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Color of the Ocean

His eyes were the color of the ocean. The same color as the waves gently crashing against the beach, not far from where they were. They were piercing, captivating. Whenever she looked into them, she was drawn in, making her fall even more in love with him.

About a year after the war had ended, after they had said goodbye with that spectacular goodbye kiss, they had found each other again. Both looking better than they ever had in Korea, and still very much in love with each other, though they had never said it. They had enjoyed a nice dinner, both carefully avoiding the subject of their feelings for each other, until he had offered to take her home to her hotel.

That night, as they walked together under the stars, he taken her hand, and told her that he loved her. That he had been completely in love with her in Korea, but never knew how to say it. She had been speechless, unable to believe, that her dream was finally coming true. That she had a chance to finally be happy. She kissed him passionately right there, and he had been more than happy to kiss her back.

The proposal was unexpected. They had been together for months now, but she had never dared to believe he would actually propose. They were walking on the beach, the sunset making the scenery even more beautiful, breathtaking. He suddenly asked her to stop and his next words she could never forget.

"Margaret, I love you. I have for such a long time, but I was afraid to tell you. You always seemed to want something I didn't have, and I don't know what I would have done, if you had told me you didn't love me back. That fear kept me from finding you back in the states, and when I saw you again that night, I thought it was a dream. How could I finally be so lucky? And I really hope you'll make another dream come true. Margaret Houlihan, will you marry me?"

The tears had fallen, but she didn't mind. She never minded around him. He was the only person who could ever see through all her barriers, no matter how high she built them. She dropped to her knees beside him, saying "Yes" over and over again. As the sun went down as they held each other, their dreams finally coming true.

It had taken them years to get where they were. Married, with a child on the way, but she would not have missed a single step of their journey.

She smiled at him, and he smiled back. His ocean blue eyes lit up with a spark, which held undying and eternal love for her and their unborn child.

"I love you," she whispered. He smiled as he leaned over to kiss her, the eyes with the color of the ocean replaced with lips by Stradivarius.