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Synopsis: After regaining his memories Harry tries to juggle the task of finding and destroying the shadow cult that has captured Draco and Helping Teddy control his ever expanding powers. H/D Slash sequel to Reperio Verum.

Warnings: First of all this will contain slash for those of you who are not a fan you will be disappointed. This is the second book of a trilogy that Smaddox and I have mapped out already. This is not a lovey feel good story, there will be death, there will be gore, there will be foul language and most likely at least one explicit M/M sex scene. This story is not an AU in the truest sense of the word it will be DH complaint although we disregard the epilog. Please do not tell us we have our facts wrong all of the changes we have made will be explained by the end of the book. We promise.

Gnarus Verum

Book Two of the

Verum Increbresco


Chapter One

Meus animus est effrego sensim

"Harry thank god you're okay." Hermione's voice rang in Harry's ears.

Harry smiled, taking her in to his arms and assuring himself he was indeed still alive. "Yeah… where am I?" He asked looking around the unfamiliar room.

"You're in our guest room; I assumed you wouldn't want Andromeda or Teddy seeing you like this." She told him sitting back and checking his vitals.

"What happened? The last thing I remember I was surrounded by dementors. And then there was this flash of light… and… I got my memories back." He whispered touching his forehead.

"You… I mean you're saying… this is real?" She whispered staring at him.

"Yeah Mione it's defiantly real… we need to call Narcissa, Andromeda, Teddy and Madam Barns." Harry told her sitting up slowly. Harry around the pastel colored room, the blues and greens calmed him slightly. What are we going to do about the ministry? About Ron? It's not like I can ask him to quit. Harry took Hermione's hand in his own staring at the sparkling diamond on her finger. I can't ask her to choose between saving the world and Ron; I'm not sure which she would decide on.

"I think… this is big. There were so many dementors Hermione. Whoever is doing this has power, power that has to come from the ministry." Harry told her softly "We need the old war wards around this house as well as the Manor, we need them now." Harry stood and walked to the window.

"This is going to be a war Hermione, one that I'm not sure we are ready to face." Harry let himself stair out at the garden below them where Ron had little Rose playing. How could it have come to this again? Why can't my life ever just be easy?

"Harry, if… well if the Ministry is behind this, I mean how do we fight it? Ron is there every day. So are you for that matter." Hermione asked her voice more timid than Harry had ever heard it.

"I dunno Mione. I suppose we will have to find a way." Harry turned to look at the stunned woman sitting on the bed he had just vacated.

She hmmed softly and tugged lightly at her wedding ring.

Harry sighed, his eyes met hers and he smiled trying to tell her it would be alright without words.

"Go see your family Mione, I'll wait here until the wards are up." He told her softly.

She smiled a grim smile at him and nodded. "Yes of course. You should rest after your ordeal. I'll be back when everything is ready." The brunette stood and made the bed before she walked from the room.

As the door clicked shut behind her Harry allowed himself to sink on to the ground below the window. He curled his legs to his chest and cried softly.

What felt like days, but must have only been an hour, later Hermione reentered the guest room of the Granger house and offered Harry a hand.

"Come on Harry, it's time to move you to the Manor." Hermione told him quietly reaching out to him as if he was a frightened child.

Harry took her hand and stood allowing her to lead him to the large floo in the main living room of the home.

The crackle of the flames, the warmth emitted made this feel like any other floo trip. The normalcy of the situation made Harry laugh.

He could feel Hermione's eyes on him as he continued to chuckle softly staring at the brightly burning logs.

"Harry are you alright?" Hermione asked in a whisper, her hand coming to rest on his shoulder lightly.

Harry smiled and stopped the laughter suddenly lifting his head to stair in to his friends' worried eyes.

"I'm fine Mione… It's just been a long day I suppose." Harry told her trying to smile. From the look on Hermione's face he was fairly sure he had been unsuccessful.

"Right." She whispered and threw a hand of floo powder in to the fire. "Potter Manor!" she called and stepped through the floo.

Harry smiled and waved at the empty house, not quite understanding why; then threw his own powder in and followed.

Hermione and Ron lead the effort to ministry proof the home, leaving Harry to 'rest'. He had been placed in a fully warded room in the center of the family wing. It was seldom used but Hermione had brought him some books and a chess set that played the other side for him. Harry settled in to a large cushioned arm chair near the fire to wait.

Every once in a while Harry could hear distant cursing and feel the wards rise higher. Potter Manor was much larger than Grimmauld had been and it seemed his friends were having quite the time getting the wards to cover the entire building.

Hermione had enlisted a few others with Harry's permission. George Weasley and Neville Longbottom were brought in to help erect the wards. At the moment all they knew was there was a new evil brewing and Harry needed their help.

Teddy was sequestered with Madam Barns studying the stars trying to decipher where his last vision had come from. It had almost killed Harry after all and no matter what good may have come from it the elderly woman wanted to be sure it was truly the work of fate.

It was well after midnight before Hermione came to him and took the strong rune backed wards off of the door to his safe room.

"We are ready for you now Harry. It's time to tell the whole story as you now know it." Her sad brown eyes took him in as if he were walking to his death.

Harry nodded and stood to follow her. The walk to the sitting room was the longest in his life. Facing Teddy and Madam Barns was one thing they knew what was happening but the others, he wasn't sure how Ron and George were going to react to having brothers they couldn't remember. Victory… she must be eleven now, they have been missing for six years, six years of not knowing her own sons Molly is going to devastated. God Fred… why did they have to make us forget Fred? George is going to be heart broken. These people better be ready to die when we find them because Molly might just kill them herself.

Hermione stopped outside of the sitting room doors and placed a hand lightly on the wooden surface.

"Why can't this just be a joke Harry? We fought so much… why can't that part of our lives be over?" She asked in a barely there whisper.

"I, I'm sorry Hermione; I just don't have that answer for you." He told her, I wish I had all of the answers, they are going to want them. Harry reached out and grabbed the handle pushing the doors open.

The various chairs and couches were clustered in a circle near the roaring fireplace. George was lounging on the large red over stuffed couch with Ron, the two of them looking relaxed and slightly bored. Neville was relaxed in to a gold brocade high back chair next to them looking exhausted but not worried. The only people in the room who seemed to grasp what was really going to be said was Madam Barns and Teddy who were sitting next to one another in identical arm chairs. Finally Narcissa and Andromeda sat creating what looked to be needle point on a love seat that matched the golden brocade chair.

Hermione walked to the couch and perched herself on the arm next to Ron and Harry took the red high backed chair that sat facing the fire.

The room was completely silent, Fuck I guess I should say something. Everyone stared intently at him their eyes boring in to him uncomfortably.

"Erm well," Harry began rubbing his hands together nervously. "There is something bad happening. 'm not exactly sure how to tell you guys this…" Harry sighed, bloody hell I'll just say it. "Someone, a very powerful someone is messing with our memories. Hermione and I think it's a very elaborate memory charm." Harry explained quickly.

The men sat up straighter and looked at him inquisitively. Narcissa set her needle point aside.

"What do you mean?" She asked slowly. "How do you know this?"

Harry sighed and looked straight at her. "You're not going to want to believe this Cissa, bloody hell I didn't want to believe it at first… your… your son contacted me, that's how this all started." Harry cringed at the small squeaking sound that escaped Narcissa's lips.

"I… I see." Her voice sounded faint and Andromeda began to fan her rapidly.

"There is a lot you all can't remember and none of it is going to be easy to hear, but you're here now and there is no turning back. These people can't know I have my memories back which means you can't go to the ministry and you can't talk about anything we say here outside of this house. If you do… well I might be the one you can't remember." Harry explained pushing his hair out of his eyes.

Eventually everyone nodded their consent. "I guess I should start at the beginning; there are no death eaters in Azkaban, just mass amounts of dementors. I've been there I know what I'm talking about. George, Ron you have three brothers, a sister in law and a niece that you don't remember. Most of them have been taken and are being kept in a secret base somewhere., George you had a twin brother… he died in the war." Harry whispered the last word but held his hand up when the red heads tried to protest. "I will prove all of this to you I promise."

Hermione nodded to him once the men were calmed.

"This… this last part is really tough and I'm not really sure how to say it so… Andromeda Teddy isn't your son, he's your grandson." The older woman stopped her constant fanning and turned to him slowly. Teddy's eyes widened as he grabbed his grandmothers hand.

"That's a lie." Andromeda bit out harshly.

Harry flinched but didn't break eye contact. "It's not Andromeda, Your daughter's name was Nymphadora Tonks and she married one of my parents' greatest friends Remus Lupin. Teddy is their son; I wish I could let you remember her, she was strong and funny, she was beautiful." Harry whispered softly. "And she died at the battle of Hogwarts, they both did."

Andromeda stood toppling her chair. "I won't hear this!" She exclaimed running from the room.

Narcissa stood then gracefully and righted her sisters chair before turning to Harry. "Am I to assume my son is alive then?" She asked softly.

"Yeah he is, he is just being held captive." Harry replied trying to make her understand why he was telling them all of this.

"I will go comfort my sister, you have never lied to us Harry. I don't believe you would lie about something like this. I will speak with Dromeda, she will see that as well." Narcissa nodded to the group and swept from the room.

The rest of the room was silent; Hermione stifled her tears on Ron's shoulder while Teddy stared completely confused at Harry.

"Come here." Harry told him opening his arms wide.

Teddy hit his chest with as much force as a twelve year old could muster. Harry held him close, stroking his hair and kissed the top of his hair lightly.

"Does this mean I don't have a mommy or daddy?" He asked his voice muffled.

"It… It means you had a mommy and daddy who loved you more than anything, that you have a Grandmother who loves you with all her heart and that you have a Godfather that will be here for you for the rest of your life." Harry whispered surely.

Teddy looked up at him tears staining his little chees and pooling in his eyes. "Really?"

"Yeah Teddy, really. I love you little guy, and I always will." Harry whispered to him hugging him hard.

"Harry, why did someone do this to us?" Ron's voice broke the tender moment.

Harry looked up and met his friends' confused eyes, "I don't know Ron… I really don't Draco thinks it has something to do with them creating a Utopia but we won't know for sure until we catch them." Harry shrugged.

"Which is exactly what we are going to do now." Hermione exclaimed suddenly pushing herself up right. "I refuse to sit idly by while some nameless faceless group changes our memories. I think I understand why the dementors did what they did to you Harry, there is only one spell in the entire wizarding world that dispels pure light when it's broken and that's Eternus pacis veneficus, most people have never even heard of it and I've only heard of it being used on family members when there was discord in a family. It made them literally forget anything that might cause them to argue." Hermione explained rifling through her bag for a moment before handing a book over to Harry. "The dementors push all of the pain to the forefront of our minds that's why your memories returned."

"Well how do we break it? I mean without putting everyone in a room with a mass amount of dementors." He asked touching the tome.

"We don't, only the castor can remove it." Hermione explained. "But I think using the same trick you did we can at least take it off of our group. If the spell is taken off of too many people they are going to notice Harry, but a few shouldn't hurt." She explained quietly.

Ron beamed and Harry laughed as the red head pulled his wife in to his lap. "God you're bloody brilliant, have I told you that lately?"

Harry carried Teddy to bed that night after everyone else had gone to their separate rooms. Their entire group had agreed that staying in the manor was safest until they had broken all of the memory charms.

The black haired boy squirmed in his arms and Harry readjusted him slightly, making sure Teddy's head stayed in place on his shoulder.

He keeps his hair and eyes like mine but he looks so much like Tonks and Remus. I wonder how this is going to affect him, the only person he's really forgotten is Draco he was so young when the others were taken. He mused as he laid the small boy on his bed and maneuvered the covers over top of him.

Harry leaned down and gave him a kiss on his forehead and walked from the room.

That night Harry was waiting for Draco when the blond appeared in their haven. This time it was the Gryffindor common room they found themselves in.

The mismatch furniture and warm inviting fire reminded Harry of why he so dearly loved Hogwarts. This had been his first home.

"I was worried you had died." Draco snapped.

"Well I haven't, Hermione woke me up, seems she and Ron rescued me." Harry explained allowing himself to fall in to his favorite love seat.

"Hmm I knew the red head had to be good for something." Draco huffed looking very uncomfortable.

"What's got you looking like McGonagall is breathing down your neck?" Harry asked offering Draco his hand. "Come sit with me Dragon."

The bond smiled blindingly and almost ran at Harry throwing himself on to the brunettes lap happily. "You really do remember don't you?" His hot breath warmed Harry's ear as his words were breathed on to the delicate skin.

Harry felt the heat rise in his body and he held Draco as close as he could. "Yeah, I really do. I love you so much Dragon. So much." Harry whispered stroking the blonds back and hair trying to touch as much of the blond as he could.

"I've missed you so much Harry." Draco whispered nuzzling Harry's neck.

Harry pulled back to look in to Draco's silver eyes. "How could I have ever forgotten you?" He asked leaning in and kissing Draco's lips, his cheek, his neck. He felt tears running down his cheeks, yet he couldn't bring himself to care. "I am going to find you Dragon. I promise you that. I will find you and no one will ever take you away from me again." He whispered his lips brushing Draco's with every word.

He felt more than heard the sobs that wracked the blond. The spasms of his body and warm tears telling Harry Draco had missed him just as deeply.

Together they lay entangled with one another until Harry was once again taken from their sanctuary.

End chapter one

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