Buffy takes the others out on the prowl… it's Halloween and they're going for the 'trick'.

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"Will, it's perfect," Buffy admired her childe's outfit. A fitted leather skirt, a tight top that revealed a strip of creamy belly and a few inches of cleavage. "Just like the one you wore on Halloween. No one will be able to tell."

"Oh baby!" Tara grinned, entering the room and looking her girlfriend's body up and down with a lecherous grin. "You look so sexy."

"So do you my love," Willow replied, drinking in Tara's outfit. She wore a tiny white skirt, with black stockings and a lacy garter belt, with a matching white top… a sexy nurse indeed.

"Wanna donate some blood?" She grinned.

Willow laughed, sliding her fingernail across her own wrist, leaving a pearly trail of blood droplets. She raised her slit wrist to Tara's lips, and the blonde began to drink gently. Her eyelids fluttered and her chest heaved, tasting Willow on her lips. Finally she pulled back, her mouth a glistening ruby.

"Yum," Xander commented dryly, entering the room, Anya on his arm. He quickly grabbed Tara's waist, pulling her backward and kissing Willow's blood from her lips.

A low snarl ripped from Willow's throat as she pulled Tara back from Xander's grasp. He smirked, but willingly released Tara. When it came to the pretty blonde, even Xander knew not to cross Willow.

"Oh come on," Buffy sighed, her valley-girl rhythm lilted with Drusilla's accent. "Let's get going before Willow dusts someone."

"I wouldn't put it past her," Anya hissed.

"Yes yes," Buffy said dryly, "Willow's the biggest baddest big bad, now haul your currently un-dusty asses, don't wanna miss the party."

Drusilla's body had been getting stronger by the day, and with her children feeding her their blood regularly, she was now almost back to full health… of course, Buffy wasn't about to tell Spike that. No, right now it was better he think she was at home, resting her frail figure. He wouldn't like it if he knew she was out trying to kill the Slayer. After all, he wanted to do that himself. Buffy knew better though, she knew he could never kill the peppy little soul-having version of her. He was in love with her. Already, his head was filled with her. Of course, by the time she died as a human she was well aware that Spike was madly in love with her… but she'd kinda figured that had been a recent thing. Looking at the way he was fawning over her sweet little high school self now, Buffy had come to realise rather painfully that even if he wasn't aware of it, he'd been in love with her since they first met. And, as ironic irony goes, he had her. Right now. Buffy the vampire lived with him, was in his home, was at his disposal… and had shocked herself by realising that she too was somewhat-kinda-not-really insanelymadlyridiculously attracted to him. But hey, continuing with the ironic irony, she now didn't have the one thing he apparently wanted her to have. A soul. And while there was still a Buffy with a soul out there, he'd probably never want her. Not really. So she'd just have to make sure that SHE was the only Buffy out there. Then he'd just have to settle for her, wouldn't he?

"Have you seen Cordelia's costume?" Xander asked, jogging to keep up with Buffy's brisk pace. They were rushing through the school hallway, trying to get to their troops of bratty little sugar-high kids before Snyder realised that they were late.

"Cordelia's a big skank?" Buffy cried in faux-surprise.

"I'm shocked," Willow said dryly.

"Her darling daddy forked out like $150 at Party Town for some skanky kitty outfit," Buffy continued.

"Whereas I make do with two dollar bills to create the master of all costumes," Xander puffed out his chest.

"Your tiny plastic gun has me all aquiver," Buffy rolled her eyes.

"It's not the size of the gun that matters!"

"It's about how you use it?" Cordelia stepped into stride beside Xander. "Because we all know you have neither size, nor experience."


Buffy and Willow tried not to giggle.

"Oh ha-ha," Xander grouched. "I'll have you know that my gun," he lifted the little plastic pistol, releasing the fake safety and aiming it at Cordelia's Lycra-encased chest, "works just fine, thank you very much."

"Well you've had plenty of time alone to practise after all," Cordelia smirked, striding away.

"Halloween blows," Xander muttered. Buffy quirked an eyebrow. "Okay, pun not intended but I stand by my statement. This is no fun at all."

"Aw c'mon," Willow gestured around. "Cute kiddies, funny costumes, I'm pretty sure you didn't hate Cordelia's outfit, free candy…"

"And best of all, no monsters," Buffy grinned. "Well," she nodded to the kids in masks chasing each other, "at least not real ones."

"I shouldn't be allowed to talk, at all, ever," Buffy groaned. "Seriously, I always jinx myself… 'no real monsters' I said…" Buffy shook her head, gazing forlornly as two of her kids started brawling, all-too-real claws slashing at each other. But within moments, Buffy was unconscious.

"Now this is impressive," Anya smirked happily, "I reigned chaos over the masses for a millennia, but mass hysteria of this level… This Ethan Rayne worships Chaos right?"

"Oh totally," Buffy said. "He's a chaotic dude. One of Giles' old friends."

"I turned into a ghost," Willow mused. "And a slutty ghost at that."

"I was like GI Joe."

"I single-handedly set feminism back about five hundred years," Buffy pouted. "Not the best costume choice. And I still can't believe I did all that to impress Angel. Eugh. He reeks of his soul now. I don't know how I put up with it for three years."

"You were human sweetie," Tara said. Even evil she was surprisingly gentle. "Humans are weak."

"Look!" Anya gestured to a nearby house, "isn't that Willow?"

"Oh wow," Willow breathed. "Yep, ghosty me."

"And there's Xander!" Anya added. He looked more slick and suave than usual, well, at least more than his usual human self. As a vampire he was the embodiment of slick and suave. He raised his gun, now very real and very big indeed, and fired at two nearby monsters.

"We need to go and find eighteenth century me before Spike does," Buffy whispered, "come on."

And find her they did – cowering under a tree and shielding her eyes from the bright street lights. Vampire-Xander crouched beside her, smiling softly and prying her hands from her face.

"Oh, are you a man come to rescue me?" She cried, her accent soft and British.

"Of course, and I rescue only the finest damsels," Xander smiled, playing along and helping her to her feet.

"Why sir, your flattery will do no good to rid me of fear, for I am afraid."

"What are you afraid of?" Tara stepped gently out of the shadows, her face a kind, serene mask. Genuine, loving, controlled…almost perfect.

"Women should not dress as such," Buffy scolded, looking Tara up and down.

"I dress as I please, lady," Tara said softly. "Now tell me, what is it you fear?"

Buffy gazed into her kind, sapphire eyes and conceded to tell the truth. "I fear you are naught but more of the fearful creatures that roam these peculiar streets."

"We're not," Xander cupped her hand in his bigger ones. "I swear on all of my honour."

"Would we lie to you?" And of course, Tara was one of those people with the kind of smile you couldn't help but believe.

"I believe a lady of your beauty and strong will hasn't a mendacious bone in her body, madam," Buffy conceded kindly.

"Then accompany us?" Xander held out his arm to the frail, totally-un-21st-century Buffy.

"Though it is not my place to question a man, brave sir," Buffy said softly, "may I ask where it is you are taking me?"

"To safety, lady," Xander replied, gently taking her hand, "to safety."

When Tara and Xander had gone to fetch anti-feminism Buffy, Willow and Anya had decided to go on a little adventure of their own, leaving Buffy to await the arrival of…well, Buffy. The two young vampires had decided, considering the fact that there were now two (rather distinctly different) Willows in Sunnydale, it was time to shake things up a bit.

"This way," Vamp-Willow beckoned Vamp-Anya.

"Where are we going?" The ex-demon-ex-human-gone-vampire queried, hobbling slightly in her high heels as she tried to keep pace with Willow.

"To have some fun with a certain librarian, of course," Willow grinned at Anya. "I always did have a crush on him."

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