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Castle was in the kitchen cooking dinner whilst Beckett was on the couch reading the latest chapter of Castle's book.

"Come here Mookie-Pookie Bear" he called out. There was no verbal response. The only sound that followed was a thud on the ground which then was proceeded by what Castle thought was crying/

"Kate" he called out again after there was no response. He quickly ran towards to couch to find her on the floor. Laughing.

"Mookie…Pookie…Bear" she managed to form whilst clutching onto her stomach, still having her laughing fit. She tried to take a few deep breaths but she just couldn't stop laughing

"What?" he questioned.

"You're a writer Castle, and you couldn't think of anything better than that."

"Esposito" cursed Castle under his breath as took his phone and dialled the number.

"Yo!" spoke the Hispanic homicide cop.

"Listen" said Castle as he moved his phone to where Beckett was still laughing on the ground. She occasionally formed the words Mookie, Pookie and Bear. As Castle brought the phone back to his ear he was greeted with the sound of laughter once again.

"Hey, Bro. I said the name Mookie-Pookie Bear was cute. I never said it was a good idea to actually call the Kate Beckett that."

Castle was annoyed so he hung up the phone and threw it on to the couch. Beckett continued to laugh while practically rolling around on the floor. She was never going to let Castle forget this one.

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