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Riding in the bed of a rusty ol' 91 pick-up with her long black hair threatening to fly away on the highway wasn't exactly Esmeralda Galavarda's master plan. Not that Ezzy really had a plan, but it was the only option considering she didn't have a car and didn't want to waste money on a bus ticket. She hitchhiked her way from San Diego to Northern Cali in search for her mother, Cassandra Galavarda who had taken off on her 3 years ago when she was 18.

Cassandra had a complicated past even before getting pregnant at the age of 19 with her one and only child, Esmeralda. Ever since she was young she was a free spirit, determined to live her life moment by moment, never settling for anything less than high tide exhilaration. Even after finding out she was going to be a young, single mother- she never let anything stop her from enjoying every moment of every day, even the bad ones.

The bad days consisted of break-ups from douche bag boyfriends and nut cases who she thought could help her enjoy life but just turned out to be another part of her wonderful journey to finding herself and the meaning of life. Each and every notch in her belt was also a mark for when she decided it was time for her to pick up herself by the roots, which never really had time to set in the first place, and move on.

Moving from city to city, state to state, even country to country a few times, had made it better and worse for young Ezzy. It helped her to learn how to form connections with people quickly and since she was always keen on making friends and meeting new people, she sometimes enjoyed the moves. But as Ezzy got older, all she wanted to do was stay with her new friends, make more and not have to worry about how this next relationship was going to turn out.

Some of her mom's boyfriends weren't so bad. There was one who was always bringing her fruit and vegetables from his roommate's garden and asked her about how school was going, but Cassandra broke up with him because he would rather spend the night at home playing board games than going out to the clubs. When Cassandra caught a whiff of a man who was ready to settle, she would high-tail it out of there faster than a whore in church.

When Ezzy was 18 and Cassandra 37, they had ended up in Colorado Springs, CO. Ezzy loved it there, she eyed the mountains with a longing that drove her mother into fits of laughter every time. They were there for almost 11 months when a guy Cassandra was seeing broke up with her because was too 'eccentric' for his liking. A little upset that a man would even consider dumping her made her even more hotheaded than she usually was when it came to this same scenario: "break up = pack up". Except for this time, Ezzy wasn't budging. She had fallen for a guy, a really good guy, and she wasn't going to leave him behind because he mother couldn't make it work.

Ezzy would have her doubts about leaving some of the time, but she always tried to hide it from her mother as much as she could. She loved her mother more than anything in the world, and would do just about anything for her, except for leaving with her- not this time. Shocked at Ezzy's reaction to the traditional steps of getting ready to set off on a new adventure, she started a fight that ended badly, or to sum it all up: Cassandra left without telling Ezzy where she was going, not that she thought that far ahead herself.

Ezzy was so pissed at her, but knew that she would always come back for her, or keep in touch she brushed it off for the time being. After 3 years of no word, Ezzy grew more and more worried but was kept sane by her first and true love who reminded her that her mother was old enough to take care of herself. It wasn't until a life changing event of her own that she left Colorado and began searching for her mother.

She followed a few leads, but mostly she kept hitting dead ends. Finally she got a hold of someone that let her know where Cassie was headed some time back, and who she was going to see. Taking that lead and running with it led her to where she is at now- in the back of a rusty ol pickup making her way to some nowhere small town to find some guy her mom use to hook up with.

They passed a sign that reassured her she was in the right place, Charming, CA. The truck began to slow when they grew closer to the outline of the town. She hopped out with her great big army bag slung over her shoulder and across her chest. She thanked the gentlemen for the ride, and attempted to give them some money, which they kindly refused. She was hoping they would, she was running low on funds, and hating calling people for help. If she didn't get a good lead on her mother soon, she was going to have to make camp somewhere until she got herself some bread.

She began walking the main street hoping to find the motel she googled earlier when she came across someone that looked familiar. It wasn't the tall long haired blonde, but the vest he was wearing. She pulled out her phone and looked at the text she was sent by the person who told her about Cassandra and Charming. Yep, that was it, the description of the 'Cut' matched what she was looking at.

Allowing her heart to swell with hope she jogged up to the man who was walking from the convenient store to his motorcycle. Before he could hop on she shouted, "Hey, Hey sir" he didn't turn around. So louder she shouted, "Blondie in the black vest!"

Jackson Teller looked around until he saw the source of the insulting words. When he saw the beautiful, lightly caramel skinned woman with long wavy black hair flying behind her as she ran up to him he stopped himself from asking who in the hell she thought she was talking to. "Can I help you, darlin'?" he quickly stepped into his suave tone.

Hands on her knees she began to catch her breath. "Your- your jacket there," She stood but was still breathing hard.

"Yeah, what about it," he gave her a small smile as he tilted his head, sneaking a better look at her through his shades. She was wearing dark jeans, chucks, and a dark gray long sleeve v-neck shirt that gave him a good view of her rack when she had bent down and allowed the huge back she was carrying to rest on the ground.

"I need to find someone, he's uh…" Now that she got his attention she didn't know how to go about asking him if he knew the guy she was looking for. She didn't want to be rude or make enemies when she hasn't even been in town for five minutes and she figured she might have done just that when he turned around at first to answer her. If she wanted to get anywhere with this lead, she knew she had to start off on good grounds, take it slow. "You know what, never mind. I just thought you looked familiar, I'm sorry for wasting your time, sir." She smiled brightly and turned quickly at the same time.

"Wait a minute, are you sure? I might be able to help you find who you're looking for." He stepped towards her. He didn't want her to leave his sight just yet.

She turned around but kept walking, backwards hoping she wouldn't embarrass herself and trip flat on her ass. Waving it off she said, "Nope. Sorry- someone completely different, not even from around here I think," now she was rambling and digging herself a deeper hole. 'Shit!' she thought to herself 'Just shut up now Ezzy!'. "Thanks though! I'll make sure to leave good comments with the concierge about the kind and helpful people here when I head out," she laughed awkwardly and walked faster away.

Jax couldn't help but smile at this odd woman who looked like she just stepped out of a model magazine. She wasn't tall, maybe 5'6 or 5'7. Her hair was long and wavy kept falling in her face due to the wind. He couldn't help it, but he knew there was something about her that was going to bug the fuck out of him, not that he didn't have enough on his plate already. He headed back to his bike, but couldn't help looking over his shoulder to see where she was headed. He got on his bike, put on his helmet and took off to the hospital where he was going to see his son who had just been released from surgery a few days ago and was being held in the incubator.

Ezzy couldn't believe she was about to fuck up her chances at finding her mom already! She just got here and already she lost her damn mind. Her fast reactions to her own impulses are something she had gotten from her mom and mostly proved to be a bad thing. She didn't want to raise any red flags, she wanted to be in and out, hopefully on a trail that will lead her to her mother before noon tomorrow. She decided she would find the motel, settle there, go find this garage where she should be able to find this guy, get what she needs out of him, and be gone. This was her plan in a nutshell. Time to execute.

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