"You are hereby sentenced to live amongst the humans, Matthais. You no longer belong in our werewolf clan."

Those words haunted my father until the day he died. He was an honourable werewolf warrior, and died an honourable death saving my human mother.

Yes, I am the child of a werewolf and a human; a half breed. I am the reason my father was banished from his clan- a relationship of any kind with humans is forbidden. My father broke that rule, and paid the price.

He always said he'd rather be with my mother and I, but I knew he longed to go on the hunt as much as I did. I supposed it was my werewolf blood that caused such longing, or my strong attachment to my father.

My father was Matthais Wolfe, and my mother Claudia Wolfe. I am their only child, Alexandra Wolfe, and I will fight.