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All my life I've been in service to the Royal Family of Hyrule. As a Sheikah I am bound by blood. To protect and be of service is the reason for the creation of my race.

Many years ago, Hylians outside the Royal Family grew uneasy around the Sheikah people, and eventually attempted to banish us. We used to live in harmony with the Hylians in the town below the great castle of Hyrule, then we were cast into exile. The Sheikah built a little village of our own not too far from Hyrule Castle. It was named Kakariko, which can be translated back to Hylian from the ancient language of Sheikan into the single word, "Home." I was born in Kakariko, but not raised in the village. My mother took up studying the Spirit Temple in the Gerudo Desert until she was killed there. I could tell you the full story now, but you will hear it in time. After that terrible day, Impa took me into her care as her own child when I was eight. That was ten years ago, and I have been in the service to the Princess Zelda ever since.
The Sheikahs were proud of Kakariko—it truly was the home away from home for the tribes that were driven away. Centuries after it had been built, my aunt, Impa, the leader of Kakariko decided to open the village to the public. The population continues to grow as Hylians make it their home as well. My aunt, who is also the caretaker of Princess Zelda, has never been ashamed to let people know her race, and hopes one day Sheikah and Hylians can live in peace together once more.

Now, if you were to trace our history back even farther from that, you would find there was a time when Sheikah had yet another considerable task to carry out—aside from protecting the Royal Family and the Hylian people. A tribe, whose name has been lost over the ages, protected the most ancient and sacred relic in Hyrule: the Triforce. These three golden triangles were given to the land by the three goddesses; Din, Farore and Nayru. When the true power of the Triforce was discovered, the inhabitants of Hyrule sought dominion over it; waging wars in their pursuit. The task of protecting the relic became too great for that single tribe, and the Triforce was removed from their care to be sealed away in a place called the Sacred Realm. The Sacred Realm was created by the goddesses themselves, and the entrance to the realm is guarded by multiple challenges.

As I was saying—because of the selfish hearts people possess, accompanied with the desirable power of the Triforce, civil wars will periodically wage in Hyrule until the end of time. For peace to reign over the land, to end the fighting for a time, the goddesses designed a righteous spirit to defend the Triforce in their stead. The soul of the Hero will be reincarnated throughout the ages so long as the goddesses remain merciful.

Of course, not all of Hyrule's inhabitants are damned, the spirit of the hero is not the only virtuous being, and peace can reign for centuries at a time. Hyrule is the finest of the many lands in the world: blessed by the gods who created it.
But even still; there are times when a fell wind blows, bringing death, darkness, and despair with it.

During my time, the wind was blowing in from the west.

Twenty years ago, Hyrule began to fall into a civil war with the Gerudo—the people of the desert.
Ganondorf, the King of the Gerudos grew more power hungry than any ruler the desert people have seen. Thirteen years later, Hyrule's king sought to make peace with our neighbors of the west by means of a treaty. The treaty was to be signed by Ganondorf himself, drawing the fight to a close before it became uncontrollable. Some may say King Hyrule's attempt was foolish, but I know no fool would calmly accept the brutal war that loomed in the distance on his land. King Hyrule reached out, desperate for anything that could save his people. He was not a fool, but his hope was a fool's chance.

With the treaty signed, Ganondorf departed, and all seemed well. There is an old saying my father used to recite while living in the desert about never trusting a Gerudo, but I was very young, and therefore only remember that being the main point.

All of Hyrule had been deceived by the King of Evil. A month after the counterfeit truce, Ganondorf and his followers attacked. They were ruthless, and took most of the lives in the Hylian army along with over half the lives of the Castle Town residents. Ganondorf was willing to cut down anyone in his path to get to the Triforce; determined to seize its power.

Impa escaped with Princess Zelda just in time while I rescued the remaining soldiers, castle guards, and their families who were lucky to be alive. I couldn't tell you where exactly my aunt went with the princess, but I took the remnant back to Kakariko, where they built a camp and have been in hiding ever since.

Fearful and confused for days, I managed to meet up with Impa and Zelda by means of a Gossip Stone my aunt contacted me through. My hope was short-lived as I then received terrible news that I had dreaded over the past days. Ganondorf had gotten his wish by attacking Castle Town, and the Triforce had fallen into his hands.

Princess Zelda explained to me yet again of the boy from Kokiri Forest who had come to visit her. The boy, accompanied by a blue forest fairy, had showed up unannounced in the castle's courtyard the very same day Ganondorf signed the treaty with her father. This day took place several nights after Zelda's nightmare she believed to be prophesying Hyrule's fate. She speculated the Forest boy named Link was the spirit of the Hero reborn, and so gave him the tools and information to open the Sacred Realm and save the Triforce.

Afterwards, Zelda told me of her dream from the night before I arrived. A sage named Rauru came to her in that dream, declaring he was the last remaining sage of old. Rauru revealed to Zelda what happened once the last key to the Sacred Realm had been pulled from its lock. The spirit of the Hero had been reborn, obtained all three Spiritual Stones, and reclaimed the legendary Master Sword. By doing this, Link opened the gates to the Triforce. But Link, the chosen vessel for the Hero's spirit, was just a boy, and so had been sealed inside what is known as the Chamber of Sages in the heart of the Sacred Realm until his body grew old enough. When he awakens, he will be called the Hero of Time.

The wise Rauru affirmed one last thing before the dream faded: the Triforce had indeed been split, and Ganondorf failed to acquire all three pieces. He obtained only the part which represents his true self, and the force he most treasures: Power. Wisdom and Courage remained.

The spirit of the Hero is a well known bedtime story for the Sheikah people. When that one has been told too often, it's replaced by the tale of the missing sages, which actually reflects back on the Hero.

I know the Hero is to have a Sheikah Guide on his journey: someone to lead him to the five great temples scattered across Hyrule so that he may awaken the remaining sages. I know the Guide's duty is to protect the Hero with their life; binding their soul to his very being. I've heard the Sheikah's connection with the reborn Hero would be stronger than any other charge they may have been bound to; granting them the ability to be able to sense his presence to further protect him. (I can't exactly explain that last part in full detail.) I know these stories by heart, I've heard them all my life, but I never expected them to be a part of it.

Also—I was fully aware that Impa and I were the last two Sheikahs in Hyrule, and that Impa had already been assigned a charge.

The task was given to me by Princess Zelda. I took the oath at eleven years old to protect the Hero's life as if it were my own. I bound my soul to his. I accepted the burden of studying all the legend of the past Heroes chosen by the goddesses, the prophecy of this age's Hero, the Triforce, and the temples.

Seven years I've been training for the day when the Hero of Time would emerge from the Temple of Light. Seven years have I studied the Great Temples throughout Hyule. Seven long, bloody years I've waited for him.

My name is Sheik, and I am the Hero of Time's Guide.

Chapter one

A Long Awaited Presence

Sheik was pacing, muscles tense—eyes darting all around the area. He couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and it pushed his nerves over the edge. He already hated it here. Why did they have to move their hide-out to the outskirts of Kokiri Forest? Why couldn't they have just stayed where they were? They were well hidden in the small cave just up Zora's River.

Here, in this stupid forest, the trees may be tight nit, but it felt as though everything was open. And yes, his aunt Impa's protective magic hid their small area from the naked eye, but he was still worried. He still had the feeling someone could jump out at them in the middle of the night.

"Nephew, be still!" Impa barked from the small campfire her and the Princess of Hyrule had started in the small clearing. She had become tired of her nephew's pacing an hour ago. "Do not let your nerves get the best of you. You are a Sheikah!"

"I know that," Sheik answered idly, not being able to bring his voice over a whisper, still pacing back and forth and wringing his hands.

"He's worried," said Zelda, poking their small fire with a stick.

The princess, being on the run, could not wear any of the clothing fit for royalty. Ever since Ganondorf had taken over the castle seven years ago, Zelda was forced into hiding. As of now, she wore an exoskeleton similar to Sheik's, her being forest green instead of deep blue. Impa had gotten the idea to charm the garment like a creature that blends in with its surroundings for protection, so the exoskeleton blended with almost every environment they were in. Her blonde hair fell down to the small of her back—she had gone a while without getting a proper haircut—and her dark blue eyes shimmered in the firelight.

"I hate this place..." Sheik mumbled, slowing his feet to a stop in front of Zelda.

"Your negative energy will draw every enemy in Hyrule to us if you do not calm down," the superstitious Impa continued, ignoring Zelda and glaring at her nephew. "We will be safe here. You have never had any doubts in Sheikah magic before."

"Of course I've no doubts in your—"

"Then be still!"

Sheik looked incredulously between the two. "How can you possibly be positive in a world filled with negativity?" They did not answer and Sheik huffed.

Zelda patted the earthy ground next to her as an invitation to Sheik. He hesitated, but the Princess insisted, and so sat reluctantly. The princess looked fondly at her friend and could almost feel how uneasy he was. She watched his ruby red eyes flash around at any shadow the light from the fire cast. Sheik was so sweet—always looking out for others. He never put himself first, and that was a gift and a curse.

It was nice to see Sheik not wearing the cowl that usually hid the bottom half of his face, but without it showed the worried scowl over his lips. The orange firelight danced across Sheik's smooth, tan skin, and the only imperfection on his face was a rather nasty scar that traveled from his right ear and curved down to the middle of his jaw-line. Although Sheik was not very fond of his scar, Zelda liked it. It gave him a fierce, and strong appearance, but showed he was still human: just like how Zelda always thought of him.

"Be positive, Sheik," Zelda said happily, her hand on his. "You have already told us that you've sensed Link's waking, and all of this will end when he does."

Sheik narrowed his eyes. He never truly wanted to believe the princess's stories about this Link character, although he did. To Sheik, the Hero was just a lost boy from this wretched forest. Young, carefree, and currently sleeping away seven years of war in the Temple of Light. He didn't have to watch the enemy taking over Hyrule completely. He didn't have to endure the terrible sights Sheik has seen throughout these seven hard years. He didn't have to care about anything... for now—for now he was sleeping. Nevertheless, she was right about him knowing that the Hero would soon wake.

"How old is this boy, again?" Sheik asked the area at large.

It was the princess who answered, still poking the fire with her spindly stick, "Well... right now, he should be seventeen."

Sheik scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"If I remember correctly," Zelda said sarcastically, looking up at him. "Not too long ago, you were seventeen."

"It is different, Princess," he replied with a sigh, folding his arms around his knees which were brought up to his chest. "I am not the Chosen Hero of Time. Also, I've grown up in this war, whereas he has slept it away."

Zelda raised an eyebrow. "So, you think he's not going to be good enough?"

Sheik's eyes widened and he cleared his throat, uncrossing his arms. "Absolutely not, Princess," he said in a much softer voice, "I only mean to say—"

"Quiet, you two," Impa interrupted. She was hard at work, drawing a map of the land of Hyrule for Sheik to carry with him at all times. This would be his fifth one.

Seven years ago, Sheik had sworn an oath to protect the Hero of Time, and to be his Guide on this journey. Doing so, Sheik was bound to the Hero.

A few weeks before now, Sheik had sensed the Hero's waking. It was sort of a powerful feeling, one he had never experienced before. It gave him chills and an odd image in his mind's eye of a tall young boy in green with a shimmering blue light next to him. Obviously this is what Impa thought Sheik was impatient about, because he had told her and Zelda the strange feeling and the image. The Princess said that the light next to Link was from his fairy friend that was with him at all times.

Once that was over, Sheik's aunt began to help him prepare to leave them and go wait for the Hero and to travel around with him during his adventure. Of course, Sheik knew Hyrule like the back of his hand, but he could never be too careful. Zelda could not be with Link just yet, plus, it was too dangerous for the princess to return anywhere close to Castle Town at the moment, and also, Impa will never leave her alone for a long period of time, so Sheik was going alone to the Temple of Time where the Hero would be arriving.

"I was only joking, Sheik," Zelda whispered. "I just don't see what your problem is with Link."

"It's not that I have a... problem with him," Sheik whispered back, staring hard into the fire. It was sort of a lie. He just didn't see why the goddesses would pick him for their Hero of Time. Why would they choose such a young fairy-child from the Forest? From Zelda's stories of him, he just sounded like a frail little boy.

"Yes you do," Zelda pressed. "Every time I mention him, you turn to stone and start rambling about fate and that other stuff!"

"Well, it's just... I don't think I'll like him much," Sheik voiced the thought that had been bothering him for a while now. He was bound to the Hero, but here he was, afraid that he wouldn't like him. It was scary to think that, especially for Sheik. He would be tied to the Hero for life, and if he didn't like him—

Zelda gave a tinkling laugh. "Oh, yes you will!"

"I have my doubts in him..." he muttered. Growing up over seven years, his source of comfort came from knowing there was something other for him than just the life of a Sheikah who was never assigned a charge. But as he became older, Sheik began questioning the dormant Hero's valor and his understanding of his new-found duty to the land of Hyrule.

"And why is that?"

Sheik started playing with his hands again. "I really don't know... It's just— he's a child, Zelda!" he whispered, looking in her eyes. "Who ever thought he would be the goddess' Chosen Hero? He has no history of heroism, and he's not even of age!"

"He is now! But I guess... that doesn't matter," Zelda answered slowly.

"What if he's completely horrid?"

"Sheik, I've told you how wonderful Link is numerous times."

"What if he cannot complete his destiny? Or if he doesn't even accept it? And what—"

Before Sheik could finish, Impa looked up. Her red eyes were almost identical to Sheik's—perhaps a bit lighter—and they were flashing, not because of the firelight, mind. "By questioning Link, you are doubting the goddesses' decision!" she snapped. "You should know better than that, Sheik!"

"I-I know—" Sheik began, feeling a flush creeping up his face.

"He's worried!" Zelda said again.

"I have seen the lad myself and have sensed the strength of his heart. Are you perhaps questioning my judgment?" Impa went on, pushing grey hair behind her long ear.

Sheik dropped his gaze. "No aunt. I trust you would know..." He was being utterly foolish. He ought to feel more ashamed of himself than he already did. He did not know what came over him. Most likely the cause was the stress being put on him from Link's awakening. Even so, it was very un-Sheikah like. "I'm sorry..."

"No, Sheik. Don't be," Zelda whispered, seeing that Impa had gone back to her work. She hated it when Sheik got in trouble. "I understand."

"You should rest, Princess," Sheik told her, ignoring her. She should also be upset with him for the things he said, but knowing Zelda, she would probably never be angry with Sheik.

"I'll only rest if you do too," the Princess said, stubbornly.

"Zelda, I—"

"Come on, Sheik," she interrupted. "You need to sleep as well. You may not need as much sleep as regular people, but Sheikah have their own limits. It's been days since you had a full night's rest!"

He looked over the fire at Impa and she met his gaze. "Sleep peacefully tonight, Sheik. I will watch over here," she said, in a much softer voice than before; smiling at her nephew.

"Thank you, aunt," Sheik grinned. He was relieved to actually be able to sleep the entire night. It really had been ages.

Their bedrolls had already been set out on the Forest floor, and Sheik crawled onto his after making sure the Princess was on hers.

Zelda smiled at her friend who was quickly falling asleep. "Sheik, don't worry. You'll like Link. Trust me."

The princess' comforting words were the last thing Sheik heard that night.

Sheik woke before the sun had even made it past the trees. Zelda had gone to sleep on her own bedroll, but sometime during the night she found her way onto Sheik's. He didn't mind, as long as she kept warm, and the Forest got quite cold at night. The thing that had woken him was a presence. Not his aunt, already awake and moving quietly around their campsite, nor the Princess, who was fast asleep. It was the very same presence of a righteous power which he swore an oath to protect seven years ago; binding him and that soul together. It came from the Sacred Realm.

He untangled himself from Zelda and got to his feet. "Aunt," he whispered to Impa who was sitting on the forest floor, scratching a quill against a bit of parchment; most likely a letter to the remnant camp.

"I have felt it too," she answered, not even bothering to ask Sheik what he was talking about.

She glanced over at her nephew. She looked tired today, the familiar fire in her eyes was dim and Sheik felt a pang of guilt in his chest. His aunt had not slept well for a long time, always making sure Sheik slept, no matter how much he protested. Impa was climbing up there in age, judging by the fact that her once black hair had almost completely turned grey, but she was just as pretty as ever. Her strong face held a sort of proud look as she gazed at her nephew, a slight smile on her large lips.

"You do sense the boy in the Sacred Realm, correct?" she asked while getting to her feet and tying her shoulder-length hair up.

Sheik nodded. "He is waking."

"Indeed," she agreed. "I was worried you were losing your connection with him, what with being so negative about the task set before you and him."

"No," Sheik muttered, dropping his head, still ashamed of last night.

"You must set off at once."

"Yes, Aunt."

He immediately began to prepare for his trip to the Temple of Time. All the while, he went through the things he learned for this moment in his head—the things he had been studying for the past seven years. Almost half his life.

This was it, after the Hero of Time's waking, Sheik's duty to him and to Hyrule would be set into motion. All his training, studying, and hard work was finally about to be put to the test. A Sheikah rarely got nervous, but Sheik was at the moment. This was everything to him.

Sheik pulled back his long blonde hair and tied it up with a white turban that sat tight against his head. After, he picked out his tabard from his bag and threw it over the deep blue exoskeleton he wore. The tabard was white just like his turban, save for the large red Sheikah Eye on the front. This eye was the symbol of his people. He was very proud of it and happy the tabard his aunt gave him bore it. Next, he attached the last piece of his clothing to the tabard, the white cowl that covered a large amount of his face. He didn't pull the cowl up over his nose just yet, though.

Although he could be recognized be the Eye on his front, he was only to be known as a Sheikah warrior. He covered half his face to show no attachment to anyone, and no one was permitted to be attached to him—save for the Hero. The Sheikah Tribe fought as one. Their personal appearance did not matter. They fought in the shadows and went unnoticed. Finally, he wrapped both his forearms with long white bandages and hid a small knife in each one, and then attached a long dagger to the belt on his thigh. He was ready.

"Here," Impa whispered, handing Sheik the map she had been working on the previous night, but not letting it go. "You are to come back here, you understand?"

"Once he is prepared to enter the first temple," Sheik answered.

She smiled, and released the map. "Correct. If we have in fact moved hideouts before you return, I have marked the locations we might choose to stay on your map. If you are still confused, head for the main camp. I will meet you there if you do not find us within a day's time."

Sheik nodded and slipped the folded parchment into a pocket inside his tabard, knowing not to open it just yet.

He looked over at the sleeping princess and sighed. "Should I wake her?"

"If you are concerned of upsetting her, I think you leaving without a good-bye would cause her to be even more," Impa replied in her wise, motherly tone.

Sheik nodded, figuring she was right, and returned to Zelda's side to poke her in the shoulder. "Princess?"

Having been on the run for seven years, Zelda learned to be a very light sleeper—almost as light as a Sheikah. She became highly alert, no matter how tired she was. She jerked awake and sat bolt up-right. "Sheik? Is everything alright?"

Sheik smiled warmly at her. "Yes, Zelda," he whispered, trying to sound soothing, but nerves got the better of him yet again. "I'm leaving."

"Wh—what? Where!?" Zelda asked quickly, rubbing her eyes.

"It's the Hero of Time," Sheik replied.

"Link? What's wrong with him?"

"He is waking."

Zelda just stared at Sheik for a moment before smiling. "He is old enough. Just as I thought..."

Sheik nodded. "I have to get to the Temple of Time."

Before Sheik could say another word, Zelda had thrown her arms around him. She was excited for her friend, but also scared for him. He was going straight into the enemy's base. Yes, the goddesses would protect him on this fated day, but she felt worried. She couldn't believe, after all his years of training, the time had finally come. Occasionally it was as if she went through the training as well by having to watch her friend endure it day by day. Sometimes Zelda even went to the Temples with him, wearing her own cowl. That brought back memories of having to listen to him study daily, seeing the sweat pour from his face as he trained to be the best assassin in the land. Having to see his blood and his tears...

"Oh, Sheik! The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. This is your moment!" she cried.

"Princess, it is not my moment. It's the Hero's," he corrected, pushing her back just far enough to look her in the eyes.

Zelda sighed and got to her feet. "Still. You play a huge role in this. Are you nervous?"

Sheik stood up as well. "Yes," he admitted through a grin.

"Don't be. Link is a wonderful person—and don't make that face!" she added when she saw Sheik had an, 'oh, please,' expression.

"I'm so proud of you," she continued, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder. The little Sheikah boy she had known almost all her life was growing up. Quickly, she might add; judging by the fact that he used to be her height, but not so much anymore.

"Thank you, Princess," Sheik smiled. It was an honor for the Princess of Hyrule to already be proud of him.

"How many times must I ask you to call me by my name, Sheik?" Zelda asked, putting the hand on her hip now, sounding irritated but smiling. "You don't have to be so formal with me, you know."

Sheik refrained from rolling his eyes. "I'm apologize, Prin—ah! Zelda! Must you hit me?"

Zelda laughed and hugged Sheik again. "I'll miss you."

"I'll be back soon," he promised. "Be careful, and stay safe."

"I will."

Zelda finally released him and took a step back, grinning.

Sheik looked over at his aunt, who had been watching their good-bye.

"Are you ready to leave, nephew?" Impa asked.

Sheik nodded and then turned back to the Princess. He brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her on the forehead. "Stay safe."

"May the goddesses guide you on your way," Zelda answered with something she had learned from Sheik himself. She then pulled up Sheik's cowl over half his face: just like the way he always wore it, then she eyed his turban with distaste. She hated that he always covered his face, but she despised when he tied up his long, gorgeous blonde hair.

"Thank you, Zelda. I'll see you soon," Sheik said.

With one last proud look from Impa and one more hug from Zelda, he was gone. Out into Hyrule and off to the Temple of Time.

Impa had taught him a spell long ago that would warp him anywhere he had the power to go. It might have been easier to do so, but on a day like today, Sheikah magic could interfere with the power from Sacred Realm sending the Hero back from the Temple of Light. Sheik wasn't sure, but didn't want to take any chances. So instead, Sheik warped to a random spot only two miles away from Castle Town—giving the Sacred Realm a wide berth, but shortening his trip. Being a Sheikah meant Sheik was a very skilled runner. He hadn't even broken a sweat and he had been running for a while; keeping to trees and staying out of sight. Sheik was stealthy, agile and well armed, but he couldn't help being on edge again. He knew he was in danger just sprinting across Hyrule Field, straight towards the enemy's base as Zelda had said, but he also knew of the Hero's prophecy.

The goddesses would protect the Hero and his guardian on the day of their chosen one's awakening. They actual prophesied day being the same day he took the Master Sword from its pedestal. But, by a divine prank, the Sacred Realm had sealed the young boy away in the Temple of Light for seven years. In that time, terrible things had happened to the land of Hyrule—things that made the shadow warrior want to sink into his own shadow as he approached Castle Town. Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule Castle only to replace it with a large, dark, frightening tower and it was no longer safe there. Sheik had seen the tower up close only once in his life while out on a mission in Castle Town five years ago.

The Sheikah had heard the most awful news there, and it had been the hardest thing he ever reported back to the remnant camp. The King, who was being held captive in the tower for two years, had been tortured to death for information of his daughter's whereabouts. Zelda had only cried into Sheik's shoulder for a shorter while than he expected, saying that her father would have been proud of them all and that he would want them to remain strong for him. To this day, Sheik knows Zelda still cries when she thinks no one can hear her.

A little over an hour later, the agile Sheikah made it to the town's drawbridge, if it could be called that anymore. The bridge had been snapped apart, now laying in two pieces in the moat, leaving the town completely exposed, not that protection here mattered anymore. Sheik leapt over it quickly and sprinted into the town.

The greeting sight was terrible. The happy Castle Town had been utterly destroyed in the past seven years. Houses had been burned to the ground, their windows blown out and boarded up. The trees were bare, the grass dry, and the only birds here were crows. The birds of death, Sheikah called them. Even if Hyrule had not truly been at peace since the civil war started just over twenty years ago, Castle Town had been the one place where you could feel safe. That was, if you were any race other than a Sheikah. Now evil had claimed it.

Sheik slowed his feet to a stop on the cobblestone path and sank into the shadows of one of the dilapidating houses; listening hard before he went onward to the deserted Market.

Ganondorf's armies could be anywhere, and if Sheik was spotted—No. The Goddesses were protecting Sheik today. He needn't worry so much, but again, it couldn't helped. He drew his dagger and clenched his fingers around it tightly. As Sheik listened, a strange, haunting noise met his sharp ears. It signaled that he was not alone here, but it didn't belong to anything alive. It was a deathly sound; a gurgling, moaning that belonged to either a Poe, or the fearsome creature known as a ReDead.

Sneaking out to the square, Sheik would have rather taken the former. Six cold, decaying, bloodied ReDeads were stumbling and moaning all throughout the town, screeching at nothing in particular, their hollowed eyes staring around blankly. A ReDead was a dead body that was cursed to come back to life and haunt wherever it had been killed. Many people had died in Castle Town seven years ago, therefore Ganondorf himself cursed their bodies to work for him. It was horrible. Those people should have been put to rest, but here they were, unable to because of the state Hyrule was in.

Sheik cringed at the sight of them, but then mentally slapped himself for it. He was a Sheikah, he shouldn't be scared of these creatures. He could stay here and kill them all to put them out of their misery, but that might alert a higher enemy to his presence, maybe even the King of Evil himself.

Ganondorf knew that Sheik was in hiding with Princess Zelda, and how he knew was beyond them. Maybe a foe he had faced in the past had told the Evil King. If Sheik was caught by Ganon, there would be no escape. Look what happened to the King of Hyrule.

He slid his dagger back into its sheath and gritted his teeth. Very quickly—and very quietly—Sheik sneaked past them all and ran into the courtyard that led to the Temple of Time.

He stared around at the familiar place with a feeling of remorse. It was almost unrecognizable, and just like the other parts of the town, the trees were bare, the grass was dead, and the crows called only to add an even eerier feel to it. The scenery was terrible as well. The swirling cloud that hovered above Death Mountain in the distance was just as bad as the one hanging over the King of Evil's tower.

The only thing that appeared unharmed was the Temple of Time itself. The magical spells around it had protected the building from anything Ganondorf or his created servants could've done.

In front of one of the dead gardens sat a single Gossip Stone. These stones were invented a thousand years ago for the Sheikah people to communicate with each other undetected throughout Hyrule. The only thing that set these large stones apart from any other was the faint Sheikah Eye on the face that would only appear to the ones looking for it. If Impa had set up their camp a little closer to a Stone, Sheik could speak with her right now.

"I overheard this," came a soft whisper.

Sheik stopped in front of the chipped and cracked stone to listen. Gossip Stones were also invented to listen in on others conversation and spill their secrets to the Sheikah people during the war. This came in use when the enemy was plotting against them, and the Sheikahs would always know before anyone else.

"They say that Malon of Lon Lon ranch hopes that a knight in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet someday," the Stone whispered in the soft voice of the Sheikah woman who had invented them. It cackled, and then fell silent.

Sheik looked questionably at the stone. Where had it heard that? He knew of Lon Lon ranch, but it was very far from here. Though the stone couldn't help it, it just repeated anything and everything it heard to anyone who asked.

"Thank you," he whispered back and respectfully bowed his head before pressing on.

He approached the Temple's door and slowly walked inside, feeling his heart rate spike with excitement and beat fiercely with nerves.

To be continued...

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The second chapter is already written down, it's just not ready to go yet. But expect it sooner rather than later!