It's finally here! The sequel to The Passing of Love through Time. I would like to thank my friend Joe who actually gave me the idea for the plot of the story. And now, without further or do, I present the Sequel to The Passing of Love through Time: The Gift of Love.

Chapter 1

Familiar Feeling

Hey, my name is Okurimono Izayoi Higurashi, but you can call me Oki or Okiri for short. I am the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome and the age of 15 starting tomorrow.

For fifteen years I've lived as a half demon with my two parents not counting the three months or so I remember when I used my priestess powers as a preemie to watch over and talk to my parents.

They fight a lot but I love them anyway.

On my fifth birthday is when all those memories flooded back to me and I remembered the adventure my mom went through just to have me. I admit it freaked me out when I remembered them; I thought they were just dreams. But I remembered everything including creating the crystals for me and my parents, and helping my dad with the power boost to defeat Rose. My amazing and not normal parents our something you have to get used to.

My mom Kagome has a big heart and a warming touch, but can be really scary when she wants to be. She is working on teaching me how to use my priestess powers properly but she's still top dog in that area.

My dad Inuyasha is really awesome and is a lot of fun to hang out with, but sometimes he is just an idiot with a short temper and almost never needs my help to make a fool of himself.

As I've told you, my family is not normal. My dad and I practice with our swords a lot and I also do a little archery. Most mothers would object and say it's too dangerous. My mom on the other hand, she joins in.

My mom isn't the very best at working a sword, but when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, she's pretty good. But most times she likes to stick to archery when comes practice time.

I'm not perfect with a sword, and I don't have perfect coordination for hand-to-hand -or in our case hand-to-claw combat- but I'm not too horrible in archery. I know it's lazy of me but my favorite thing to do if I have chores to do while my parents practice, is watch them. Sure they have verbal fights if they disagree about something, it's very humorous. But when they fight in combat, it's almost mesmerizing. They're both so evenly matched in strength and speed, despite mom having very few years practice with her half-demon powers.

It's like they read each other's minds. If one makes a move, the other was expecting it. If they get injured, the injury is always mirrored in the exact same place at the exact same time. I repeat, it's mesmerizing, but most of the time short.

Apparently my dad is the romantic type because if my mom's hand goes close to his face, he grabs it and kisses it before they continue fighting. If they pause at a certain moment, my dad will reach out and kiss her. With all this romantic stuff, I'm truly surprised I have no siblings. Yet.

Our family along with our friends Aunt Sango, Uncle Miroku, and their 5 kids; Mika and Sura are 18 years old and the first set of twin girls, Haru is 16 years old and the middle son, and Chumi and Miki are my age but Chumi is a couple hours older than his sister. Uncle Shippou also helps when he visits; we all make a good living going around and exterminating and exercising demons. It's not always the best profession, but we get paid, we get food, and it kills time.

They have this weird tradition that my parents have been doing since I was little. On the day of my birthday, we all go together to this place called the Bone Eater's Well. I know it from the old tales and the adventures my parents had when they first met and their friends. What my parents do, is we all hold hands and we jump into the well and land on the bottom. And then we always spend an hour or so inside the well just looking up at the sky or even talking about how this year went, then we usually go back to the house for a bite to eat and a few times a surprise party for me. But I'm not a fan of surprises or of my parents spending so much time and effort on me.

Much like my dad before he met mom, I'm pretty independent. I like hunting for my share of the food, I like dealing with my own problems without help, and I will choose who I fall in love with.

So here I am, the day before my birthday, sitting in the Sacred Tree, and wondering once again when I'll fall in love.

Most of the village girls in my town have had their first crush when they were seven or eight years old. Me, I am almost fifteen years old and have not had a single crush. Yes I have guy friends, yes I've seen a couple boys that look a bit more attractive than the others, but I still have yet to see or meet one that has made me fall head-over-heels in love with someone.

My mom keeps saying that when it comes I'll know, but when will that be? And my dad even says it may be someone I already know but haven't realized it yet. What kind of screwed up love life did he have? Apparently a really messed up one, but no one will fill me in. Not even Uncle Miroku will spill it. Was it really that messed up?

I'm getting off track here.

The point is, here I am sitting in a tree, and I'm trying to at least calculate how long it may take for me to even get a crush, let alone falling in love.

A scent was carried by the wind and I readied myself as the branch expectedly shook from the force of my dad landing on it trying to sneak up on me.

"Yo." I greeted him, not surprised in the least.

"Yo." He replied back. "Come on, time to come home and eat dinner. You've been moping in this tree for hours. Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow to mope about."

"I'm not moping," I countered angrily, "I'm just thinking. Is it bad to think?"

For a moment, my dad just stared at me. "Wow, you never cease to remind me that you are your mother's child."

"Then who's child would I be dad?" I asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"I dunno, Shippou's?" He responded by shrugging his shoulders and a wide grin.

"Ew dad, bad picture! Bad for the mind and anyone's soul!" I covered the ears on top of my head and closed my eyes as I tried to shake the image of my dad and Uncle Shippou . . . "How could you poison my mind like that dad!? What kind of father are you?"

"One that's hungry and has a worried wife at home that is expecting me to bring her depressed daughter home for supper."

"I'm not depressed! I'm thinking!"

"And moping!"

"And mop-Hey! And if you thought it was gonna be this hard to get me home why didn't you just use the crystal to contact me?"

"Because your mother was complaining that I needed to get out of the house and try to spend some quality time with my daughter." He wrapped one arm around my neck and used his other hand to give me a noogie and a new hair style.

"Dad will you quit it? I thought we had to get home?"

"Nah, food can wait."

"That is one of the biggest lies I have ever heard come out of your mouth dad."

"Oh just shut up and let's go home 'Almost birthday girl'." He said elbowing me before he took off into the branches towards home.

When my dad and I run together, we don't run; we fly. My dad is just that awesome, but he's still my dad.

My mom and dad are so happy together; my dream is to find someone who loves me as much as my parents love each other. But I don't know how long it will be until I meet them.

My dad and I arrived home not even a minute or two later with my mom standing at the door waiting for us. "Both of you inside please before the stew gets cold." She beckoned us in where the scent of my mother's home cooking was wafting from.

"Don't need to ask us twice mom, I'm hungry but dad here is starving." I said using my thumb to point at my dad.

"Glad to see food makes you feel better you grouch." My dad said under his breath at me. In response, I elbowed him in the ribs in which he tried to elbow me back but missed.

What I didn't expect was him to give me a wetwilly right into my white dog ear, which was not cool. I squealed from the unexpectedness of the wetwilly in which my dad laughed at. He wasn't laughing for long when I used a swinging swat kick to wipe his legs right out from under him and sent his face straight for the dirt. He landed with a mouthful of dirt with a victorious wham. He started getting up and growled, "Why you little pup you . . ." but we both stopped in the middle of our actions when my mom broke down laughing and was actually crouched down on her knees keeling over with tears in her eyes.

"Man, you two are definitely related! But just the way you two are fighting reminds me of when Inuyasha and Koga used to fight." She said in between fits of laughter and gasps of her trying to catch her breath.

"You and Koga used to fight?" I asked my dad.

"Yeah. When we first met he was actually after your mother for a long time before he settled down with Ayame and had Erikun." My dad explained.

"Mom and Koga?" This time is was my turn to laugh. "I'm trying to picture mom with a wolf tail and it is a very funny picture."

"I remember how much you squealed when you heard your dad agreed to let me turn half demon and the only thing you could think about is 'I can't wait to see mom with puppy ears!'". Kagome tried to imitate Okiri's high-pitched kid voice but was still getting up from the ground and catching her breath from laughing at her family members.

"Okay okay okay! Let's get inside and eat, and then you are going to give me my one request as the birthday girl." I said pushing my parents inside our hut.

"And what would that be almost birthday girl?" My mom questioned as she got to work dishing out the stew sitting on the fire.

"You two are going to tell me what the heck dad's love life was like when you and mom first met."

My mom nearly dropped the spoon and bowl she was holding and both my parents had visibly paled.

My mother cleared her throat, "No way." My mom responded right off the bat.

"Kagome," Inuyasha scolded, "it's time that she knows."

"No way Inuyasha, it was so confusing and so twisted. It confused me even and I was a part of it." Kagome made haste to cover her mouth as she realized she revealed just a good start to the conversation she didn't want to start.

"Now we're getting somewhere mom, okay dad now tell me how many people were involved and I'll do my best to follow along."

"Okay, Kagome I'm gonna tell here whether you like it or not. So if you don't want to hear it then cover your ears." My dad said bluntly.

My mother's jaw dropped and the atmosphere became tense and almost deadly. I couldn't smell tears but I also couldn't tell if my mom wanted to yell or cry at my dad. But the main story is, they may not be talking to each other for a few hours.

"Dad it's appropriate to drop it if it means you and mom fighting through my birthday." I said quickly, trying to save the atmosphere.

"No, your dad's right. You are old enough and you are smart enough to follow the crazy map. So Inuyasha I wish you good luck in touching down on everything and everyone." Mom finished her job of dishing out the dinner and we all sat down as my dad took an hour or more explaining the love map.

From Kikyo and dad, to Kikyo and Naraku, to Koga and mom, to Koga and Ayame, and also mom and some human school boy named Hojo plus the gay murderer that had a thing for my dad. Plus I heard a bit about Aunt Rin, Uncle Sesshomaru and apparently a chick named Kagura. After they went through all of that confusing stuff, I'm surprised of two things.

One, I don't know how I followed it all with my head still attached.

Two, I don't know how my parents still ended up staying together will all that fighting and conflict. But it makes me even more amazed that my parents' love was strong enough to withstand all of that.

"There, happy kiddo? Now you know what my love life was." My dad sighed as he finished. My mouth was still totally agape.

"So even Uncle Sessh was in a bit of a love triangle? Was he like an emo daddy or something?" I laughed.

"Well Oki you went to their wedding a couple years ago you didn't hear how they met?" My mom asked me.

"I've heard bits and pieces but never the whole thing. And how could I not forget the wedding. I was one of the bride's maids and I was forced to wear such a frilly dress. Ew!" I shivered at the memory.

"You looked cute." My mom insisted.

"You looked like a pom-pom." My dad pointed out.

Four years ago, Rin left the village to go live with Uncle Sesshomaru. And a few months later, they came back to announce their engagement. And a few more months later, we were all attending their wedding.

Aunt Rin looked after all of us as little kids and babies. We all loved her dearly but she and I were always closer than the rest. We could tell each other everything, so I got both of the gossip about here and Uncle. I was so happy when she finally went to live with Uncle and I was even more thrilled when I heard of their engagement.

But I truly felt close and honored when Rin asked me to be her maid of honor. I hated the dress I had to wear, but for Rin I sucked it up and dealt with it. At the wedding, I've never seen Aunt Rin happier than she had been when the priest announced them man and wife.

They both visit often, but not enough for me to not stop missing her and our time together.

I finished my stew and waved to my parents as I went towards the river to clean my bowl and spoon. Yes I could just clean them at the hut, but I like being outside better than sitting indoors.

I was crouched down on the river band rinsing my bowl my I sensed something and tilted my head sideways to avoid the dagger zooming by my ear and sticking into the tree across the river.

"Dried leaves are your worst enemy Haru, and your dagger needs sharpening. I could hear the drag on the dagger as it failed to cut through the wind." I said to the figure hidden somewhere behind me.

I finished cleaning then turned around in time to see Haru jump down from a low tree branch. He was well hidden but I could hear and smell him. Haru is a year older than me but is my best friend. He's the middle child of the Slayer and Monk, and one of the most unique people I've ever met.

The thing is, Haru was born with the scent of the forest. If I didn't know his scent so well, he would be invisible in the forest. He's a good Demon Exterminator but he's an even better swordsman and medicine man. He knows a lot about plants and their uses.

He and I were acquaintances until one certain day in the forest 7 or so years back.

. . .

I had a fight with my parents when they told me I couldn't do something, so I ran out of the house and kept running. It was raining but it didn't stop me as the mud made me slip and the rain soaked my cloths. I had not watched where I was running when I was caught in a demon's trap meant to be set for catching a meal. I was caught in a web and I couldn't move. I thought I was going to die as I saw the demon coming closer and licking its lips as I tried to escape.

I don't even remember what the fight was about, but all I thought of was living so I could go back and tell my parents that I was sorry.

The demon was about to take the first bite when many daggers came down from somewhere in the trees, it was like they were following the pattern of the rain. They hit the demon and distracted him with enough time for me to start running. But I wasn't watching where I was going and ended up tripping on one of the daggers. Thus cutting my foot and part of my leg, and twisting my ankle. I yelped from the pain and regained the attention of the demon. But before he could attack again, a boy came from the trees and beheaded the demon without a sound.

He came up to me and offered his hand, I being my stubborn self, swatted his hand away and tried to stand on my own. But I ended up faltering when I tried to put any weight on my leg, so trying to stand up alone was out of the question.

"'Oki', right?" He asked offering his hand to me again. His voice raised slightly to be sure I heard his over the pouring and thundering rain around us. "Or do you prefer 'Okiri' or 'Okirimono'?"

"Anything's fine. But I prefer one of the shorter ones if you don't mind." I said as he helped me up and onto his back.

"I know we've known each other for a while, but just to be polite. I'm Haru." He said to me over his shoulder as he started walking.

"Pleasure." I mumbled. I was drifting quickly, I was always tired when it rained plus I burned extra energy when I was running. All in all, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep on Haru's back.

When I became somewhat conscious again, I heard Haru talking and I also heard my dad's voice in the background. I felt myself being handed over to who I was pretty sure my dad. Haru was still talking and I think explaining what happened, but all I could really process before falling asleep again was my dad thanking him over and over for bringing his "little girl" back home.

. . .

For some reason, since then, we've been friends and have a practical truce.

"So," Haru started as he came to stand next to me on the bank of the river, "what do you want for your birthday?"

I groaned before he could even finish the question. "Please don't you start too about my birthday. Every. Single. Year. There will be other birthdays so why is everyone throwing such a big deal about this one?"

"Because it's good to make a big deal about your birthday at least once every few years. And please keep in mind that we humans will not be around forever and want to celebrate while we can." Haru pointed out as he retrieved his dagger from the tree across the river. He took the dagger in his hand and inspected the edges. They seemed a little dull but still sharp. "Is my knife really that dull Oki?"

"It's not super dull, but it could really use a sharpening to at least help with the drag it creates when it flies." Okiri said as she collected her now clean dishes and waited for Haru to make his way back across the stream.

"Alright, wanna help me?" Haru offered me. And this is how it led to him and me staying out most of the night hunting, talking, laughing, and just all-in-all having the best birthday present ever.

We were running through the forest and decided to take a rest against the sacred tree when we looked up at the moon and Haru mumbled next to me still panting from the running, "Happy Birthday".

"Why happy birthday?" I asked looking up at the almost full moon.

"I know how to read the lunar clock. By the brightness and position of the moon, I say it's midnight. Which means it is officially tomorrow and officially your birthday. So that is why I say, 'Happy Birthday'."

"Oh." I say. We both sigh and lean back and relax against the tree. We stay there for a few minutes as I let Haru catch his breath.

I'm now officially 15. And in this era, I am no longer a child. My dad can't call me the "young pup" and make me stay home for hunting trips. And my mom will finally give me a little more independence. Not that she already gives me a good amount.

With these thoughts running through my head, I jump up and pull Haru up with me. "Come on Haru. You got me all excited, so how about you chase me and I just run until I get bored of seeing you panting behind me."

"Fine. But don't blame me when you see me running farther ahead of you." He laughed as he brushed himself off and we got set behind our imaginary starting line.

"On your mark . . ."

"Get set . . ."

"GO!" We both yelled as we took off on the go and with me in the lead.

I knew this would happen so I decided to taunt Haru just a bit. While I was still running, I turned myself around and started making funny faces at the panting Haru behind me.

All of a sudden, Haru made a face of worry and tried to scream something to me but the wind in my ears made it hard for me to hear what he was trying to say. I was about to slow down and ask him what he was worrying about when something all of a sudden hit the back of her legs. The next thing I knew, I was falling downwards.

I had totally forgotten about the well and now I was falling into it.

Of course with my reflexes I got myself right back up and readied myself to hit the bottom. But it came later than I expected. About what I suspected half way down the well, a blue glowing light surrounded me as I continued to fall. I slowly floated down onto my feet on a reflective surface, and then the light and the reflection disappeared.

"Huh," I said to no one in particular, "that was weird. But nothing in my life is normal so-"I was about to jump out of the well, but something caught my eye.

When I looked up, instead of seeing the night sky I saw a roof. And instead of smelling all woods, I smelled the Sacred Tree and a scent that burned my lungs and smelled of anything but of something natural.

"Why does this set up give me a sense of de-ja-vu?"

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