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The moon hung high in the night sky. It's light bathing the forest, illuminating the once dull plants. The air was fresh as well as clean. The night creatures were awake and prowling the forest. Their sounds of chirping and hooting brought life to the forest. A regal white elk-like creature stood watching over his territory.

The night's melodies were interrupted by a sudden sound of joy-filled laughter. The sound carried throughout the forest and quieted the musicians of the night. Somewhere close by, Naruto came tumbling out of the bushes. On top of him was a pink bundle of joy.

When he stopped rolling and landed on his back, he gazed up into his mates' eyes. Sakura's twinkling eyes stared back at him. She had the biggest smile on her face. Bringing her face closer to his, she nuzzled his cheek and gave it a small kiss. Pulling back she adjusted her body so that she was straddling his waist. Sakura smiled at him then got distracted by the beauty of the forest. As she was looking around, Naruto brought up his hands to rest them on her swollen belly. Although she was only two months pregnant by human standers, it looked as if she was 5 months pregnant. Feeling his hands on her stomach, she closed her eyes and flattened her ears, a soft soothing purr emitted out from her and warmed Naruto's heart.

Naruto smiled gently at her reaction. It's been two months for the newly mates, and it's been exciting as well as tough in some spots. For starters, Sakura has a new fire to her temper and has strange cravings due to her pregnancy. Poor Naruto was taken off guard with her new emotional fits from her sky rocketing hormone levels and Kyuubi's chakra. She also has a spark of possessiveness in her, which makes their coupling even more exciting. ;3

His little cherry blossom gave a cute yawn and stretch, her tiny fangs catching the moonlight. Pressing her hands more firmly on his chest, she pushed herself off of him and to his side. She presented her back to him, signaling that she wanted to be held. Naruto turned on his side and wrapped his arm loosely around her stomach, his other arm he extended out so that he and Sakura could rest their heads on it.

Naruto gave a frustrated sigh. Sakura turned her head a little so she could look at him through the corner of her eye.

"What?" She asked with a smile.

"Your clothes are blocking me from rubbing your bare belly." He answered with a bit of a pout.

She giggled a bit. "Naruto, I am still part human you know. I don't feel comfortable being naked out in the open like you do." She finished with a slight blush on her cheek.

He purred. "But flower, It'd make me very happy to see you bare." His husky voice sent a warm flutter in her lower abdomen.

Sakura playfully slapped his hand. "Oh hush Naruto! Besides, if I were naked wherever I went, I wouldn't be able to be near you without you jumping me!." XD

Naruto shrugged, "I don't see anything wrong with that."

Sakura playfully growled. "You dirty fox!" Naruto laughed, and drew her closer, careful not to put pressure on her stomach. He placed butterfly kisses on her neck then nuzzled her and rested his head in her warmth.

Sakura sighed in contentment and relaxed into him and drifted off to sleep. They had been up early that morning because she was sick, and she stayed sick till midday. Naruto took her out to walk around a bit to get her body a bit energized. Ever since her transformation and pregnancy, he noticed a change in her stamina. She seemed to grow more tired as she progressed in her pregnancy. Not understanding why, he tried asking Kyuubi for answers, but was ignored. The fox has been angry with him day by day it seems. He would grumble nonsensical things and growl. But when Naruto tried to communicate, he would snap at him or block their contact. There was nothing Naruto could do to try to reach out to him, so he left him alone.

Shaking his head from the memories, he snuggled in to Sakura and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning Sakura woke up to Naruto gently nudging her. Turning over to him she cracked one eye open. Naruto wagged his tail and gave her a quick but sensual kiss. Waking her up fully, she sat up.

" Naruto dear, I'm VERY hungry." She said through a stretch.

Naruto puffed out his chest a little. "I'll go catch something for us. I won't be long," he suggested. As she nodded her head in agreement and thanks, he and smiled and was off.

Naruto had wanted to get her the best of the best, so he sped off into an unknown area, hoping to find bigger game.

Sakura sat in the grass and watched a family of deer in the distance. The father sat a little ways off in the distance and observes, while the mother was teaching their baby to walk. Nudging his bottom every now and then, she encouraged him to get up from lying down. The little one grunted at his mom, but tried to stand on wobbly legs. Sakura clapped to herself when he made it up. The little deer bleated happily and started jumping around. He soon couldn't control his wobbly legs and tripped over them. The mother was quicker and placed her snout so that she was able to catch him under his belly. The little one shook a little from the fright but wagged his fluff of a tail furiously, and turned to nuzzle his mother, thanking her for catching him. Sakura rubbed her belly lovingly and began to hum to her little one.

A few moments later, the forest grew real quiet. The mother deer's head shot straight up. Her ears swiveled around in search for the slightest sound. The father came trotting up to them, his stance was defensive. The mother scooped her little one underneath her snout and ran off as fast and carefully as she could. Sakura was on edge. Her senses on alert and her breathing was light.

The male snorted loud and scuffed his hooves on the ground. There was a rustle in the forest in front of him. The male lowered his head and presented his antlers, ready to charge. From the bushes sprang a large beast. Sakura was shocked to see such a creature. The creature looked to be as large and bulky as a bear, but wolf like in features. It was a deep black with blue stripes that veined around its body. It seemed to be wounded with multiple kunai and gashes running across its body. When it saw the deer in its path, it growled menacingly. The deer held its ground and stomped its hoof. The creature crouched low and was about to spring when something attached itself to its back. Howling in pain the creature went on a mad dash around the clearing. The deer took that chance to run away and find his family. Spotting Sakura, the beast trampled over towards her, anger evident in its eyes. Sakura, low on energy got up as fast as she could and tried to jump out of the way. Before the creature could grab her, it fell heavily to the ground, obviously dead.

Curious to what could have killed the thing, she cautiously went around it. She peeked her head around the dead body and quickly ducked. There was an ANBU on the other side. He was dusting himself off and retrieving his kunai from the carcass.

"Man, how much longer do I have to be out here?" Complained the ANBU. Sakura's ears perked up at the familiarity of his voice. Slowly tilting her head so she could see, she was able to make out a familiar fox mask.

Jumping out from her hiding spot she yelled, " Iruka!"

Said ANBU jumped up in surprise and nearly launched a kunai at her but was stopped as a hard body barreled into his. Getting the wind knocked out of him, he coughed and tried to sit up. He was pressed even harder to the ground and was made still by a rough growl.

Opening his eyes, he was met with a face he could never forget. Glaring back down at him, was Naruto's angry eyes. But before he could rip his throat out, he was stilled by Sakura yelling at him.

"Naruto! Don't you dare hurt him!"

"Sakura?" Iruka questioned and tried to look around for her.

He stilled his movements again as Naruto pressed even harder on his body and growled out a warning.

"Naruto! You get off him right now!"

Sakura came stomping over to him and tugged on his tail. Taken by surprise, Naruto yelped and backed off of Iruka.

Naruto whined at Sakura and tried to tell her he was only trying to protect her. Sakura shook her head and frowned at him a little, making him shrink back.

Her eyes were light with anger. She shook her head at him and huffed. Naruto pouted and looked away.

Iruka was able to finally get up. Dusting himself off he turned to see a very different Sakura scolding a very tamed Naruto.


Sakura was about to say something when she heard a thud. Turning towards the sound she saw Iruka on the floor.

"Oh dear!" She ran over to him checking his vital signs. Seeing that he just fainted, she calmed.

"Naruto dear," she started in a sweet voice. "Oh dear, I'm going to get it." He thought.

"Please carry Iruka back to our den. We can't just leave him here."

"Bu-Bu- No buts!" she cut in.

"Flower," he whined, "He killed my prey." He said pointing to the dead creature.

Sakura's eyes bugged. "There is no way I was going to eat that!" :o

Naruto's ears drooped. He wanted it to be a special surprise, even though he had NO idea what the heck that thing was.

She sighed. "It's okay dear, we could catch fish or something." She finished with a smile, brightening his mood. "Okay!" He cheerfully agreed.

Sakura smiled and walked off. Naruto trailed beside her happily.

"Uhm Naruto, you're forgetting Iruka."

Naruto snorted and ran back. He stooped down to pick Iruka up, not before flicking him hard in the head.

"Hey I saw that! No sex for you tonight!" And with that Sakura walked out of the clearing back towards the den.

Naruto whined. "Sakuraaaaa! Flower, you can't be serious." He pouted as he trotted to meet her, Iruka slung nonchalantly over his shoulder, being jostled with each step.

"Oh I mean it Naruto." She said with a wink.

He growled and looked the other way. Grumbling to himself as he walked ahead of her. Sakura shook her head and laughed to herself.

She frowned deep in thought. "I wonder why Iruka is out here so far from the village? He can't be out here because of us...I hope he's the only one out here." She looked up at his unconscious body, being reminded by his gentle ways and concern. "We can trust him...can't we?"

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