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Chopper Pilot chapter 12

Over Confidence

Ever since Chuck had received this upgraded version of the intersect, he had been acting as if he were Superman and all of his decisions were infallible. Just how wrong had he been? As he stepped in and started fighting all those men who were almost as skilled as he was in martial arts he knew that if he did not do something else other then plain fighting he was going to have a very bad day.

Oh when they rushed him he had been able to dodge sidestep and basically smash the first two agents that had jumped him. Maybe it had been the fact that he considered himself a martyr and would soon die had something to do with it. As Manoosh's men press their advantage it became harder to see Chuck and his men and that frustrated Manoosh to no end.

"Stop," Manoosh yelled, he then picked up the bullhorn and once again ordered, "Stop." This time his men listen to what he said and halted their attack. It was an unexpected and very welcome surprise. "Dammit I cannot see you getting your butt kicked Carmichael. Manoosh then looked around and found what he was looking for. "Ah! A desk," He then pointed to two of his men you two move that desk to the corner. "Do not worry Carmichael we will continue this fight soon."

Just then Chuck's phone buzzed, he could not believe that Masterson was calling him he answered. Masterson said "pineapple."

"How long?" Chuck asked.

"Ten seconds." responded Masterson.

Right at that moment Manoosh yelled through the bullhorn, "Kill him!"

His men immediately closed the distance between them and Chuck. Once again failing arms and legs were all being aimed at Chuck, however, this time his internal clock was counting down. Devon was just inside the door to the office Chuck grabbed two of Manoosh's men and threw them inside the office. He had just enough time to slam both their heads together effectively knocking them out. He ignored for the most part the two punches he received for his efforts as he threw one of the men on top of Devon and then fell to the floor with the other unconscious one on top of him. Chuck was not able to close the door all the way.

The first of two fairly large C-4 bombs went off and everything went dark. The percussion of the blast took Chuck's breath away. Somewhere in Chuck mostly unconscious mind the second and more devastating charge went off. There were muffled screams but not much of anything else. The scaffolding with all those men had fallen and what was once a room full of bad guys was a meat market. For the most part there were body parts everywhere.

It had been a good thing Chuck had been surrounded by bad guys. They had protected him from the blast. It was completely dark and eerily quiet. "Over do it much," Said Masterson to Thomas.

Thomas held out his hand, "We had to act quickly; I just based the amount against the size of the room."

"Enough bullshit," said Jefferson. "Place you night vision goggles and let us see what we have."

Masterson turned to Thomas. "You better hope that your little miscalculation did not hurt the commander. That blonde of his will tear you limb from limb."

"Stop joking around."

Jefferson just shook his head, "Oh man do you have a lot to learn."

They went in guns drawn ready to kill anyone who as not the commander. "Commander, Commander." a now more than slightly nervous Thomas yelled.

Masterson turned to Jefferson, "did he not say that he was in the back office." They tried to get back there but the debris was blocking their progress.

"Yes he did."

Chuck was waking up; his head felt like it was going to fall off. He just shut is eyes and hoped that if he stopped breathing the pain would go away. As weird as things were at this moment Chuck quickly realized that he needed a make a phone call right away. "Oh my god, General Beckman."

Chuck fumbled around for his phone until he found it. Now usually the phone would not work, however, these were special cell phones he and his father had put together for the unit. The General picked up the phone on the second ring. "Chuck what is your status?" She sounded nervous and anxious something that Beckman never did.

Chuck took his time as his head was still spinning. "I am not completely sure but I believe my boys just took out Manoosh."

"Why are you not sure?"

"I just survived high explosives going off all around me. I am completely in the dark and from what I can tell I am not getting out of here anytime soon."

"Have you contacted the rest of your team?"


"Why not?"

"You were priority; I needed to stop you from blowing us up."

"What are you talking about Chuck?"

"The signal to send in the B-1 bombers."

"I never got it."

"You are kidding me right?"

"Commander I never kid."

"Wow, well I am ecstatic it did not work. Now instead of blowing the place up, you are going to have to send assistance to get us out of here.

"What is the address?"

"2321 Siempre Viva Court, I am activating my tracker now. It should also make it easier for my guys the people you send to locate me and Devon. General my brother in law needs attention right away he is in bad shape."

"Get in contact with your people let them know I am sending them a whole bunch of troops and agents. Make sure that your happy trigger finger bunch are not tempted to shoot any good guys."

"Yes ma'am thank you."

"We are family Chuck, we are all we have."

Chuck was taken aback by the general's statement although when you analyze the situation no truer words were ever spoken.

Chuck immediately called Masterson. "Oh thank god you are alive." Said Masterson.

"Ok listen up, first put me on speaker."

"Go ahead Commander."

"I just activated my tracker now on the cell I gave all of you just hit the green button. It will lead you right to me. Also I contacted the General they are sending us a whole lot of people. What is the situation back there?"

"Everyone seems to be dead."

"There was a whole bunch of bad guys with machine guns on the scaffolding."

"I want to stop you right there, there is no scaffolding or anyone except body parts."

"Sounds like someone used too much of C-4."

"Well at least look around for Manoosh and have one of the guys go upstairs to wait for the Calvary. Masterson see if you can get to me, I need Devon to get medical attention right away."

"Ok following your tracker now. You have a lot of debris; we are going to need some equipment to get you out of there. Can you feel my hand?"

"Let me try; are you that close to room? It seems to be pitch black I cannot see anything."

"Commander sit tight we are going to bring some large flashlights and some water for you and your brother in law."

"Sounds like a plan, Masterson."

Saving Doctor Woodcomb

It did not take long for the first of what would turn out to be nearly 200 Special Forces, First responders and police that would cordon the area to show up. They were in tactical gear and repelled down from their Black Hawks. The second wave came by Humvees. It was a column of nearly 8 of the newest IED resistant vehicles.

Colonel Edwards and Major Donnelly lead their respective teams. However, General Beckman knew how things could go easily south if there was no clear line of command. Therefore, she made it clear that the person in charge of this operation was Commander Carmichael and orders that were given by him were to be followed without question.

Chuck may have realized that his earlier action had to be down right stupid, for the first time it dawned on him that he was no superman and if he and his team were going to prevail he would need everyone to succeed.

As the first Special Forces started to repel down to strategic positions with the ware house, Colonel Edwards introduced himself to Calvin and Thomas. He left no doubt who was in charge. The Alpha male oozed out of him. He enjoyed giving out orders. Chuck however, was not in the mood to play around. He contacted the General. Beckman made sure that the Major and Colonel knew who ran the show. Edwards did not like it one bit as his jaw tighten and his hands balled up in a tight fist.

However, he followed orders and he at least intended to give Carmichael the benefit of the doubt for now. Edwards along with 20 men dropped down to asses the situation. Once they brought in big heavy flood lights they realized that their position was noticeably much more dire then they expected. There was a large beam blocking the doorway, however that was not the worry. The worry was moving that beam without it setting a chain reaction that could result in a cave in that would kill them both.

They were able to get water for Chuck and Awesome. Once again the confidence that had developed with Chuck came to the rescue. Chuck was an unbelievable tactician and muti-tasker and he would place it to good use today. They were able to get him three small tripods that had plenty of lumens he need as much light as possible of his brother in law to identify the injuries. He was about to do something he had never done before. He was going to access the intersect so that for the next two hours Chuck would become the best doctor anyone could have. He had stripped Devon down or at least tried to and quickly realized his mistake. Devon was withering in pain and Chuck knew he must address this problem in order to be able to save him.

Poor Devon was in horrible shape. From what Chuck could ascertain, these bastard had taken the ball pein hammer and broken three toes on each foot. He also had a dislocated left elbow and dislocated right shoulder at least three broken ribs and he had been beaten enough to have both eyes nearly shut.

He shook uncontrollably and he had a temperature. Yeah poor Devon would not be wall climbing anytime soon. Yes Devon was a mess and all of these injuries just might be life threatening. He needed the right medical equipment fast.

First thing Chuck did was to make sure that he was in contact with a doctor and list everything he would need in order to save Devon. Doctor North helped Chuck check Devon out. They rushed several medicines that he would need in order to make it work. The intersect kicked in and advised Chuck that Devon was in desperate need of some heaving duty pain killers before he even began. Chuck makes sure that he began an IV line on the arm that the elbow was not dislocated. Chuck shot Devon up with Dilauadid 2.0. When given directly into the vein it gives immediate pain relief which is what Devon needed as he finally relaxed and almost fell a sleep. He was still in pain and Chuck would have to be careful as this was going to be a delicate operation and treatment.

"Chuck takes the scalpel that I sent you and start stripping all his clothes off. We have to determine how hurt he is want what needs to be done first"

He started to see Devon's injuries in real time. "Doc, do you see this discoloration right here. I am worried about these ribs and the possibility of a puncture lung."

"Chuck you will also have to administer a local pain killer with the syringe provided, the area must be sufficiently numb. Even though you hit him with a powerful pain killer the fact he is on the floor and has so many injuries which means he needs a lot more. My suggestion is that as soon as you deal with those ribs you move to the elbow and the shoulder get those out if the way before you focus on the feet."

"I am worried about his feet and the possibility that he may be developing gang green. Doc"

"Yes you have a lot on your plate. Let us begin shall we."

"Thank god for this phone it will turn out to be a life savor."

For four hours Chuck with Dr. North's helps worked on Devon. By the time he finished Devon had two IV's in him running anti-biotic. There was still the problem that they were going to have to open a hole in the wall without it collapsing.

Colonel Edwards

Colonel Edwards had always been a man of action. Therefore, having to sit there waiting for instructions from Chuck was simply driving him crazy. "When the hell are we going to move out? I think I know what to do I do not need any instructions from the great and wonderful Carmichael. Edwards literally growled his displeasure at Major Donnelly who was not about to disagree with the hot headed Colonel.

Chuck called both officers over. They had a laptop hooked up with Chuck and Edwards, using Skype to communicate in real time.

"Gentlemen I have been giving our next move a lot of thought and the first thing I want you to do is to take the heat detectors and start scanning the walls here and here. Chuck was pointing to the walls along the end of the hall."

"That does not make any sense Commander; this base is not that big."

Chuck knew the Colonel would be testing him, and this was an opportunity to shut him up and get the much needed reality check that the Colonel needed. "Colonel I know you are a man of action and usually in charge. However, I expect you to follow my lead and especially my orders, is that clear!"

The Colonel took a deep breath and was going to say nothing but Chuck had long day was tired of being trapped and knew he had come close to dying. "Colonel this decision is easy. If you cannot follow my orders tell me now and I will replace you. Therefore, when I ask you a question I expect an answer."

Now the Colonel knew when to stop pressing and finally responded. "Yes sir."

"Good let us proceed. The reason I feel there are a lot more enemy still to be found is that is the room where they are still hauling body parts out I was about to fight 15 men. However, just before my confrontation began there was a door that slid open and all of a sudden another 25 men appeared out of no where with AK 47's."

That got the Colonel's attention. "That is why I am convinced that there is a lot more exploring to do. Major and especially you Colonel Edwards I expect you to find out if my hunch is correct. Colonel when you make contact with the enemy I expect you to take prisoners, I want to know what we are up against."

It finally dawned on the Colonel that he might get the action he was craving for after all. "I have 3 strike teams which consist of 20 men in all."

"Start there, Major Donnelly If the Colonel finds anything be ready to back him up immediately."

"Yes sir."The cameras will be operational and you will be following us in real time. Just in case I have further instructions for you."

Thirty minutes later the men had gathered around the back wall and were slowing scanning to see if the were heat signatures anywhere. As Chuck had predicted they found a cavity in the wall, being meticulous can pay off, Chuck instructed them to place a small charge in the corner of the wall. They stood back and watched as all of a sudden there was a loud click and the wall just opened up like someone drawing back a curtain. Once it slid open six of Manoosh's agent stood guns drawn at the intruders. Even Colonel Edwards was astonished and there was a moment's hesitation as the two groups just stood looking at each other. One of Manoosh's men opened up and all hell broke loose. The Colonel lost two strike team members; however, all six bad guys quickly met their end from the hail of bullets from the strike teams in response.

Chuck was not happy at all. "Dammit Colonel, which part of being ready did your men not understand? They just stood there and it cost us two men!"

"Sorry sir we were just were surprised."

"Well now you know, expect the unexpected or it is going to be a long day for you and your men."

"Yes sir."

"That looks like a long hall way in either direction, get the Major to go east while you go west, no heroics is that understood."

"Yes sir."

The Colonel and his men were moving slowly through what turned out to be three large rooms and finally made contact with a server room with 10 scientists. What the Colonel found out after grabbing these men was that there could be as many as 200 to 300 hundred more enemy combatants. What shocked Chuck and the colonel was the fact that there was a cell of at least 20 Al Qaeda members ready to cause major damage to Malls and other places where people gather in large numbers.

"Terrific just terrific." Said Edwards. A Mr. Bonner, one of the men captured was disgruntle and thought what Manoosh was doing was against what he believed in. His services were invaluable and he assisted Chuck and the strikes forces willingly.

"Just how many Al Qaeda members have gone through here?" Ask Chuck.

"At least two more groups of twenty men each. They come through the porous borders of Mexico, it really is quite easy. Once here they are armed and given support. Those two groups are set to commit many coordinated attacks, I am afraid that chaos could reign for a while."

Chuck got on the comlink, "Colonel Edwards status report?"

"We are pin down in level three. They were ready for us have taken heavy casualties, need reinforcements."

"Lieutenant Linn this is Commander Carmichael, I need 100 men down here right away our men are pin down and they need reinforcements now." When the men arrived Chuck immediately sent 70 of them with Captain Bradshaw.

"I want to know what is happening out there in real time. Captain make sure that your cameras are operational."

"Yes sir."

Lieutenant Lynn spoke next. "Sir the equipment necessary to get you and your brother in law out of there safely has arrived."

"Good I am ready to get out of here."

The fire fight only lasted 20 minutes but the casualties were heavy. "Report Colonel"

23 dead 21 wounded on our side. They had some Al Qaeda members with them that were willing to die. Two suicide bombers did most of the damage to us."

"We cannot afford those kind of loses Colonel. Be careful if these guys decide to surrender too quickly, watch out for IED's, Colonel slow down this is not race. There are plenty of bad guys for you to have fun with."

"Yes sir."

Chuck was getting frustrated. He had been locked in that place for a better part of the day. However, fire fights were going on everywhere and the worst part of all he kept seeing body bags being dragged out at an alarming rating. The problem was that he felt he was not in control and he essentially had a trigger happy Colonel that was more interested in the glory than the safety of his men. This was new territory for Chuck, something he never had to deal with.

Then he heard it again the Colonel's voice, "Move," Edwards sent 10 men right into an IDE and got blasted to Kingdom come.

"No!" Chuck almost screamed too late to help those soldiers. "Lieutenant who upstairs is in charge right now."

"Major Andrews just arrived with more reinforcements."

"150 special forces are with him." Responded Lynn.

"Send Andrews down here immediately." Chuck told the Lieutenant.

"Yes sir and sir."

"Yes Lieutenant."

"You should be free in another 5 minutes."

By the time the Major showed up Chuck was finally free. "Major Andrews."

"You are finally free commander."

"I want you to come with me I need to replace an officer in the field."

"Colonel Edwards?"

"How did you know?"

"I have been monitoring your communications."

"He is out of control."

Just then they heard once again very disturbing commands coming from Edwards.

"I want you to take that position now sergeant."

"Sir we will be in the open and you are not providing us with cover fire."

"Do as ordered Sergeant or I will bring you up on charges!"

Chuck just had to brake in, "This is Commander Carmichael to all units. You are to stand down and halt all attacks immediately. I repeat all attacks are to be halted. Colonel Edwards wait for me I will be joining you soon."

Major Andrews had only fifty men with him and quickly followed Chuck who could not get to Edwards fast enough. There were dead and dying bodies of American soldiers everywhere. Chuck gritted his teeth and continued on. He could not believe what had happened to the reinforcements he had sent down, there were only 10 men left out of the 70 that joined Edwards.

"Colonel Edwards a word with you." However, Edwards was ignoring Chuck. "Major Andrews is replacing you Edwards."

When Edwards looked at Chuck he knew that the Colonel was going to pull his fire arm on him. However, Chuck was more than ready. Edwards made his move and Chuck knocked him out in one swift right hook.

"Arrest him and take him top side. Something is seriously wrong with him, Major this is now your command. I will make it a priority to get all of our dead and wounded out of here. You are to proceed slowly there are Al Qaeda members imbedded with these agents. Offer them the opportunity to surrender however, if they don't, do not hesitate on taking them out. The deal here is protecting yourself and your troops. That is number one priority as far as I am concern. No heroics, I do not want to lose any more men."

"How the hell did they get Al Qaeda members in here?"

"We will find out soon enough. Watch out for IED's. Go slow and be leery of anyone surrendering too quickly. These are committed agents; most of them will not give up without fight. I will be down here with more reinforcements, I just need to go upstairs and see what is exactly going on."


When Chuck finally went upstairs he was surprised to see his entire NSA strike teams and family there. He was literally tackled by Sarah who was holding onto him like her life was depending on it. He looked at her lovingly and it hit him then just how close he had come to losing it all. Chuck made a decision then that he and his family and friends would be top priority, not that they were not before. However, taking unnecessary risks would be high on his things not to do.

Chuck's hands were shaking as he brushed some of the hair with his thumb pads on his beautiful wife to be. "Have I told you how much I love you today?"

"No and I have been missing it tremendously."

'I want to make sure that we are in agreement when we make decisions that affect the lives of our friends and family. I have come up with a plan that will set off Volkoff like probably it has never done before. I am hoping that he becomes irrational and makes the mistake that this plan does."

"When are you going to tell us?"

"As soon as things rap up here. I need to become familiar with our progress and what we have accomplished so far."

Chuck walked out into the sunset feeling like a liberated man. He got the progress report from his men in the field and in the corridors of the base. Ever since Major Andrews took over the enemy was paying a high prize engaging the Special Forces. Now many were actually surrendering. The Al Qaeda members were almost all dead. Chuck was determined to get this done quickly so he sent 200 men to join Major Andrews. Once completed he intended on doing the same thing for Major Donnelly. One thing that was added to Chuck's long lines of accomplishments was how he delegated and ran things from the command post. He knew now that he did not need to be out in front to be successful. It was a lesson that he would never forget.

He looked at his entire family and they were joking and having a good time laughing and enjoying another successful operation. He would be adding Casey and family along with his sister who was in the hospital with Devon. Chuck's mind drifted back to Devon again. What he had to endure was god awful. He was sure that Awesome would need some serious physiological intervention after he heeled. Chuck once again with tears running down them thought once more about Morgan. Poor Morgan, knowing Chuck Bartowski surely made you a target. What had he and his family ever done to anyone to deserve what he got?

Chuck needed to get way from this if only for 10 minutes. He took his radio with him wrapped his arms around Sarah's waist and said to the group, "I will be back in about 10 minutes, it could be longer depending how I feel."

Sarah could tell he just wanted a little normalcy around the chaos. He needed those 10 to 20 minutes in order for his sanity to return. The best part was he was going to do it with the woman that kept him grounded, kept him sane. "Walk with me." They walked around the perimeter like two teenagers holding hands neither said one word to each other, Chuck lost to his own thoughts and demons. The ever mounting demons. 'How much therapy am I going to need?'

The walk lasted 15 minutes. Chuck then looked at everyone asked for status reports and gave the proper commands that ended the resistance quickly. When Major Donnelly reported that about 30 agents were holding up in a room ready to fight it out to the death, Chuck did not hesitate to pump the room full of knock out gas. He was bound and determined not to lose another man. That was something that the soldiers under his command really appreciated. The capture of the base would turn out to be one of the biggest successes of the war against terrorism here and abroad. Another 3 hours to check and wrap everything up and Chuck and his group were ready to head home. They would be staying in a gated community. The biggest surprise for many was the fact that they would be joined by their wife and kids. It would be one of the happiest endings to a very traumatic day.

The Debriefing

After interviewing several analysts and officers Chuck was able to get two more persons that were willing to divulge what was going on in Manoosh's Organization. Thank god for his obsession with Carmichael. If it were not for that their plan would have worked.

All Chuck's team and many top brass were in a large office space of what was left of Manoosh's base. They all came on line as usual in these meetings Chuck had a way of taking over and directing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Generals, Mr. President. After bringing down Manoosh's base, we found a treasure trove of information. We also were lucky enough to be able to find several of his soldiers that were willing to make a deal they want to disappear not be able to be found by anybody after we change their identities. I interviewed them and the intersect found that they were not only sincere but definitely wanted to divulge this information. I would like to bring in these men in order for you to make your determination whether what they have to say is something that needs to be followed immediately."

The first man sat down. "State your name and position for your organization."

"My name is Emilo Estevez; I ran the South and Central American Division of Manoosh's operation."

"Please repeat what you told me about two hours ago."

"Alright before I begin to talk, you Mr. President needs to assure me that my family will be protected. I want new identities, even if it means plastic surgery. I want you Mr. President to agree that if I provide proof of what I am about to tell you, then you will keep this agreement."

"I have to tell you Mr. Estevez, I would usually order a bullet to the head for traitors like you not amnesty. However, that said I want to hear what you have to say before there are any further negotiations between us."

"What I am about to tell you is time sensitive. If they succeed the United States as we know it will no longer exist. That is another motivating factor for me. What we turned into is not what we originally believed in. There are many traitors within your ranks, we wanted to expose them. That included some high ranking officials. The problem was finding their weakness which really turned into what many men and women qanted the money, power, sex. I was surprised how easily they were bought. We were supposed to expose them clear the corruption not join with them! Then with the people like Volkoff throwing money and giving easy access to Manoosh's experiments our top brass got corrupted as well.

We were in bed with major drug lords, money was following by the billions, we were buying governments and players like Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela and especially Cuba were providing the tools and equipment for us to break the US economy.

However, it was not fast enough for Manoosh. He wanted to hurt the US badly when he lost his family in Mexico to the DEA. He vowed vengeance. That was why those 20 agents and their families paid such a high price when he was able to get the information about them. You know who provided him with a list? It was your own people! Three million dollars and Congressmen Halloran gave it up to us. You will be shocked at how many people in your administration and across the isle are bought and paid for.

This includes your Vice President Sir. He is involved. He might be getting cold feet and unsure, but if push comes to shoved he is one of them."

"I do not believe you; I have known the vice president for nearly 20 years."

I totally comprehend your sentiments however, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet, including the killing of a prostitute when he was senator. He cheated several companies of millions; oh we have enough on him to destroy him 10 times over.

"Also these senators, congressmen and the vice president would never act as thing stand right now. The plan was to systematically cause the destruction of this country by terrorism. You know how you achieve this goal and rather quickly? Have the right crazies in place, give them the weapons and know they have no conscious. Guess what Mr. President they are in place. Volkoff is going to provide the necessary trigger and several countries will provide the backup."

"Ok you have given us generalities, however, no specifics. This really means nothing except to attempt to scare us with a story you are telling us. Why should I believe any of this?"

"Because I do have proof, I will give you video evidence and names, places and who within the government representing you are traitors. The question is, are you going to have the balls to pull the trigger on these people when a lot of them are your friends, possibly your family?" Estevez shot right back. This is going to get ugly, real ugly. You wanted specifics well here we go."

Two years ago I attended a conference in the place where Volkoff was staying in Moscow. He was not all in at first but then finally came around the idea. Manoosh and Laszlo always wanted to get their hands on tactical nuclear weapons. However, they had nothing big enough that he wanted that is until recently. Agent Carmichael you have had your personal war with Volkoff. Apparently you have hurt him more then anyone ever has. He is out of control over the edge.

"He finally agreed to release those nuclear weapons. What is new is that some of them are brief case size. The crazies that I am speaking about is Al Qaeda. We had people go directly to Pakistan. It took them nearly a month but they were finally able to contact the right persons. Volkoff was invaluable and Ahmadinejad helped us. They have friendly relations with Cuba. The Iranians were the ones who slowly transported the Al Qaeda fighters to the island. With the help of Venezuela they got to Central America. Chavez hates the US as much as Volkoff does. The Diaz cartel made sure they made it to this country."

"How many terrorist?" Chuck asked

"At least a couple of hundred, it has been a highly successful operation. You guys only dealt with 20 of them. It looked to me like your men were not doing do well. The scary part was that was a controlled environment. You are some one lucky. Volkoff has not delivered the nukes yet. We maybe able to fool them into meeting us. If they do it will save millions of lives."

"You know where the delivery will be?"

"No, however, you were able to capture 3 men who would know. That was exellent stategy when you ordered the knockout gas Carmichael. That may have saved your beacon. I do also want to stress that with so many Al Qaeda on the loose, expect total chaos. The Malls, Schools, Church gatherings, stadiums and events will be targets. They will be pros willing to die for their cause. We need to get lucky and get the list. Problem is that Laszlo has it and he will be one tough nut to crack and you only have a short time limit before they are turned loose."

"Follow the nukes and you might get lucky with Laszlo. You also need to deal with the Diaz Cartel; they have valuable information concerning congress man near the Border States. We may have some info on Senators and high Officials in the government. We have that information imbedded in the servers. You need a special key that I have stored away."

"There is a lot to take in, the other two men will confirm and may provide you with more information, if you keep your bargain Mr. President, I intend to keep mine. The ball is now in your court."

Chuck and Sarah's new apartment

There was stun silence. So many to deal with so many things that could go wrong. 'God and I thought this nightmare was almost over. It seems like every time you knock destroy one of their bases you find there is more bad guys just as bad as the ones you destroyed.'

Sarah just held Chuck gently as she had never seen him so depressed. "I am tired Sarah, tired of seeing my family and friends in constant danger. I have already had to bury so many. Today was disgusting, one lousy Colonel cost us 100 men. Just who is on our allies how many have been bought out ready to strike" Chuck just shook his head he really was tire, realize he had been making mistakes knew he needed to get it together.

Chuck had not even discussed the plan yet. Did he really want to open that can of worms? Chuck knew that once he crossed that line literally all hell would brake loose. He needed rest, he was only in his boxers on he was gently holding Sarah like she was the most precious possession he had. That is how he fell asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around her praying to god to keep the demons away.

Chuck was walking on the beach, he did not know where he was going then he saw it. They were laughing and having a good time. It was Morgan and Ana sharing a tender moment. Then Morgan kneeling and held out a ring. "Ana I could not think of spending another moment without you being my wife. You are everything that I ever wanted. You have given me purpose in my life, you complete me, would you do me the honor and marry me."

Oh Morgan yes, yes, yes!

"Where is Morgan?"

Ana looked teary eyed, "please don't hurt him." One of the thugs pointed up. "Never mind we found him." Sofia smirked as she stood over Anna and fired.

The next moment Chuck is in the bedroom as they are breaking down the door. Tears are streaming down his face. "Chuck, Chuck, where are you man, please save me Chuck don't let them kill me Chuck!."

Two men fire at the same time and Morgan Grimes head explodes.

Sarah is running down the beach she is trying her best to get away but her leg is in real bad shape. Volkoff is laughing and walking slowly towards her. She turns around and Chuck realizes that she is pregnant to boot. "This is the end you bitch."

"I don't care," responded Sarah; "at least I got to live with the most wonderful man in the world."

Volkoff laughed, he produced a large knife, "I am going to behead you and stick your head on a pike and there is nothing you can do about it. Say goodbye to the living."

He grabbed her roughly while to men held her and he started to cut slowly, "Chuck I love you!"

Chuck's eyes shot open, he was shaking and disoriented. His breathing was irregular and he had trouble breathing regularly. He needed to get under control. He slowly removed himself from Sarah's embrace. He was sweating profusely.

Those demons were all around him. 'Got to get it together.' Normally Sarah would have been awake immediately, when Chuck had one of these ever increasing nightmares. Chuck had anticipated this and had placed a sedative in her hot chocolate before she went to sleep.

'Better to have at least one of us get a good night sleep. I don't need to be bringing my troubles to her at three in the morning.' Chuck was very aware however, that he needed to talk to someone about the deep seated guilt he felt or else at some point it would overwhelm him.

Chuck walked slowly walked into the kitchen took out the bottle of orange juice and drank directly from it. He closed his eyes, it felt good. Then he thought back to the nightmare he just had. 'Am I going to lose everything? Is this story going to end tragically, do I even have control?'

He stepped out into the back yard, Chuck was looking up to the sky, then he heard movement, he immediately went into agent mode. 'Not tonight.' However, before he could act out stepped the last person he thought would come to see him especially at this time of night.

"You are losing your edge John."

"As edgy as you are I thought best to announce myself, I do not want you to accidently kill me."

Chuck laughed softy walked up to Casey and gave him a tremendous hug. He could not contain the small sob that escaped his lips. "Welcome back brother."

"Am I still welcomed?"

"You and Blue are the brothers I never had. Will we argue sure? However, that I trust you with my life, more importantly with my families life, absolutely. You are family to me, you will always be family."

"I came over to give you my letter of resignation and ask forgiveness."

"John, please don't leave me. I need you and the team needs you. I can't do this without you."

"Don't be silly Chuck; you have reached a success that most of us will never reach. You should be proud of what you have accomplished."

"Don't let my outer appearance fool you; I am barely holding it together. I just had a whale of a nightmare, I feel like I am losing control. I have placed everyone I love in danger, my sister called me before I went to sleep tonight to once again thank me for saving Devon. However, what have I achieved, because of me he went through hell. The doctors still do not know if Awesome will end up losing some toes. Either way he has a long way before he will be considered normal again."

"Soon Al Qaeda will launch their strikes. More than likely we will be too late, millions will die, chaos will rein and we will be powerless to stop it."

"The Chuck Bartowski that I know will not let that happen. He is too good, cares too much about the innocent. You are our protector Chuck and for better or worse you will not allow the helpless and the weak to suffer. You have been given a god given ability not only to use your physical abilities to stop evil but your mental capacity as well. When you set your mind to it there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Now more than ever, we need that Chuck Bartowski to come out to give us everything you got, to prevent the evil that has befallen us to destroy what we have. Show us Chuck; show us what you are made of."

Later when he went back to bed, Chuck kept thinking about what Casey told him. 'You are the protector, the one that will not allow the evil that befallen us you succeed.'

"Don't worry John I will not fail you or my family and friends. It is time to stop whining, it is time to never give in. You hear me Volkoff, you have tangled with the wrong nerd, it is payback time, just remember revenge is a dish best served cold and by the time I am finished with you I intend to make you a popsicle."