few more rounds, getting sillier and sillier. Shirley revealed her bizarre choice of Bill Cosby over President Kennedy, while Britta surprised no one by marrying Che Guevara.

Finally, it was Shirley's turn to ask Annie. "I can't think of any more famous people," she said. "How about... Jeff, Abed, or Troy?"

Annie gasped. "Shirley! I can't choose between them! They're my friends."

"Oh, you're right," Shirley said, sounding disappointed. "I guess we knew who you'd choose anyway."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Annie asked, outraged.

"Well, obviously you wouldn't kill Jeff. So, would you rather marry or have sex with Jeff?"

"Hold on," Britta interrupted. "Annie lives with Troy and Abed now. And she used to have a crush on Troy!" She smiled, looking pleased with herself.

"Yes!" Shirley agreed. "So I guess the real question is, would you marry Jeff or Troy?"

Annie frowned and crossed her arms. "This is wrong, you guys. I won't talk about our friends this way."

"Fine," Britta grumbled. "Have it your way. Who wants to play Bananagrams?"