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Synopsis: After regaining his memories Harry tries to juggle the task of finding and destroying the shadow cult that has captured Draco while helping Teddy control his ever expanding powers. H/D Slash sequel to Reperio Verum.

Warnings: First of all this will contain slash for those of you who are not a fan you will be disappointed. This is the second book of a trilogy that Smaddox and I have mapped out already. This is not a lovey feel good story, there will be death, there will be gore, there will be foul language and most likely at least one explicit M/M sex scene. This story is not an AU in the truest sense of the word it will be DH complaint although we disregard the epilog. Please do not tell us we have our facts wrong all of the changes we have made will be explained by the end of the book. We promise.

Gnarus Verum

Book Two of the

Verum Increbresco


Chapter Three

Cado ut rabidus

Harry woke to whispered words. He was holding Teddy close to him. Glancing down he met matching green eyes and smiled happily. He was awake.

"It's good to see you are awake Mr. Potter, Mr. Lupin. We were just debating whether or not to wake you." Madam Barns smiled as Harry sat up.

"Where is Andromeda?" He asked looking around the room.

"She is resting in her room." Narcissa told him glancing meaningfully at the still prone form of his godson.

Harry nodded and smiled. "Good then we are all safe and sound."

Teddy made a small keening noise from behind him causing Harry to turn and reach out to hold his godson.

"Teddy? What's wrong?" he asked softly.

"That vision… Oh god it was terrible. I was being held somewhere. There was so much pain Harry. And the man the big man ahh!" Teddy screamed the last part throwing himself in to Harry's arms in frustration.

"I can't remember their faces, or the place just the pain. So much pain, I'm sorry Harry I should remember more." Teddy cried in to Harry's shirt soaking the green material with tears.

"Oh Teddy, there is nothing for you to be sorry about. The future isn't set you hear me? We will not let you end up there." Harry held him close trying to console the violently shaking boy.

"Mr. Potter if I may have a private word with Mr. Lupin? It is rather important." Madam Barns placed a hand on his arm. "Mrs. Weasley is in need of your assistance since you are awake." Her tone left no room for argument. Harry slowly detached his much calmer godson.

"I'll be back Teddy, just tell Madam Barns what she needs to know." He gave the little boy an encouraging smile and turned to walk from the room. Before he left he shot the Madam one meaningful look.

She nodded sagely but shortly so as not to alert Teddy to their silent communication. The message was clear. Ask him what ever she liked; if Harry returned to a traumatized godson someone would pay dearly.

Hermione was waiting for him just outside Teddy's door. She looked more frightened than he has seen her since they were held in Malfoy manor.

"What's wrong Mione?" He asked placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Andromeda needs this spell broken now. It's tearing her mind apart Harry." She whispered looking mournfully in to his eyes.

"Well then let's do it." He told her trying to smile. In the back of his mind he remembered the cold, the unending shrieking. His flesh rose and a shiver of discontent drove its way through him.

"Ron is calling in right now, he and George are going to take her." Hermione told him her eyes telling of her unease.

"Why is everyone leaving me out of this? I'm the one who has my memories! I'm the one who started it." He growled in annoyance trying not to sound like a petulant child.

"You know very well why you can't go Harry. It is for the very reason you stated. You have your memories. We can't lose you." She looked decidedly uncomfortable once more before continuing with that train of thought. "Also, Harry… You have been acting rather odd since you returned from Azkaban." She trailed of waving her hand dismissively.

Harry stared at his friend. I've been acting odd? It seems like they are the ones acting odd. He grumbled to himself toying with his fingers. Suddenly the strange sticky warmth of blood was running down his fingers and dripping on to the hard wood at his feet.

He heard Hermione stifle a gasp, but could not being himself to look at her. He stared unfeeling at the flesh he had just torn from his hand. He hadn't even noticed the action, still didn't seem to feel the pain.

"H-Harry?" Hermione's stuttering voice reached his over sensitized ears. "Why did you do that?" She asked softly her delicate hand coming in to his line of sight.

He couldn't answer. He didn't rightfully know himself why he'd done it. The blood transfixed him, the red rivulets oozing from the wound, caressing his hand and dropping so very slowly on to the darkly luminous wooden floors. He wondered idly if it would stain them. If everytime he visited his godson he would be reminded of this terribly grim moment.

"Harry stop!" Suddenly Hermione's delicate hands became vice like as she pulled his wrists to either side.

The blood was flowing freely now gushing from the larger wound.

"What?" He asked looking at the flesh he had peeled away.

"That's it; you're not staying alone again. Those dementors did something." She glared at him harshly.

"Or the spell." He faded off remembering the blinding pain of the spell breaking. "I think when the spell broke it hurt something." He whispered not really knowing from where his theory originated.

His head was hazy as though filled by a mist he was sure is hand hurt. He could vaguely see bone, a small white bump poking through the red mess that was his hand.

Hermione's breathing sounded harsh to his ears, her raspy intake of breath like nail on a chalk board. His world spun, his vision faded he fell to his knees feeling the jolt of contact before he knew no more.


He was cold. So cold. The darkness surrounded him pushing at his skin like a living being. Child, a man's voice whispered his voice soothing in the darkness. It hurts doesn't it? It hurts to remember them, your loved ones. Come to us child, we will help you forget again. He felt the pull, the charm of the words. It did hurt, everything hurt. He wanted so much for it to go away. This pain, his mind felt hazy, filled with cotton. I should go to them. He thought smiling. Everything will be so much easier once I go to him. He allowed the being to wrap around him cradling him in the warmth. No. Another voice, this one more forceful, filled with panic. Harry! He shook his head was that his name? Harry? Such a strange thing not to remember his own name. I love you. The voice was closer now, it felt warm. It felt like home. Draco? He wondered at the name, yes he loved Draco. Why couldn't he see him? Harry began to panic pulling away from the gentle tug, trying desperately to open his eyes. Come one Harry I know you can do it! The pull became stronger the more he fought it. The once soothing voice now mocking him. You're nothing to them! They don't love you! Why would they? You're worthless! Harry shook his head struggling against the darkness. No! You're wrong he needs me! He kicked out pushing the entity away from him and flinging himself in to the light. We won't lose you Harry! The darkness called as he fell endlessly in to the brightest light he had ever seen.


He woke to Hermione's worried face for the second time in as many days. This time they were ensconced in his bedroom the light of day gently flitting through the heavy curtains.

"This is becoming a routine Mrs. Weasley." He rasped smiling at her teary snort.

She pushed her hair behind one ear and gave him a watery smile. "Rather." She agreed. The room was cool he noticed pulling his coverlet over his shoulders.

"Aren't you cold?" He asked as she gave him an inquisitive glance.

"No, not very." Her voice was small to his ears. "Are you… better now?" She spoke as though he were a small child, or mental.

"Better than when?" He asked confused as to why they were in his bedroom and what exactly had happened to make Hermione act so strangely.

"Harry, you dug a hole in to your left hand." The wavering words came out slowly, tentatively. Is Hermione afraid of me? He reached out to grasp her arm lightly.

"I didn't mean to Mione… I don't remember doing it…" He trailed off staring at the happily burning fire in the hearth.

What was happening to him. He felt like his sanity was hanging by one precariously thin thread. His friends were afraid of him, his godson was slipping in to madness with him and he still had no clue who was causing it or why.

The enormity of what was happening in the wizarding world boggled his mind. He couldn't imagine who would have the power to do this. The why was easier to envision, power, money, the usual suspects.

He buried his head in his hands feeling less than useless. He couldn't even remember what happened to set off his apparent panic attack let alone how to stop it or what was causing it.

"You'll be okay Harry. We will make sure you are." Hermione's sweet voice drifted to him.

He lifted his head to meet her soft honey colored eyes. He trusted her with his entire being. She was the only person who stood by him consistently. Even Ron had forsaken him in times of need but not Hermione. She may have thought he was crazy a time or two but she had always been his friend.

"I need you Hermione, I need help. I don't want the others knowing what's happening. They need something to believe in and if they think I'm going crazy they will have lost that." He lifted one hand to halt her protests. "I know it's not fair Mione but you know as well as I do that they follow me blindly. They have since the war." He dropped his head again, allowing Hermione's delicate hand to grasp his own.

"Yeah, alright Harry I suppose your right. We can keep this between us for now." She squeezed his hand lightly before letting it go entirely. "I'm going to find some food for you."

He nodded and watched her sock clad feet pad across the floor to the door. She paused for a moment before opening the door and slipping out.


Twenty minutes later Harry sat staring at a steaming bowl of soup. Hermione was sitting across the room rocking a soundly sleeping rose and humming a pretty tune. Ron, Hermione had informed him, had left along with George and Andromeda. They were due back in the next hour.

He was anxious. Really anxious didn't do his state of mind justice but he could find no other word for the mounting dread that crept into his being.

Vaguely the sound of the crackling fired drifted to him. The sharp sounds reminded him of Narcissa setting Teddy's arm in socket.

He shivered violently making small drops of hot soup to leap from the bowl and on to his pajama clad legs. He winced.

"Eat something." Hermione's voice broke through his melancholy. "Or do I need to spoon feed you like little Rosie?" Her voice was soft, a smile coloring her words.

Harry peered through the fringe of his bangs to roll his eyes at her. "Yes Mum I'll eat." He replied smirking at her affronted face. He lowered his spoon in to the soup, scooping up a bit of chicken and blew on it before putting it in his mouth.

Hermione was not a chef. He grimaced at the salt and overly think texture but forced a few more bites for his friends sake. She really did mean well.

Soon the soft croon of Hermione's lullaby began anew and Harry placed the spoon back in to the bowl, setting the entire meal on to the bedside.

The entire interaction seemed too normal. The last few days had left him with the bitter feeling of being at war, but this seemed so ordinary. It was as if in the last twenty minutes the war had ended. He knew that wasn't the case, soon, with any luck very soon, George and Ron would return with Andromeda and they would have to face the outside world again. Soon Teddy would come with Madam Barns to tell him why he had almost died.

Yet in that moment, watching Hermione sing to Rose, he could almost make himself believe everything would be alright.

End Chapter Three


So there it is chapter three all done up in a nice little bow. It was incredible difficult to write, as all slow moving chapter are. I hope you all enjoyed the look into the crazy that is Harry, I always enjoy writing it.

We are going to try to update twice a month now… whether or not that happens is… up in the air shall we say.

We are sooooo happy that everyone seems to like this story so much! We have gotten the nicest reviews for the sequel so far!

Please feel free to address any problems you are having with the story line, we know that several people had problems with book one because of the changes the spell has made. You will still run in to some of those with characters that are not Harry. Remember Draco's memories had already been altered before he was captured and he has yet to meet any dementors so he may remember things slightly differently than Harry does.

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