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Of Chains and Flowers


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Chapter 1

Screams of pain fill the eerie night. Echoing off the walls and reverberating through the people standing around. A woman in labor lies on a table; medic-nins surround her, assisting her. She manages to regain her breath, and turns towards an elderly man, "Sarutobi-sama, where is Minato?"

The man known as Sarutobi looks at her with hard eyes and says, "Kushina, he is on his way, though he was…delayed."

Kushina clenches her teeth and squeezes her eyes shut as another contraction ripples through her body. "What…do you mean by delayed? What's happened?"

Sarutobi shakes his head slowly and stares hard into the dark entrance to the cave. "There is a beast consumed by hate wreaking havoc around the village. Minato is trying to get him away from the village, but he is not yielding."

"Why is Minato fighting alone," She rasps out. "With all due respect Sarutobi-sama, why are you not with him?"

"I am here to guard you," he sighed.

Before Kushina could respond, there was a monstrous roar and thud. The ground shook furiously, and the ceiling of the cave began to crack and let loose little rocks and dust particles, signaling that the cave would give out soon. At that moment ANBU ran in.

"Sarutobi-sama! We must hurry and re locate. The beast is fairly close, he is in a blinded fit of rage and has destroyed everything in sight!" the ANBU leader said hurriedly.

"Wait, the baby! He is nearly here, we cannot move her!" A medic-nin yelled back frantically.

Before the ANBU could retort, Kushina screams became deafening. With anew strength, she started to push with all her might. Everything seemed to fall silent as the shrilling cry of a new born broke the midnight air. Quickly the baby was passed to another set of hands to get cleaned up. The medic-nins started to heal Kushina as she passed out.

The cave's condition became worse. The ANBU leader and his squad began issuing out some orders. A medic-nin came back to Sarutobi with the new born in his hands. He handed the sleeping infant to Sarutobi, and was issued out by ANBU. The ANBU leader grabbed the unconscious Kushina and ran out the cave, with Sarutobi in toe.

Once everyone was outside, the cave gave in on itself.

"Sarutobi-sama, we must move to higher grounds, it is too dangerous here," the ANBU leader announced.

Without hesitating, they leaped off to the trees.

-With Minato—

A bruised man on top of a giant toad stood panting. His eyes focused on his target. A giant 9 tailed fox stood a distance away, seething and foaming at the mouth. His blazing blood-colored eyes fixed on his opponent.

"Minato! He is too troublesome for us alone to take, call for back up!" grumbled the giant toad.

"Gamabunta, it is my duty as Hokage to protect my village. I mustn't endanger any people. My wife and soon to be son are also counting on me," Minato said.

"Foolish weaklings! I am the almighty Kyuubi! You have no chance against me! I am hate, I cannot be defeated. You're petty talk of heroics make me want to puke! Don't be so high and mighty, it'll only get you killed a lot sooner. Unless that is what you want?" grinned the crazed fox.

Kyuubi leaped forward, with his claws outstretched ready to tear flesh. As he was about to grab Gamabunta, he disappeared, leaving Kyuubi in mid-leap. Gamabunta reappeared behind Kyuubi, and with his powerful leg, kicked him right in the back. Kyuubi was sent flying.

Minato gasped, for Kyuubi was sent flying toward the area where Kushina was. With Lightning speed, he dashed off of Gamabunta and caught up to Kyuubi. He managed to grab one of the fox's tails and move it to the side right before it landed on the cave Kushina was in.

Kyuubi was outraged that he was caught off guard, and was touched by a lowly human. He let out a mighty roar as he hit the ground, making it shake violently.

Minato leaped back into a tree, watching the Kyuubi and the entrance to the cave. He watched ANBU dash into the cave. His focus went back to the furious fox that was still on his back."Kyuubi! You have no right to be here! You should leave now while you have the chance!"

"How dare you Human! You lowly piece of trash! You've angered me tremendously! I- Just then a wailing cry pierced the air, silencing/freezing everything.

"My son!" Minato thought happily. But his happiness turned to pure horror when he saw the Kyuubi turn his head toward the sound, a berserk grin plastered on his muzzle.

Kyuubi sniffed the air. "Human! It seems your bitch just gave birth! I shall enjoy ripping her to shreds, and crushing your little runt between my teeth! Ha! It'll hardly be like a grain of rice, but the satisfaction of your anguish will be all too satisfying!" He seethed out in glee.

Minato consumed with controlled anger leaped from his position onto a surprised Kyuubi's forehead, stabbing him with a sutra covered kunai.

"Now Gamabunta!"

Gamabunta came up from the sky, sword pointing down, and landed right on the belly of Kyuubi, digging his sword deep into Kyuubi's belly.

Kyuubi gave a guttural cry. He began to thrash his head side to side, kicking and gauging at the ground. Gamabunta held strong with all his weight as Minato began to weave hand signs.

As he was done with the last sign, he slammed both his hands down. Black tendrils of ancient writing began to spread down Kyuubi's thrashing body, wrapping themselves around him like rope. Gamabunta leaped off, not wanting to be bounded too.

When the black writings were scrawled all around the body, Minato weaved a quick sign and placed his hand on Kyuubi once again. Blue electrical chakra seeped out of his fingers, down to Kyuubi's muzzle and began sewing it shut; silencing him.

Just then, Minato glanced up at the cave and saw everyone run out. His eyes first darted toward Kushina in alarm, but softened when he saw that she was just resting. Then his eyes landed on his son. His heart lurched with pride and joy

"They are alright. Thank goodness" He thought as he watched them leap off into the forest.

His expression hardened once again as he focused back on the task at hand. He summoned a large gourd used for sealing. When Kyuubi saw this his eyes bled red, and he began to thrash and buck even more. A coat of flames began to seep out of his fur, forcing Gamabunta and Minato off of him. The flames started battling with Kyuubi's restraints.

Seeing this, Minato turned toward Gamabunta, "Hold him off for as long as you can! I must make it to my wife and the others to warn them!"

"Alright! But you owe me one kid!" yelled Gamabunta.

Minato nodded, and was off in a flash.

He caught up to them just as they were landing on a wide open cliff.

"Hokage-sama!" medic-nins and ANBUS announced in unison.

Bowing to them, he stepped toward the ANBU leader who was still carrying Kushina. Minato stroked her cheek lovingly, causing her to stir and open her eyes.

"My love, you are late. Leaving me all alone to do the hard work," she uttered tiredly.

"I am deeply sorry my love," he chuckled lightly. He took her from the ANBU leader and helped her stand. Sarutobi came up to them, and handed Minato his son.

He held his son in shaking hands; a soft smile graced his lips. "He is perfect Kushina. Our little Naruto."

But just before anyone could speak, a chilling roar blasted through the land, followed by a shockwave. The Kyuubi had broken free.

Everyone turned toward the sound and saw a monstrous black and red figure sniffing the air, searching.

" Everyone, I don't have much time. He needs to be sealed, and I need all the help I could get in protecting my Wife and son," Minato said hurriedly.

"But dear, you can't possibly do this all by yourself!" Kushina yelled.

He pulled her close and kissed her swiftly. "My dear, I'm the Hokage, it is my duty to protect my village as well as family," he said looking down at Naruto and back up, "Besides, I'm not going to let some fox think he can get away with threatening what I cherish the most." With that he carefully placed Naruto in her arms and stepped back. He turned around and started walking to the edge of the cliff.

Kushina quickly handed Naruto to Sarutobi who was a little bit behind her. She then turned back toward her husband's retreating form.


He paused, and started turning toward her, a lazy smile on his lips. "My Kushina. Always has to give the last kiss, even at a time like this." He thought happily.

As she was walking up to him, before she could completely wrap her arms around him, he tensed up. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She looked down to see a large white sword-like object piercing through her. She was shocked, but it didn't last long as she looked at Minato to see that he was pierced right through the stomach as well. She opened her mouth and screamed.

Kyuubi had snuck up on them right as Minato had turned around to face her, and pierced them both.

The ANBUS, Medical-nins, and Sarutobi were frozen in shock. The medical-nins were the first to recuperate and run toward Kushina and Minato.

But before they could even make it to them, they were all crushed by Kyuubi's massive paw. Their screams were cut short by the resounding crunch of their bones. They were nothing more than a puddle of blood and grounded flesh and bones.

The ANBUS came next, and leaped in the air, each on different sides, but the Kyuubi was quicker. He used the sharp end of his tail, and speared all 6 of them. He then tossed them unceremoniously in back of him, their bodies becoming lost in the thick foliage of trees below.

"Pathetic humans! You're as easy to kill as bugs! Hahaha!" Kyuubi roared in laughter.

Minato and Kushina both rasped for breath, as their vision began to blur. But Minato had a plan. "Kushina my beloved, I am gravely sorry this has happened to you…words cannot express the pain my heart feels to see you dying just as I am…" he trailed off.

"No! Do not apologize, I will not accept it! For it is not your fault," she rasped out, " At least this time, you didn't leave me alone to endure pain." She laughed lightly.

Minato smiled a pained smile, "My dear, I have a plan. Help me hold down Kyuubi." With that said, she complied and mustered all her strength into holding him.

"Sarutobi-sama! Please bring Naruto here carefully!" Minato managed to yell. Sarutobi carefully and stealthily brought Naruto to Minato.

Minato began weaving the signs for sealing. Seeing this Kyuubi was angered even more. "You stupid human! I will NOT be sealed away! Especially not into a runt like that!" He began struggling again, him moving around, caused his nail to stab more into Minato and Kushina's bodies. They both began to spew blood from their mouths and wound, as their organs were being torn apart, but they held on even stronger.

Kyuubi began to illuminate, his body began to materialize. As a last burst of energy, he managed to whip the back of Sarutobi with his tail, causing him to fall forward. But stealthily, he managed to flip himself onto his back, saving Naruto. He landed on his bloodied back with a sickening thud. He held on to Naruto strong.

"You fucking humans! You'll regret this! I'll make this runt's life a living hell! Mark my words!" With his last words, his body materialized and was sucked into Naruto. Kushina dropped nearly dead on the ground. Minato fell heavily to the ground beside his wife. He finished the sealing and cradled Kushina to him.

Sarutobi placed Naruto in front of his parents. For the first time, Naruto finally opened his eyes and smiled at them.

Kushina and Minato both reached a shaking hand to him and said, "Our son, our beloved Naruto. Grow well, and grow strong. You are a hero, and shall be honored. We are sorry we can't be there with you…Please forgive us…We love you…" With those last words and a smile on their face, they had closed their eyes, and were no more.

Their hands were limp on Naruto's body. The infant, not understanding, began to cry and try to grab their hands. He screamed and made gurgling noises, crying hysterically.

Sarutobi had picked up the crying infant, and made the long grueling trip back to Konoha, for he too was dying. "I'll be damned if I don't make it to Konoha. I must honor his parent's last wishes and bring him to safety."

After 3 hours, he finally made it to the gates of Konoha. There he watched in morbid horror as he saw the massive damage the village had suffered. He slumped against the gate as many villagers made their way to him.

"Villagers. We have lost our Hokage, and his beloved wife to the Kyuubi. They died an honorable death. As their dying wish, and mine as well, please take their child to safety and raise him well. They managed to seal the Kyuubi in him," at this statement every one of the villagers gasped in horror and took a step back.

Sarutobi's heart dropped for he knew he was dying and couldn't change the villager's thoughts about the child. With one last ounce of strength he shouted, "Will someone not care for him?! He is just a harmless infant…I beg of you. Do it for Minato…" With a strangled cry, his body finally gave in, and he passed. Still in the same position, with Naruto sleeping in his arms, the villagers left him there.

Well, except one. A dark and mysterious man came up and glared down at Naruto " Hmmm, this abomination can prove great use to this village. I shall keep him locked up underground, and harbor his power." An ANBU materialized out of nowhere," Danzou-sama! What will you do with the child?"

"Hush! The abomination will be raised in the darkness; we'll build him an impenetrable cage for him to live in, and we will use him as our secret weapon to gain power over nations." Danzou silkily replied. He then turned to leave.

"Excellent Danzou-sama. You will bring our village to great heights as our next Hokage," replied the excited ANBU. He then grabbed Naruto from the dead hands and walked behind Danzou into the shadows….

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