The last day of summer eh? Well might as well give you something to nibble on for a while!

Dempsey looked down from the helicopter, eyeing the African landscape below. The nukes had hit here pretty heavily, but nature was beginning the slow process of rebuilding. Grass was peeking out from the ash colored ground and even some flowers were seen amongst the rubble.

"Nature is reclaiming what is rightfully theirs" stated Takeo. "No men to clip them, nor fire to destroy. Pretty soon, humanity will be able to survive on the surface again."

"Hope that's soon" muttered Nikolai. "My vodka supply is running fairly empty."

"And I miss TV" complained Samantha. "1000 Ways to Die, The Walking Dead, all gone!"

Dempsey gestured to the ruin under them. "There's your thousand ways to die. There's your walking dead."

True. Amongst the grass and flowers and rubble were zombies. Their blue glowing eyes were staring endlessly at whatever was catching their attention. They did not see the chopper, nor did they hear it.

"If I only had a China Lake right now" muttered Dempsey.

"That would not be smart" replied Takeo. "Then they'd definitely detect us."

"Just saying."

They reached the Ethiopian Highlands and admired the impressive, um, highlands. They were otherwise unharmed expect for the ash covering the surface. On the east side of the mountain was the remnants of a small town.

"Der Renegat" stated Maxis.

"Looks like a typical village" commented Takeo.

"Hidden facility in the middle of nowhere. Very James Bond" stated Dempsey.

They flew closer and were able to make sense of the town. Simple huts made of mud were also accompanied by old, military tents. They were emblazoned with the symbol of the Third Reich, the swastika and the eagle.

"We are definitely in the right place" muttered the Marine.

They landed in the town square (in reality, the middle of the town) and jumped off. Maxis pointed to the mountain. "The mine's in there. Take the elevator and begin exploring."

He handed them a small box. Inside were four Colt M1911's, some ammo, and grenades.

"Edward will probably change your weapons anyway" explained the doctor. "Best to follow his rules for now."

"Yeah, then we're gonna burn the rulebook" said Dempsey grabbing his pistol.

Maxis looked at his daughter. "This is the second time I had to let you go on a dangerous escapade, and it's as hard as the first. But I still have some last minute speculation before we go on with our plan. Please forgive me."

Samantha grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. "I'll be okay. I have Uncle Tank and Tak to help me!"

Maxis smiled and the chopper flew off.

"Very touching."

The four turned and saw someone standing not ten feet from them. He wore a long black overcoat and his blonde hair hung to his shoulders. It was impossible, but here he was.

"I am surprised you managed to find dis" stated Richtofen nonchalantly stroking his hair. "Of course, Maxis iz an intelligent bastard. Ah vell."

Something wasn't right with Richtofen. His eyes were actually glowing, with black veins running all around them. His lips were white and a pale tongue poked through as he spoke.

"I am here to offer you something: Leave dis struggle. Join me. And I vill share ze conquests."

"Bull shit" snapped Dempsey. "No power-hungry cock-sucking villain ever shares power. You'll just kill us at your first opportunity."

The German found that extremely amusing. "Correct American. I vould definitely kill you first, followed by Samantha. I actually like Nikolai and Takeo, and vould gladly share vith zhem."

"Burn in hell" responded Nikolai gripping his pistol enough to choke. "You betrayed all of us. And all of us are going to kill you."

"Agreed" stated Takeo.

Richtofen shook his head. "Oh vell. I guess now your bodies vill join ze countless masses in ze mine. Tell Lucifer hello for me."

Then he disappeared in a flash of gold and blue.