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Chapter 3-Ally

I was so mad I was late for soccer practice my coach chewed me out the entire practice and I had to run. It wasn't all that bad because I was a midfielder which means we run a lot so I was used to it. What made it bad was because as a captain of the soccer team I'm not supposed to be late or miss any practices. So since Coach Morales said we're a team and I'm the captain we had to run 200 yards. In a full sprint and it had to be in less than 30 seconds with 20 in a row. I kept getting glares from all the girls the whole practice. "You all can thank Ally if one team member comes late then we're all late if one team member has to run then we all run!" Coach Morales yelled at us as we ran. By the time I got home I knew I was going be hurting in the morning. I could smell my dad's carne guisada (stewed meat) as I walk into the kitchen.

"Hey mija how was the first day of school" he asks as he sees me walk in. I sigh and sit at the table

"Oh papa it was just heavenly" I say sarcastically and he laughs

"That's bad uh?"

"Papa you have no idea, but I'm going to go take a shower" I say getting up and he looks at me and smiles.

"Good you should do that I mean I wasn't going to say anything but I can smell you from over here" he says laughing waving the dish cloth in front of his face. I opened my mouth wide in shock but I shook my head and smiled at him.

"That's wrong dad I should come over and give you the biggest hug just for that" I walk over to him and he hold his hand up to stop me.

"Oh no, go upstairs and take a shower first" he says moving around the island so I can't hug him.

"But dad don't you love me" I say laughing and he laughs too.

"I do love you but you stink, stinky girl…..Brittany come get your daughter" he yells while he continues to laugh and run as I follow him around the kitchen. My mom walks in the kitchen "Alex what are you yelling about?" she looks at us and smiles. "What are you two doing in here?"

"I'm trying to give dad a hug and he keeps running away from me" I finally stop chasing him when he's behind my mom and I walk and stand in front of her.

"I told her I'd give her a hug when she takes a shower because she stinks right now" he says with and smile and my mom and chuckles a bit.

"I swear I have five kids instead of four, Ally go get washed up because dinner will be ready soon and Alex please check the food so we can get ready to eat" I smile and walk out the door and upstairs to my room.

I get my stuff and think about my day when I finished I changed into a shirt that says "I RUN MY LIFE" and some sweat pants. I put my wet curly hair in a sloppy bun and I walk downstairs to the dining room where my family is sitting. I sit next to Paco and we all hold hands and say grace. We start eating and every one talked about their day. My dad wanted me to finish telling him about my day so I did. I told them how I was in Mrs. Peterson chemistry class and I told them how she gave me a detention. How I was late to soccer practice and how coach made everyone do sprints because I was late. We all talked and laughed and after dinner I helped my mom clean up as my dad and brothers were in the living watching a game on TV.

"So Ally how are you and Matt doing?" my mom asks me as she was handing me this dishes from the dishwasher as I put them up.

"We're good" I say. I know her question has more meaning behind it.

"Oh are you two...sexually active?" I almost drop the glass cup in my hand taken back by her blunt question.

"Mom do we really need to talk about this?" I asked looking at her.

"Well you can either have this discussion with me or you can have this discussion with your dad?" she asks. I really didn't want to have this conversation with my dad. I groaned and looked at her.

"No we weren't having sex mom I'm still a virgin" I say to her and she doesn't look surprised she just nodded her head.

"He's not pressuring you into is he?" I continue to put the dishes away. I thought about when Matt and I first started dating about two years ago. He was so sweet and kind and he recently started asking me about when we were going to start have sex but I just keep telling him I'm not ready and if he'd loved me like he said he wouldn't have a problem waiting. But then he'd say"You know I didn't mean it like that Ally. All I'm saying is that when two people really love eachother then they show it to eachother" I really didn't know if I should tell my mom that because I knew she'd probably tell my papa and my papa will kill Matt along with the rest of the males in my family.

"Sometimes but I just tell him no I want to wait to make it special" I confess because I really trust my mom.

She exhaled as we finished cleaning up the kitchen and leaned against the island.

"I remember we I was your age and my ex-boyfriend at the time was pressuring me into sex because we were the golden couple he said and everyone thought we were already having sex, but I started hanging around with your dad and I loved being around him and how I would feel around him and then I realized I didn't love my ex like I loved your dad I didn't want to be the golden couple or what everybody wanted me to be."

"So my first was with your dad and I don't regret any decision I made back then or now I'm happily married with four wonderful kids I couldn't ask for anything more" she smiles and kisses my cheek and walks out of the kitchen I think about what she said and follow her into the living room with the rest of the family.

At school the next day I was hoping when I didn't see Xavier in his seat in chemistry that he wasn't going to be a school at all but sadly no avail. When he walked in 15 minutes after the bell rings. I sigh and turn my attention to Mrs. Peterson I couldn't afford another detention at the cost of missing practice. Because we had our first game this Friday and I wasn't trying to be put on the bench because Xavier likes being an asshole.

"Your late Mr. Garcia" Mrs. Peterson glances at him.

"I know sorry Mrs. P but I woke up kinda late" he tells trying to give her his puppy dog eyes. I roll mines hoping she wouldn't fall for that.

"Don't make it a habit Mr. Garcia now go take your seat" he nods and walks over and sits next to me.

"Hey baby, did you miss me?" he whispers to me. He was close where I could smell the axe he must've put on this morning. I exhale he smells so good. I shake my head to clear my mind. I ignored Xavier and he didn't take my silent treatment to well.

"Aww babe don't tell me your still mad about yesterday?" he whispers to me so we don't get caught talking.

"Leave me alone" I whisper harshly to him and continue to listen to the lesson. I can feel Xavier staring at me I glance at him to see a smirk on him face. He turns back to the front and doesn't talk to whole rest of class. My morning classes go by quickly and I was sitting a lunch with Isa, Tiffany, Christina and a few other girls from the soccer team. It was a hot Chicago day so we were outside at one of the table. I haven't seen Matt since first period so I figure he was with a few of his friends. I looked across the tables as the girls were talking and I saw Xavier and his friends laughing about something. He looked so comfortable with his friends I guess he could feel someone watching him. Because he looked up and looked over at me and he smile turned into a smirk and he winks at me. I just rolled my eyes and looked away when I decided to look back he was back in his conversation with his friends.

By the time lunch was over the rest of my classes went by pretty quick and I was walking around the building to the girls' locker room. As I walked around the side of the wall I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry" I says and then I look up to see I had ran into Xavier. I roll my eyes

"Ugh why do you always have to run into me" I exhale really annoyed.

"I think you got it all wrong here chica you keep running into me" he says with a simple shrug.

"Whatever I have to get to practice so move" I try to get by him but he just blocks my path.

"Why were you ignoring me this morning" he asked me his playfulness fads as he looks a little serious.

"Because I didn't want to talk to you" I say trying to get passed him again and this time he gently pushes me to the wall. He gets so close to me all in my personal space. I look up at him as he looks down at me with his hazel eyes. His scent is so enticing because hes so close to me. He leaned down and kissed my neck and I gasped I wasn't expecting that at all. He kept trailing kisses up and down my neck. I close my eyes. I couldn't catch the moan before it left my lips. I move my head over some so he has more access.

I move my arms around his neck and his are tight around my waist. He picked his head up from my neck. He put his forehead to mine. I open my eyes when I don't feel his lips on my neck anymore. I look into his hazel eyes as they explore my brown ones. Then my mind went to Matt. I push Xavier away from me.

"I have to go" I say quickly running to the girls' locker room. I couldn't believe I just cheated on Matt with Xavier of all people. But I don't know what happened he just was so close and when his lips hit my neck I can't explain it. I hurried up and got changed and ran out onto the soccer field with the other girls before Coach Morales came out there.

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