Chapter Ten

Moving swiftly down the hallway of his large estate, Lorenzo burst into the room and stopped short at the sight that greeted him. The doctor stood from his seat next to the bed and frowned in concern at him. Quickly turning his attention back to the young woman lying on the bed, he knew it was bad before any words were even spoken.

Elizabeth was soaked in perspiration, her hair plastered against her flushed face and forehead. But is was the restless movements and jerking of her unconscious body that drove home the seriousness of the situation when her body started to convulse.

The doctor grabbed a vial of medication from his bag and pulled out a syringe. "She needs to be in the hospital, Mr. Alcazar. They can run the necessary tests to tell exactly what she has come down with," he informed him as he injected the medication into the IV that he had inserted just hours ago. "The records that you obtained from her previous doctor contained no indication of any past conditions that would cause this. Only high blood pressure, some light stress, weight gain issues, and Braxton Hicks contractions."

Dark eyes laced with fear, Lorenzo watched as Elizabeth's jerking slowly subsided and she lapsed back to stillness as the medicine began to circulate through her blood stream. "She has been unhappy the last couple days, somewhat depressed. But no signs of sickness was detected. What in the hell could have occured so quickly?" he demanded, his smooth voice having a lethal edginess to it.

Dr. Halis uncomfortably cleaned his glasses under the other man's glare. "She is forgein to our country, Mr. Alcazar. It could be any off the numerous possibilities. Has she mentioned any insect bites or ate any foods that did not agree with her?"

"Not that I am aware of," he snapped.

Peyton stuck his head into the door and cleared his throat. "The helicopter is ready, Lorenzo. The hospital is prepared and awaiting our arrival." Seeing the desolation in his boss's eyes, he motioned the subdued doctor from the room and stepped inside. "Are you ready?"

Mentally shaking himself from his inner turmoil, Lorenzo nodded and leaned down to gently pick the young woman up from the bed. Peyton moved forward and grabbed the IV bag of solution and laid it on Elizabeth's still form. They made their way to the helipad without exchanging any words.

Once loaded inside the machine, he grimaced as they rotators lifted them off the ground. The last thing that he had wanted was to endanger the life of his grandson or his mother. While Elizabeth had remained angry and standoffish with him since she had reluctantly joined them after their ambush of Morgan, he had began to see a different side to the young woman when her guard was down and she assumed that she was alone.

Elizabeth Webber was certainly an enigma to him. The fiesty brunette had a soft and compassionate side that he had noticed whenever his niece Sage was around her. She took the time to actually talk with the young teenager that was missing her father after his death. And while Lorenzo was aware that his brother had tried to use her to gain the upper hand with Corinthos and Morgan, she never let on her intense dislike for Luis to his daughter. In fact, she had tried to reach out to the hurting youth within hours of meeting her the first night that they had arrived at his compound.

It was only him and Peyton that she seemed to hold any lingering contempt for. She treated the staff with respect and never asked for anything, even though they were under strict orders that she was a guest, almost family, just with the stipulation that she was not to leave the grounds. When her maid had came to him yesterday stating that she was sick and fevered, he had been worried enough to call in his private physican. When she had worsened throughout the evening and this morning, he had been internally torn. But holding her unconscious form as the helicopter flew toward the hospital, he started to regret his actions of taking the younger woman. Everything that he had learned made it clear that she had not had an easy life. He only prayed that his determination of being in their lives for his son did not cause both of their deaths.

Once they landed, she was swept into an examination room by the waiting staff while he dejectedly waited impatiently in the waiting room. As he paced the tiled floor, worst case scenerios replayed in his head. It wasn't until Peyton clasped his shoulder and placed a coffee cup in his hand that he noticed how much time had passed.

Seeing the question in his eyes, Peyton shook his head. "The nurse I just spoke with said that the treating doctor will be out shortly with the blood test results. You should have answers soon. Sage has been calling. I told her that you would update her as soon as you knew anything."

They both turned and stopped speaking as a middle age woman approached them. It was clear from her facial expression and the air of authority that she possessed that she was the doctor taking care of Elizabeth. Taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, Lorenzo stepped forward to recieve word on the condition of the young woman that he may have endangered by bringing her to his home.


Jason peered at the crate that had been delivered to their warehouse in the dead of night and pinched his nose in aggravation. Mysterious packages were the last thing that he needed tonight. They had finally agreed on a plan of penetrating Alcazar's South American estate. The delay had been unavoidable because they had not wanted to rush in and endanger Elizabeth or Lorenzo's teenage niece that was residing at the property.

"Just freaking pry it open and let's go," Johnny spat as he stood in the doorway. "I personally do not care what in the hell is inside it. We need to move."

Understanding the urgency, Jason inclined his head at Max who used the crowbar to remove lid. As the two bodies slid onto the concrete floor and landed with a sickening thud, they all stopped and stared.

Giving a rich chuckle, Johnny whistled appreciatively. "At least the bastard did something right. He already took Ric and Courtney out for us."

While mentally agreeing, Jason gave his friend a dark scowl. "Shit!" he muttered.

"Should I call Sonny?" Max asked unsurely.

"Yes but wait until we are in the air," Jason answered immediately. "I am not putting this off any longer. These two betrayed him and us. I am not the least bit concerned, but Sonny may feel something. They were his blood relation after all."

The door to the warehouse crashed into the metal wall as Stan came skidding into the room panting from the sprint that he had ran.

"Jesus, Stan!" Johnny snapped irately.

Glowering at the Irishman, Stan steadied his breathing. "Elizabeth was taken to the hospital that Alcazar funds near his home. From what little I can gather from our contact, she is very sick. They flew her in and she is in the ICU on the materity floor."

The room went dealthy still before Jason's rage exploded. The three men remained silent as he started to rant and rave. It was the first time that they had ever seen the icy calm enforcer break emotionally. Max averted his eyes as Stan just stayed out of the way of the flying objects. Finally Johnny stepped into his path and grabbed his shoulders and violently shook him.

"Fucking stop!" he bellowed. "We have to go now, Jason! She needs to be here where they can treat her. Fall apart later, damn it. Lizzie needs you to be her strength. Pull it together or stay here," he snapped. "But shut up and do what you are so good. She needs us, now more than ever, man."

Heart racing, breathing ragged, the stony visage slid into place just like Johnny knew it would. Releasing the punishing grip that he had on him, Johnny nodded at Jason. "Let's go retrieve Lizzie and bring her home."

"That is going to harder than you think," Luke drawled as he sauntered into the building. His face was haggard and his hair was in worse disarray than they were use to seeing it in. "My man that I had on Helena just informed that the wicked witch is heading to South America as we speak. She backing Alcazar."

"Why would that evil woman care about Miss Webber?" Max asked in confusion. "She is no longer with Lucky. So shouldn't that old bat leave that girl alone?"

Curling his lip, Luke pulled out a cigar. His eyes briefly widened at seeing the mutilated bodies falling out of the crate before he shrugged it off. His wrinkled face seemed to sag even more. "No. Because dear sweet Liz beat her. She does not handle defeat well. While she knows that Lorenzo will not harm our girl, she thinks that it is a fitting punishment since Liz is fiercely independent."

Head throbbing as everything kept piling up, Jason ground out, "I am not leaving here there. I will kill Helena first. Anyone that gets in my way will die."

"You killing her will not stop her men," Nik answered sadly as he entered. "But killing her and letting me give the orders afterward will."

"You expect us to take you into a freakin war zone," Jason demanded as the pressure in his head started to build again. "No way! I will not be responsible for your death, Nikolas."

"Oh please, Jason. You act like you are the only that cares about Elizabeth. Well guess what, buddy. You aren't. My grandmother is involved and I can guarantee that she will not allow her men to harm one hair on my hand. I am going," he commanded in a tone that revealed just how much Cassidine blood flowed through his veins.

"Fine. Just know that you are taking the chance and that we will not waste any man power on you if it comes down to it," Johnny spoke bluntly before Jason could. "Now I really do not care who in the hell goes, but we have to move now."

Swallowing heavily, Max swiped the sweat from his brow as Jason, Johnny, Nikolas, Luke, Stan, and several other hand picked men started for the SUVs that would take them to the private jet that was fueled and waiting. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he dialed Sonny and winced as he heard his voice through the ear piece.