A/N: I'm once again obsessed with Warehouse. I should be studying, but I think Warehouse is way more fun and important. :P I had this idea and figured I would see where it would go. Enjoy!

Pete walked in the door of the warehouse, whistling an upbeat tune. It was nearly 11:30 in the afternoon, but it had been fairly quiet lately and they had been taking it easy. He figured he could stop by and see what was happening with the rest of the gang. The door shut behind him and the other occupants of the room turned to look at the newest arrival.

Claudia glanced back and gave him a wave over her shoulder, continuing to type on her keyboard. Artie gave him a mildly disapproving glance before turning back to the piles of paper in front of him.

"Hello, amigos," he chirped. "How are we this afternoon?"

"How nice of you to drop by," Artie rolled his eyes.

"It's a Saturday, Artie!" Pete defended. "I know that, you know, artifacts are always out there wreaking havoc," he waved his arms around, "and whatnot, but we can sleep in now and then."

"That's weird." Claudia backed her chair away from the computer.

"I don't think wanting to sleep in a little is that strange, Claud."

"No, dude, not that. That's normal, even though you may not be. Artie, take a look." Claudia glanced back at the two men, waving Artie over to the computer.

"What is it?" Pete asked, just as a beeping sound interrupted him. "Aaaaaand I can guess it's something not good."

"Indeed not," Artie confirmed, leaning past Claudia to look at the flashing computer. "There's something wrong in the orchid sector."

"The what sector? Who named it that?" Pete questioned.

"The orchid sector, it houses- you know what? Nevermind. Let's go." He straightened up and turned to walk out the door.

"What? Go where?" Pete rushed to follow Artie, Claudia on his heels. "Where are Myka and Steve?"

"Doing inventory," Claudia informed him. "Apparently something went really wrong there."

"Could you tell what was wrong?"

"No, the computer only tells us that there is a problem and where it is. No specifics." Claudia jogged a bit to keep up.

"My bet: Myka or Steve touched something they shouldn't have," Artie added, giving a thoughtful glance across the warehouse.

"Steve?" Claudia called out, glancing down the rows of artifacts.

"Myka?" Pete yelled, mimicking Claudia's actions. The bad news was neither of the agents were anywhere to be found. The good news was that nothing catastrophic seemed to be happening.

"Artie, could it have been a false alarm?" Pete asked, continuing his search. He was getting more panicked by the minute.

"The warehouse doesn't make those kinds of mistakes," Artie replied. "Although if there is a glitch in the system, I suppose it's possible."

"No glitch," Claudia yelled from a few aisles over. "Everything's working fine."

Pete rounded a corner and stopped in his tracks. "Hi," he said quietly. He approached the little girl slowly. She was crouched down behind a ladder, watching him cautiously. "What's your name?"

The girl shook her head and looked down. Pete stopped moving towards her and turned around to face the end of the aisle. "Guys! Over here!"

He turned to face the girl and heard Artie and Claudia rush up behind him. "What is it? What did you find?" Claudia gasped, out of breath.

Pete indicated with his hand to the girl. "Woah, she's new."

"She's scared," Pete told them. He turned back to face the girl. "Claudia, talk to her."

"What, why me?" Claudia stammered out. "I know nothing about kids."

"Claudia, you're the youngest and the only girl of the three of us. You look the least threatening," Pete told her.

Claudia glanced at Pete and then at Artie. Artie nodded and she sighed before taking a few steps forward and crouching down to the girl's level.

"Hi," Claudia began. "My name's Claudia. These are my friends Pete and Artie. What's your name?" The girl looked up but didn't say anything. "It's okay, we just want to help you," Claudia continued.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," the little girl replied.

Claudia glanced up at Pete and Artie at this small victory before turning back to the girl. "Well… that's a very good point," Claudia told her. "But we just want to help you. If you tell us your name maybe we can help you find your mom and dad."

The girl looked skeptical, but she eventually came out from behind the ladder a little. "I'm Myka," the girl finally answered, followed by a collective gasp from the other three warehouse agents.

Claudia stood back up to talk to the guys. "That's Myka? What happened to her?" she whispered. Claudia and Pete looked at Artie expectantly.

"Well, it could be any number of things…" Artie trailed. Pete and Claudia continued to stare. "But I have no idea." He admitted.

"So what do we do?" Claudia asked.

"We should take her back to the office," Artie finally said. "We need to keep an eye on her until we can figure out what happened."

Pete turned to face the little version of Myka. Now that he knew who he was looking at, he realized that he should have recognized her before. She was only about 6 or 7, but she still looked like Myka. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a frilly purple top with unicorns on it. Her curly dark hair tumbled past her shoulders and ended almost at her waist. Her big green eyes gazed up at him. She was looking less afraid and more curious.

Pete crouched down near her, aware that her eyes were following his every move. "Hi, Myka." He gave her a little wave. "My name's Pete. It's very nice to meet you. You don't remember, but we are your friends. We can help you, but you need to come with us. I bet I can find you some ice cream."

"Oh, that's great, try to lure her with ice cream. That's as good as 'I have some candy back in my van.' Way to sound creepy, dude." Claudia rolled her eyes. Pete shot her a glare and she held up her hands in surrender. "Just saying."

"Do you want to come?" Pete continued. Myka looked unsure, but she eventually nodded. Pete smiled at her and she walked over to him and grabbed his hand. Hand in hand, they headed back to the office with Artie and Claudia.

So in Trials we got to see what Pete was like as a kid. What about Myka?