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One in a Million

Chapter 1-Ally

I love when my family comes together it's like a big fiesta every time even for some of the smallest occasion. It was my abuelos anniversary and it seemed like the whole familia was there for the festivities. Of course my abuelita doesn't like parties for herself but my madre wouldn't let my grandparent's anniversary come around and not celebrate it. This is why the party was being held at our house. Our backyard was big like a soccer field and with all the decoration that my mom and my aunts did looked wonderful. I sit down at one of the table drinking some water just finishing a game of soccer with mi primos mayores and hermanos mayores.

"You guys cheated the whole game" my big brother Paco complains as he sits next to his girlfriend Julianna. I roll my eyes he could be a drama queen some times.

"We didn't cheat you just can't play" I say to him and he glares at me with his blue eyes.

"Whatever Ally, that play you did was a foul and you know it" Christian my second older brother says agreeing with Paco.

It was just a game but my family takes things to heart the so completive and we all talk so much shit and brag and gloat when we win but mope and bitch when we lose I guess that's just the Fuentes family way. Paco was captain of one of the teams and on his team were Christian, Juan, Lexi and Frankie. On my team my cousin Junior was captain and it was me, Enrique, Jesse, and Dylan.

"Man stop acting like a perra" Junior jumps on their case "Que no tienes cojones" he continues and all of us laugh except Paco.

"Pendejo" Paco says harshly rolling his eyes but Junior doesn't take it to heart. I look over to see my abuelos, my padres and my tios and tias staring at us see our conversation getting a bit heated so of course I tried to defuse the situation.

"Frankie when does your hockey season start?" I says to Juniors girlfriend

"October till April we been having a lot of practices of the upcoming season" she says "Extra-long practices" Junior imputes shaking his head and rolling his eyes. Frankie laughs at her boyfriend and kisses his cheek. "But look at the bright side babe with those Extra-long practices you'll be able to beat Tyler Bailey." Junior rolls his eyes yet again and looks at his girlfriend.

"Chica please I can beat Tyler Bailey anytime even on my worst day" he says kissing her on the lips and we all laugh. That was Junior overly cocky just like his dad uncle Luis.

"Wow Junior I can't believe you're this cocky still" Cassie says looking over at him. He smiles at her "Cassie come on its nothing new prima I've always been cocky ever since we were kids."

"We'll let us know when you guys have your first game so we all can go" Cecilia says to them.

"Will do prima don't worry" he tells her. After hanging outside in the backyard we got our food and said grace and everyone was talking and laughing then we moved the party to inside the house and everyone gave my grandparents the anniversary gifts. By 12oclock my abuelita was ready to call it a night and head home as well as the rest of the family. We all said our goodbyes and I'll call you this week my familia is gone as quickly as they came. I sat on the love seat next to Christian and leaned my head on his shoulder tired from big family fiesta. While Jesse and Paco sat on the other couch. My padres walked in and my dad sat in his chair and he pulled my mom on his lap.

"Do you think your mom and Cesar liked their party?" my mom asked him. My dad looked up at her with his dark eyes.

"Of course they did hermosa" she looks down and smiles.

"Really?" she asks

"Yeah mom the party was great, abuelita loved it" Paco says to her and her smile widened as she looked at us. I love that about my mama she's always happy stays positive.

"Mama you and tias Kiara and Nikki did in awesome job no lie" I put my input. Jesse and Christian agreed as well.

"Well I'm glad everyone in enjoyed it" she gleamed as she looked back at my dad and they started to kiss which seemed like it was a prolong kiss and me and my brothers were getting uncomfortable.

"Eww can you guys stop that and go upstairs or something" Jesse says with a disgusted look on his face. My parents stopped and looked up at all of us.

"So we can show eachother affection?" my mom asks us.

"We're not saying you can't were just saying we don't want to see it" Christian explains and the rest of us nodded in an agreement,

"How do you think you guys got here from all this an affection right here" my dad says holding my mom tight and she laughs. My brothers and I looked disgusted.

"UGH" my brothers and I said at the same time.

"Guarros…bruto" Paco mutters and I knew it was my time to go. "Well I know this is my que to leave good night familia see you de la manana" I announce getting up. "Goodnight hija" mi papa says to me. "Goodnight baby" my mama kissing me cheek as I walk by. "Night Ally" my brothers say to me I walk upstairs into my room.

The weekend went by quicker than I expected. Monday morning and took a shower worn denim skinny jeans and an off the shoulder black shirt, I straighten my hair.

I stared at the mirror and my dark brown hair and brown eyes; Christian hair color is a honey color with hazel eyes. Paco had blue eye and dark hair. Jesse is has amber colored eyes and brown hair. It's crazy how all of the boys like our parents in some way and I look more spanish like my dad. I grab my bags and head downstairs and see my mom in the kitchen I figured my brothers were sleeping in and my dad went to work earlier.

"Hey mama" I says giving her a hug and sit at the table.

"Good Moring Ally you look nice are you excited about your senior year?" my mom asked excitedly.

"Of course I'm excited this year is going to be the best" I tell her getting up and get a cereal bar from the pantry.
"Well you better get a move on or you're going be late" my mom says as I go pick up my car keys I tell my mom bye and head out to the sports car I got for my 16th birthday and drive to school.

At school I meet up with a group of my friends and we get our schedules and see if any of us have the same class together. I was with Noelle, Tiffany, Christina, and my best friend Isabel.
"I have chemistry and math and English with you" Isa says to me looking at both our schedules. I was about to answer her but I feel hands slide around my waist. I don't have to turn around to know it's my boyfriend Matthew Newman.

"Hey baby" I says as I turn around to hug and kiss him.
"Hey I was trying to call you this weekend what happened?" he ask me with his curios pale blue eyes that we getting covered by his blonde locks of hair. I reach up and push his blonde hair from his eyes.
"I'm sorry this weekend I was busy it was my grandparents anniversary" I kiss him again I loved hangout with Matt even though we didn't have much in common it's kind a like opposites attract with us he plays football and I play soccer even though him and my mom wished I'd do cheerleading but that's not for me. His family is a pretty wealthy family like mines. His dad is like the best Lawyer in Illinois.
"Well what's your first's period class?" he asks I pull away from him and grab my schedule from Isa and look at it.
"Chemistry with Peterson"
"I do too" he says as the bell rings he grabs my hand as he I and Isa and Noelle walk to first period together. When we get in there I sit next to Matt and Noelle and Isa sits behind us. Some of the other students pick their seats when Mrs. Peterson walks in.

" Well I'm glad you all took the liberty of picking your own seats but in this class I pick were you'll be sitting in alphabetical order" she says picking up her clipboard with our names on it. The class groans hoping she wouldn't do that this year. I knew I wouldn't get to sit next to Matt but I hope I can sit next to Isa.

"Ashley Allen...Carman Alverez"she starts calling out names. She keeps going and I after a few more names I hear mines "Alessandra Fuentes...Xavier Garcia" I sat at one of the tables as Xavier walked over and sat next to me. He was a tall Hispanic boy with curly dark hair you could see his piercing hazel eyes that where every capturing. His muscles you could see from the shirt he was wearing that also show he was a bad ass by the tattoos that showed and his red bandana that was hiding some of his hair.

"Mr. Garcia there is a zero tolerance policy so put that bandana away and if I see it again you'll be in detection" she says to him looking over her glasses as he reluctantly sighs and takes off his bandana and puts it in is bag. "And as for you Ms. Fuentes I expect a lot from you this year since your brother was in my class a few years ago and I didn't have a problem with him like I did with your older brother and your parents so we won't have any problems this year?" she asks me I know my mom and dad had Mrs. Peterson back when they were in high school that's how they started talking to eachother even though they hated eachother and Paco and his girlfriend had her and they got in some trouble with Mrs. Peterson and Jesse had her a few years ago with no problems and I wouldn't have any problems either.

"No ma'am we won't" I say" Good I hope so" she says and continues calling names. "Isabel Hernandez...Jose Lopez" I was happy that Isa got to sit behind me and she called more name I heard one that stood out the most to me. "Noelle Michaels...Matthew Newman" what Noelle got to sit next to Matt. I looked over at her from across the room and she gave me apologetic look and mouthed "sorry" and I knew it wasn't her fault so I couldn't stay mad. Finally Mrs. Peterson finished calling names.

"These will be your seats all year you better get used to it and no there will be no changes no "but I don't like my partner" I don't care you better learn to get along with them...Now get out some paper" she said as she turned to the board so we all could take notes. I got out my notebook and looked over at Xavier as he was writing his notes. I look at how flawless his tan skin and how his hair fell in front of his eyes I wanted to push it back and I looked at his lips they truly looked kissable. Wait why am I think am thinking about him when I have a boyfriend yeah I have a boyfriend.

"Will you stop staring at me!" he growled at me I didn't even realize I was still looking at him.

"I wasn't staring at you, you were just in the way of the board" I lie which was a terrible lie but he didn't have to know that.

"Oh really cause last time I checked the board was up there not over here" he smirks pointing up front. I didn't know what to say but be continued. "It's ok chica I know I turn heads I don't mind if you look...if you don't mind me getting a few peaks of you mamacita" he looks me up and down "I like what I see how about we meet up behind the bleachers and we have our own show and tell" he says with a smirk on his face. I was shocked I hear his friend how sits behind us with Isa snickering and Isa looking just as shocked as me.

"Ally, Xavier is what you two talking about is more important than my teaching" Mrs. Peterson asked and the whole class turned and looked at us.
"No Mrs. Peterson" I say
"I think it is would you like to share with the rest of us Mr. Garcia" she waited and the whole class did too. A smirk came across Xavier's face and he leaned back in his chair.

"Well Ms. P I was just telling Ally here that I could make her forget about her little boyfriend just like that" he says snapping his fingers "She wouldn't know what hit her coming back pidiendo más" he says and everyone who speaks Spanish busted out laughing and the ones who didn't still laughed I was shocked and mad I looked over at Matt and he looked like he wanted to hit Xavier in the face. Mrs. Peterson on the other hand was very upset.

"Mr. Garcia and Ms. Fuentes see me after class" she said to us.

"But Mrs. Peterson I..."

"No buts Ms. Fuentes see me after class" she said turning back to the back and I could feel the heat to my face rising because I was so mad I looked over at Xavier and I glared at him.

"You're a pendejo" I whisper to him and smirks at me a winks

"I know"

Mierda this was going to be a long year.

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