Chapter 7-Ally

I'm trying my hardest not to laugh as Xavier and his friend play a joke on Matt and the guys on the football team.

"Ally go see if are clothes are over there and stop laughing it's not funny" he yells fuming. I can't help it.

"I'm sorry Matt but it is kinda of funny" I say and Isa comes back shaking her head.

"Nope they took everyone's clothes" she snickers.

"Are you serious!?" Noelle screams.

"Ugh I knew this was a bad idea" Tiffany says shaking her head.

"Ally, Isa go to the beach house and get towels" Nick says to us we start to walk to the beach house still laughing.

"Run! Don't walk!" Patrick yells and we continue laughing and walking until we get to the beach house.

"I can't believe they did that" I say to Isa as we grab a bunch of towels.

"Me either and it's so funny" we walk back with all the towels and everyone gets one.

We all decide to cut our trip to the beach short because they all want to go home and get some clothes.

I'm in the car with Matt as he drives me home still laughing because he has the towel around his waist.

"Ally it is not funny" he growls as he grips the steering wheel.

"Baby, I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with you" I says smiling putting my hand on his.

"Well that's something because I'm not laughing" he glances at me then back ahead "Wait till I get my hand on Garcia and those punks"

"Baby forget about them don't worry it was just a harmless prank" I say as he stops at my house. I kiss him on the cheek and he looks at me and kisses my lips I smile a little as we pull apart.

"I would ask you to walk me to the door but I'm sure my dad would laugh to death…oh I mean kill you if he saw you" I laugh as he turns his face away from me.

"Get out" I kiss his cheek as he tries to hide his smirk.

"I love you" I say as I open the door and get out. He looks at me with a small smile

"I love you too" I close the door and he drives off and I walk into the house. I hear voices coming from the living room so I walk in there to see my mom, dad, and Lexi.

"Hey Lexi what are you doing here?" I ask and they all look my way and she smiles.

"Well I was just about to leave because I came over here to ask you if you wanted to go to my house for a sleepover but when I got here tia Brittany said you had went out with your boyfriend and some friends and you weren't coming back till later"

"Yeah I was but we all decided we call it an early night." I say with a shrug.

"Why what happened?" my dad asks. I'm still a little mad with him about Friday night but I know if I give him attitude then I wouldn't get to hang with Lexi to night.

"Nothing everybody just was ready to head home" I say giving him a simple answer that he is ok with because he nods.

"I'm going to go pack my overnight bag and I'll be back" Lexi nods her head at me and continues talking to my parents as I run upstairs I pack my bag and I race back downstairs.

"Ready?" I say to Lexi as she gets up and we walk to the door and get in her car. "So what are we going to do at your house?" I ask as she starts to drive.

"Where not going to my house, well at least not yet anyway" she says I'm confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well my friend is having his back to school party at the lake and he asked me to come"

"Why didn't you say that earlier then I would've changed" I say and she glances at my outfit.

"Chill Ally you look fine and plus I couldn't say that in front of Uncle Alex and Aunt Brittany" she has a point my parents can be over protective. She drives to the Southside and we head to the lake. When we get there it seems like everyone's there. We walk up to this huge bonfire with a group of people around it. They all look at us as we approach a guy stands up.

"Sexy Lexi you made it" the guy smiles hugging her and she rolls her eyes buts smiles.

"Hey Ramiro" he let her go and he looks over at me.

"Who's this Lex?"

"This is my cousin Ally, Ally this is my friend Ramiro his party" I shake his hand

"If your family of Lexi then your family to me hang out chill have fun drinks are over there" he points to a spot where there where coolers and a lot of people around it I nod.

"Come on Lex" he says leading Lexi to the coolers but she stops and looks at me.

"You might have to be the DD tonight." I sigh as they walk away I turn to look back at the bonfire but someone is standing in front of me.

"What are you doing here?" I ask with a smirk as I look up at Xavier. He smirks as well.

"Don't you think I should be asking you that I mean this is my side of town and my friends" he says nodding to the group of people sitting at the fire. Of course I should've known I roll my eyes and look back at him.

"Hey Ally, what are you doing here?" Mario asks me. As Xavier and I join the group everyone looks at us.

"My cousin knows Ramiro" I say and I sit down with Xavier next to me.

"I hope your boyfriend wasn't too mad about the prank we pulled" Antonio says concededly in a way I know he's not sorry. I laugh a bit and look over at him.

"They're kinda pissed" I say

"They'll get over it" Jose says with a shrug. The guys laugh and make some more jokes.

I look over at the fire because I feel someone staring at me. I see Marissa Martinez glaring at me. I don't know what her problem is. I was about to ask her why she was staring but Xavier gets my attention.

"Hey come walk with me I gotta talk to you" he whispers close to my ear. He gets up grabs my hand gently and pulls me up with him. I can feel everybody in the group staring at us as we walk away. I even hear a few catcalls and whistles I shake my head and roll my eyes. We keep walking up the beach in silence. When were pretty far away from the party we stop walking and I look at him.

"What did you wanna talk about?" I ask he looks at me.

"I wanted us to talk about what happened behind the gym this week" I sigh damn I'm been avoiding this. I shrug playing it off.

"What about it?" he smirks like know what I'm up too like he can see right through me.

"So you mean to tell me you felt nothing?"

"I didn't feel anything it was nothing" I say lying though my teeth what happened behind the gym was all I've been able to think about. He got close to me and put his arm around my waist.

"Really?" he moves his mouth close to me neck I shiver under the warmth. I close my eyes and sigh waiting for his lips to touch my skin. But it didn't happen I open my eyes to see Xavier smirk down at me. "I thought you said it was nothing?"

Ugh I couldn't believe I fell for that. I can feel my cheeks getting red so I turn away from him and walk over to the water. I sigh and close my eyes as the water rushes up to my feet.

I feel a pair of arms slide around my waist from behind I jump a little forgetting Xavier was here. He hold me tight it feels so right to be in his arms he turn me around to face him. His arms still around me he looks down at me. He leans down and his lips touch mine I hesitate at first but I kiss him back. He slides his tongue in my mouth and I moan putting my arms around his neck. Xavier slides his hands down my side and he picks me up and I hold on to his neck. As he walks away from the water and lays me down in the sand. We continue kissing as I ran my fingers over his hair. I push his bandana off his head as I touch his soft curls. I move my hands up to the ends of his shirt. I went under it as I move my hands across his tone abs. I moan again as he starts trailing kisses down my neck. I push his shirt up over his head and our lips meet again. His hands are rubbing my thighs that are exposed because I'm wearing shorts. He starts to slide his hands under my spaghetti strapped shirt.


"Damn" I sigh as I pull away from Xavier but he doesn't want to stop.

"Ignore it" he whispers as he continues to kiss me but I push him off.

"I can't it could be my parents or Lexi" He groans as he gets off me. He picks up his shirt and puts it back on. I pull out my phone and see it's a call from Matt. Shit I get my breathing under control and I answer it.

"Hey babe" I say into the phone and I see Xavier roll his eyes.

"Hey what are you doing?" he asks

"Um I'm hanging out with Lexi were having a sleepover" I say which isn't a complete lie.

"Oh well then I won't hold you I just called to tell you I'm sorry about how I was acting earlier and to check on you" and that's when the guilt hits me. Here I am on the beach making out with a boy who isn't my boyfriend I feel terrible.

"Oh. Well thank you babe but I gotta go so I'll talk to you later"

"Ok have fun love you" why did you have to say that Matt but he hangs up before I can say it back I put my phone down and put my face in my hands.

"Ugh I'm the worst girlfriend ever" I say aloud.

"I wouldn't say the worst" Xavier chimes in and I look up and glare at him. "Calm down Ally it's not that serious"

"Not that serious are you crazy I just made out with you and I have a boyfriend!" I yell at him. He shrugs like it's nothing. "This should've never happened and it won't happen again" I say getting up and walking away but he grabs my arm.

"Ally I think your overreacting" he says and I pull my arm away from him and shake my head.

"No I'm not we can't do this anymore Xavier…Look just leave me alone ok" I say walking back to the bonfire. I have to find Lexi because I'm ready to go. I find her and she's buzzed so I get her in the car and drive to her house and her sister Cassie helps me get her in the house. Because she passed out in the car. I walk into the guest room and lay on the bed as I think about what happened tonight. I can't believe I made out with Xavier but it felt so right at the time. I also feel bad about cheating on Matt. I close my eyes as thoughts of Matt and Xavier fill my mind.