Chapter 6


her mind stopped No she wanted to scream NO! It can't be him.

The moments she shared with him only yesterday and the closeness they felt when they were together – well she certainly felt something for him - Did that mean nothing? Was it all an act to lure her in to their twisted game?

She felt physically sick, repulsed at the trap she was being dragged into and to think she fantasised about him – not that she'd admit it – she looked at him now, he looked different like he was wearing a mask, disguising his true feelings. She almost shook her head at him, to show him that she was disgusted but there was something in his eyes that made him look guilty like he didn't want to be there.

Caroline wasn't sure if this was her mind playing tricks on her or he truly didn't want anything to do with this. They were Huntsman, he was a Huntsman, any thoughts she had for him before had to disappear, he would want to kill her – he probably still does – but she couldn't fight him off.

She knew there had to be thousands of ways that they can outsmart a vampire, years of experience and knowledge had to pay off at some point. There's a reason why the Vampire's they hunt don't come back and there's a reason why they are called Huntsmen.

People have lived years in fear of the strong mean Vampires that can attack on cue but the truth is, a Huntsman is clever, they have skills, weapons, ways of killing a Vampire just by looking at them – maybe that was a tad exaggerated – either way, Caroline didn't know what they were capable of but from what she's heard, it's not good if you're on the other side of them.

"What's your name, love?" you know full well what my bloody name is she thought as she stared up at him, she tried her best to scowl at him to attempt her telepathetic powers – by the look on his face, these powers with inexistent – he kept to that pathetic emotionless face that both annoyed and excited Caroline. If he wanted to pretend that they didn't know each other, fine she could act, she was a pretty good actress if she said so herself.

Although, in a small way she wished she didn't have to pretend, right now she wished that they never met in the first place. She smiled, she would pretend, pretend that this was their first meeting, pretend that this guy meant nothing to her but there's only so much a girl can do before she cracks.

"Caroline" It was silence, as they stood a stared at each other unblinking. She wished that she could read his mind, figured out what on earth was happening but her thoughts were broken by the husky voice of her kidnapper. Kol looked between the two of them, clearly loving the tension in the air.

"Well...think it's time for you and my brother to get better acquainted but first I'll have a little chat with him before you have him all to yourself. You lucky thing" Kol sniggered before cautiously letting go of her hand "Don't even think about running, we're always two steps ahead of you, sweetheart" He pulled out a small silver gun and pointed it to her chest "you run, and you will never see the dark again, you got me?" she nodded.

A silver gun meant silver bullets and the last time she heard, one shot of that could paralyse a vampire for life unless that was for werewolves?- she still wasn't completely sure if they existed – but she was sure of one thing, she didn't want to test her theory. He watched as she stood there obediently as the corner of his lips curled before he turned to face Klaus

"I'm liking this" he motioned the gap between Klaus and Caroline "I seriously need to shadow you on hunting trips more often brother. Thing is, she's a bit on the difficult side, she's not go down without a fight. I need you to soften her up a bit, you know, do that 'sympathy' thing you're always going on about. Be the good guy, in a good cop bad cop scenario. But be quick, the sun's rising" he patted his brother on the back before practically shoving Caroline into his chest. Just hard enough so she fell into his arms

"She's all yours, brother"

He gripped her arm tightly – he had to make it look realistic - but not tight to hurt her skinny wrists. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her further than he clearly had done already. He wouldn't be surprised if she hated him for life, if she refused to speak to him again; after all, he deserved it. He wanted to be punished for all the bad things he had done over the years but instead he just got praised, it was about time, someone shouted at him. It was what he lacked, what he needed.

If he even knew that it was her, he would have protested, gone against Kol but it was too late to back out now.

She knew.

It was silence as they walked further into the alleyway. Kol was no longer in earshot and Klaus assumed he went back home to prepare. There was no way Klaus was going to let Caroline into Kol's grasp, he knew what he was capable of and there was no way that he wanted to let her into that. He felt a protection over her; a girl that he barely knew, a girl that stole his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her

"Caroline" he stopped now, loosening his grip on her arm. They were standing face to face; she was pissed he could tell but she had every right to be

"Were you ever planning on telling me?" her eyes darted up to him. He had never seen her so angry and hurt at the same time. Before when she was angry at him it was more playful, she was annoyed but he knew she would forgive him but now he wasn't so sure he would ever be forgiven

"Yes, eventually. I didn't want to scare you"

"Scare me?" she scoffed as her voice began to rise slightly "and you thought this was a better way of going about it?"

"I didn't know it was you. Kol told me he wanted me to help him hunt a girl, if I knew I would've –"

"You would've what Klaus?" she was fierce but he could see her eyes glisten as water filled them

"I didn't want this to happen, I never wanted this to happen. Not to you"

"Not to me? But to anyone else its fine, is it?" she was hysterical; he had to be careful how he worded his next words

"No, I've never been for this. I've only been unfortunate enough to inherit the ridiculous reputation. I believe Vampires and Humans can live in harmony, I want that believe me I do" he was practically shouting now, until his voice became subdued as he spoke about his family "My dad and Kol; they're fanatics, they adore hunting Vampires – more Kol than my dad – but they don't believe what you are is normal and they will do anything in their power to stop Vampire's from existing"

she was quiet. He listened as her, out of breath panting had slowed and eyes were facing the ground. He remembered a time when Kol wasn't like this, he was the sweetest boy he had ever known up to the age of twenty and things were different. He changed; he became this monster that even his own brother didn't recognise

"hmm" she said finally, not daring to look back at his face. Her eyes looked straight past him to the murky shadows. She could see their shadows in the light, from a distance it looked like they were hugging; she liked the thought before shaking her mind from such thoughts. She banned herself from thinking about him in that way, whatever they had would never be the same. Not now that she knows he's the enemy


"Maybe, it's time for me to die" he frowned at her, a vampire with a death wish, that's new thought Klaus

"Are you being serious?"

"Yes, I mean I don't think I can cope living for years and years, let's be honest, I'm never gonna find true loves kiss. So I might as well just end it now, it could be a sign or a push in the right direction"

"You're psychotic! You can't just die, I won't let you" he sighed as he looked at her, all the fight had been taken out of him. "You have so much more to live for" she had to be testing him, this was a test. She didn't really want to die; surely she had more common sense than that. Surely she wasn't as blonde as she looked.

"Like what, exactly Klaus? I have no future, I will never age, I will never be able to eat a hamburger – and God do I crave one – and the only way I can escape all this is that stupid kiss which we've already established ain't going to happen. So please enlighten me, Klaus on what I have to live for!" he looked down at her hand before taking it in his, gently this time, as he spoke

"You're beautiful, you're young, you have the whole world ahead of you and a guy who likes you, and just wants a chance to prove to you that he could be the one" she opened her mouth to speak before being rudely interrupted by Kol who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Klaus wondered how long he'd been there and most importantly how much he heard. But he looked oblivious as he walked over to them with a smile spread across his tiny face

"Time's up"

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