He sat down on the beach and looked out to the water and took stock of his life. It sure had not turned out like he thought it would. As Chuck closed his eyes he reminisced once again on the woman who had changed him forever. "Sarah" he whispered as he remembered Barstow. He thought that she would stay. Even when she told him that she was going with Bryce to head up the new intersect project, he had hoped. Chuck opened his eyes and wiped the tear that was rolling down his cheek. He still did not understand the enigma that was Sarah Walker, or why she had left without saying good bye.

Chuck then did a mental checklist of all his friends and family and he realized that everyone he cared about had moved on. Ellie and Devon were married and his sister had told him that once they got back from their honeymoon they would be going to Africa to join "doctors without borders". His dad had disappeared again once the wedding was over. Chuck guessed that his father thought he had paid them in full. He had walked his daughter down the aisle and removed the intersect from Chuck's brain. He had even given Chuck his wrist held computer that ended up saving the day for Bryce and the rest of them. Hell even Morgan was in Hawaii with Anna. He shook his head and smiled thinking what kind of problems his friend was going to get into while trying to become a Benihana chef.

However, one thing that Sarah had taught him was to stand up for himself, to be the best he could be. He was determined to see it through. He was going to show everyone that the days of hiding in his house eating cheese balls had longed passed. He was taking a different direction than anyone would expect. If his plan worked he was going to do something he always wanted to do. First, he was going to have a little talk with a certain general. Chuck smiled; he was finally going to get some payback for all the hell that the NSA had put him through these past two years. He looked again at the piece of paper with the recruiters number signed and said, "show time".

A year and a half later

He was at the officers club listening to his co-pilot rant and rave about the red head DEA Agent who had the shipping routes for their last mission of drug smugglers. Chuck had a faint guess of who his buddy, Lieutenant Mark Knots was describing, and then he heard Mark say "ah Nuts! there she is!"

Chuck looked up and it was none other than Carina, he tried to make himself as conspicuous as possible by leaning his head down and hoping she would pass him by with no luck.

"Chuck? CHUCKIE!" The guys on both sides gave him dirty looks and the bartender gives him a knowing smirk.

"Hello Carina fancy meeting you in Pensacola." Chuck then turned to his stun co-pilot and said, "Mark I'd like to introduce an acquaintance of mine Carina Miller DEA."

Mark and the rest of men at the bar all looked at Chuck with dumbstruck awe at how LT Chuck Bartowski knew someone as hot as this woman and did not brag about it.

Chuck smirked as Mark lost his ability to speak. Carina finally said "nice to meet you Mark, do you mind if I borrowed Chuck for a moment, we need to catch up." Mark only nodded.

Carina pointed to a table in the back of the bar, Chuck nodded and she quickly turned to the bartender and ordered a pitcher of beer. Chuck signed to himself as he mentally prepared for the interrogation to follow.

Carina sauntered over to Chuck as she finally really looked at him and said to herself, "my, my, you sure are looking good there Chuckle, I cannot wait to hear how you got here."

Over the next two hours Carina grilled Chuck for every piece of information and back-story she could get from him. Chuck told her as much as he was permitted to say, as he knew that a curious Carina could cause problems for him. At one point she interrupted him and said, "I had heard of someone in the Coast Guard who got fast tracked into training and flight school, however; never in a million years did I imagined it would be you." Chuck's only come back was, "well it helps to have friends in high places." Chuck then went on to say that thanks to Casey's influence he now flew SAR missions and the occasional drug interdiction missions from his H-60 jay hawk. He thanked her for the latest Intel; it got 150 tons of cocaine off the streets.

The talk eventually turned to the one and only Sarah Walker. "So Chuck, tell me the truth, you and Sarah you never..." Chuck just took a deep breath not really wanting to discuss this subject matter with her. "Come on Chuck, spill, if you do not I swear I will get it out of Sarah!" Chuck gave her this far away look and just said one word, "Barstow".

Carina could tell he was hurting. Sure the different looking Chuck was hot and the new confidence that he was displaying was a turn on. However, she could tell he was not a happy man, there was something missing, that he was not whole. Sarah sure had done a number on our boy. Chuck had brought up the fact that Sarah and Bryce were working together again. Bryce seemed to be a very sore subject to Chuck. She knew they were once friends but if the look Chuck gave Carina when she joked that Sarah and Bryce were having a good time was any indication, he would be dead 35 times over. Carina had heard rumors that Sarah and Bryce were having serious trouble in the field. Since it was something classified she did not bring it up.

Chuck than thanked Carina and told her he had to go to bed. He had to pack in the morning as his assignment was over in Pensacola. He finishes his beer, gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek and walks away. Carina sits there admiring him and is amazed at his broad shoulders and wonderful butt. She again wondered what happened to the bashful nerd that Walker had fallen for. When Chuck stopped for a moment to talk to his co-pilot Carina smirked, quickly took out her cell phone and took a picture of Chuck from the back. She thought to herself, "Walker is going to have a heart attack when she sees this!"

Six months later

Washington DC

0330 EDT AM


"Hello?" A sleepy voice says of one Sarah Walker.

"Finally!" Sarah upset at being woken up at this ungodly hour retorted, "Carina this better be important because if it is just to gloat about a new boy toy I'm hanging up."

"Well I figured that since the guy I'm calling about is your boy toy Chuckles, I thought you would want to know about him." "By the way where have you been, I have been trying to get a hold of you for the last six months!"

Sarah responded, "I have been on an assignment from hell called Bryce frigging Larkin." Then quickly getting back adding "What about Chuck, I have not heard anything from him for two years!"

Carina knew she had struck a nerve and knew she had to be careful how she broke the news to her friend. "Umm... His chopper crashed about 5 hours ago off the coast of Alaska on a SAR mission for a state trooper pilot, they have not been able to go in and recover the bird because of the storm". Sarah shot up from her bed like it was ready to explode. "What are you talking about CARINA!?" She screamed.

"Geeze Blondie no need to yell. I'll start at the beginning but before I start you still have his heart and soul, that man is a robot without you. He is also one handsome hunk, that's for damn sure! Like you would not know."

"What are you talking about?" Carina smirked, "the picture I sent you."

"You mean the one you sent me in the middle of a mission with no explanation, who is he another male model you hooked up with."

Carina burst out laughing, which irritated Sarah to no end. "What is so funny?" "Oh man you really did not take a look did you?"

Worried about Chuck and quickly losing patience with Carina she yelled at her again. "CARINIA!" That got Carina's attention again, "Okay, okay Blondie don't wake Bryce up."

Oh, oh wrong thing to say. Sarah gritted her teeth and said, "Red if you don't get to the point right now I'm going to reach through this phone and kick your ass!"

"Fine, the picture I sent you is none other than Chuckles! After you finished your job in snoresville, I ran into your boy toy in Pensacola. He is a flyboy flying H-60's for the coast guard, he ran point on the drug smugglers network that I broke up and I caught up with him afterwards. He said he joined the USCG after you left LA, he got his wings and became an officer and has the best saves record in the coast guard. From the crew members that I've talked to at Pensacola, Chuckles is a cool flyer, rumor had it that at one point the night stalkers wanted him but he said no. They said that if you want to understand Chuck pray for plan A to work but plan for plan Z, because no one knows how your boy pulls some of the stunts he does in his bird. They also say that he's a badass too. I asked him what happened to him and he said Barstow happened, wouldn't go any further no matter how much I needled him."

"Hello? Blondie?"

Sarah's heart was pounding so hard, she thought she was going to lose it at any moment. She had to get controlled again although hard as she tried she could not control the short sob that briefly escape her mouth. "Carina where's Chuck?"

"His chopper crashed in the shelikof strait, he was able to get a mayday out before he went down that was six hours ago."

"I need you to do me a big favor Carina. I need you to book me a flight to Alaska as soon as possible while I pack some things." Carina was shocked, "whoa Blondie I think you are losing it. Your boss is going to be pissed."

"I do not give a shit about my boss or this damn job for that matter. Why do you think I am going to fly commercial instead of using the CIA jet?" Sarah said in a cold voice.

Carina had heard her friend use that tone before and knew nothing was going to deter her from finding Chuck. "Okay Sarah I will do it but you have to promise me something, just stay safe and bring Chuck back alive." Sarah actually smiled for the first time, "deal."

Sarah packed her bags in record time and within 10 minutes she was rushing out the door. As she approached her car however; she saw two thugs sitting on her hood. 'Could this day get any worse,' she thought. They didn't realize the danger they were in, when Sarah got sleep she was pleasant but its 4:30 in the morning and she hadn't had her coffee and to put the icing on the cake these scumbags where sitting on her baby. As far as she was concerned that was a capital offense. Smirking at her one of the idiots said, "Hey baby how about a ride." Sarah did not respond with words just a swift kick to the groin had this fool withering in pain on the floor.

She then turned and glared at the other idiot and through gritted teeth said, "Get off my car!" In shock he replied, "Ye...yes ma'am," and quickly ran away.

Sarah got in her car and sped away as fast as possible, she had a mission to complete and when it came to Chuck, Sarah never failed her mission.