A/N- Here I go, writing another short fic when I'm supposed to be finishing one I've already started, but Teen Wolf has taken over my life and this is what I thought should happen for next season after finally seeing the finale of season 2.


Stiles was sitting on the floor in what he was pretty sure used to be the Hale's dining room bouncing a rubber ball off the wall.

Peter strolled down the stairs, firm in his resolve to keep his cool and remain collected even though the incessant pounding was inching him toward his last nerve. He located the source of the noise and leaned against the wall facing Stiles, the very picture of collectedness. Stiles inclined his head in greeting.

"Don't you have anywhere else to be?" Peter asked, forced kindness.

Stiles snorted and tossed the ball again. "You say that as if I might actually have anything better to do." He paused for a minute then clarified, "My dad's on duty. I don't like hanging around in an empty house."

"This house is usually pretty empty," Peter pointed out.

Stiles shrugged, "Yeah, but you're here."

Peter tried not to grimace. "Don't you have a best friend you could be cavorting with somewhere a little less… here? You know, like Scott McCall?"

Stiles held the ball for a half second, then sighed and tossed it again. "Scott's busy."

"He's been busy a lot lately?"


"Because you've been here every two days for the last month." Stiles didn't say anything, but he stopped tossing the ball. "Shouldn't you be out practicing Lacrosse? You made first line this year. I'd have thought you'd want to be in peak condition."

"We had practice this morning," he replied, then Stiles' eyes brightened, "You wanna practice with me?"

Peter scowled. "I don't play." Stiles shrugged like he'd known that was coming. "Seriously though, Stiles, you have to find something else to do somewhere else."

Stiles tossed the ball again and this time let it bounce away from him and didn't bother to retrieve it. "Sorry. I figured with just you and Derek lurking around this place I wouldn't have to…" he sighed, "… I could not have to act like I'm okay, you know? Like a break."

Peter watched him carefully. With the whole game changing again he'd been trying to keep tabs and come up with a battle strategy. He'd been keeping an eye on all the betas for Derek, and that had included Stiles.

To the naked eye Stiles appeared to have completely recovered from the trauma of their last stand against Gerard. He was smiling, cracking jokes, hanging out with Scott and being, frankly, a hyperactive loon, but to someone watching as carefully and astutely as Peter the cracks in his armor were becoming more and more obvious. The amount of time he spent devoted to time with his dad was dramatically more than the average teenager. Peter hadn't known him before, but he'd noticed the worry on Scott's face every time Stiles ditched their plans because his dad would be home early. He'd noticed the times when Stiles didn't think anyone was looking and let his smile fade out to complete blankness, or when he would drive his car out to where he thought no one could see and sit there with his forehead resting against the steering wheel and just breathe. That on top of all the time he spent in the Hale house was enough to determine a pattern.

Peter knelt down so he and Stiles were eye to eye. "I understand these things take time, but you just can't be here right now. This place is kinda falling apart."

"Well it's not like I can just go to the train station or anything. My trail would lead anyone looking for you straight there."

"Okay, that's smart, and if it were just about the ball I would be completely fine with it." Stiles muttered a sorry. "It's okay. I'd pop the damn thing and let you mope around like a little grey raincloud till your heart's content. But the fact is, it's you being here that's the problem. You see, we're currently in the middle of dealing with a large pack of alphas who have taken up territory nearby and are probably looking to attack." Stiles' eye went wide. "So you really just need to leave."

Stiles' jaw hung open. "You couldn't have maybe mentioned that sooner? Does Scott know?"

Peter shrugged, "Well if he doesn't he's oblivious, but then, it's Scott." They agreed on the point.

Stiles took a deep breath and scrubbed his fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry. I probably lead them to you."

"Probably. Actually they knew about this place to begin with."

Peter was standing again when Derek appeared in the closest doorway. He glanced at Stiles then back to Peter. "Get him out of here. We have company."

Stiles stood up, brushed himself off and glanced in the general direction of his truck just as there was a loud CRACK and a bang. Howls went up suddenly from every direction and the snarling and crashing sent shivers through the entire house. Stiles covered his head on instinct, ducking a board that had come loose. Immediately arms were around him, covering him, ushering him to the door.

"Goddammit!" the usher cursed. Stiles looked up to see Derek, wolf face on, one clawed hand out in front of them like a shield, eyes flashing red. He hurried Stiles through a hole in the wall toward the main door. Immediately they were stopped by a girl with long hair. She had the same wild red eyed glow Derek did and she didn't flinch when he let out an earth-shattering growl. Instead she grinned and ran her tongue across the front of her protruding teeth.

Stiles cursed colorfully and tucked closer to Derek when she sprang. He was immediately shoved out of the way, just in time to avoid a chest-full of claws which Derek caught and returned, keeping himself between Stiles and the alpha.

Stiles could see Peter locked in combat with another werewolf just down the hall, crashing through a support beam. There was another fight breaking out on the other side of the house, and yips and barks were becoming deafening. He backed himself up to the closest solid wall and tucked low, groping for something to use as defense.

Another wolf came in from the side, straight at him. This one was bigger, bald, and absolutely wild-eyed. He yelled and Derek barely managed to turn in time, catching the new wolf mid-leap and slamming him to the ground. In return he got a kick in the face from the first alpha. Stiles threw a chunk of loose wood at her and immediately regretted it when she turned to grin at him.

There were more howls outside.

"Get to your car!" Derek yelled, but then he leapt backward, pressing Stiles closer to the wall and caging him in. Another wolf appeared. This one was in full alpha mode, long black fur bristled as it hunched down, ready to spring at them. Derek roared and the female wolf laughed at him, then leapt to attack again. She managed to move him slightly and the bald wolf came in from the other side, catching Derek in the leg with its teeth. He screeched in pain and barely threw the first one off in time to fend off the second.

Stiles had just managed to fumble his phone out of his pocket and dial Scott as the fully changed alpha sprang. "We need you!" he yelled as Scott answered, but he didn't catch Scott's response before his phone was jostled from his hand.

Derek was grabbed by the fully formed alpha and thrown across the room. He hit the ground hard and immediately scrambled to chase back to where Stiles was now helpless.

"Stiles! Run!" he yelled as though it hadn't occurred to Stiles what a good idea that was. He never even got the chance.

Everything hit at the same time. He could feel his head bashed by one backhand that hit like a ton of bricks and his stomach tissue was ripped open by an opposite clawed hand at the same time. The female wolf was cooing, "Well aren't you adorable?" just as he hit the floor. He gasped for breath. Everything hurt. He clutched at his stomach, but his hand wouldn't fit the whole length of the cut. The searing pain left a sharp ringing in his ears and his eyes were fogging over, then his vision went black. He hoped the cut wasn't too deep…

Derek roaring was the last thing he heard clearly. There was a yelp and Stiles was vaguely aware of strong arms around him dragging him away from the open space he'd fallen into.

Stiles tried to look up at Derek's face, but it didn't come into focus before he blanked out.